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Basically just a forum to discuss the ever so popular type of poem about a friendship that lost its spark.
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Should a friendship poem be based on a true friendship?
10/22/2006 #1
10/22/2006 #2
Ashley Brook
It doesn't have to be, but I think it's best that way.
10/22/2006 #3
I had a rough relationship with a friend and we still haven't gotten over it enough to just talk about what happened (almost a year ago). I have writting one or two personal poems about her but, I am not sure if I want to write like a (bad/mean) poem about her to the whole work because she was at one time my best friend. Also, would you mind peeking at my work? If you read my bio it tells you which three pieces of mine I recommend.
10/23/2006 #4
I don't think that poems not written from experiences can't have the same effect on the readers as those which are based on some. But if you are an author, you'd find it simpler and cherished to write about your own friends and your friendships. I wrote one and it came out from something as simple as a phonecall I made to my best friend.
10/23/2006 #5
I agree :)
10/23/2006 #6
I think it's easier to write it if it's about a real thing. And it's just more personal and you actually know all the feelings that you're trying to get down. Not to mention that it's just really close to you.
10/24/2006 #7
Sometimes I am on the verge of a really good poem but all the good memories have me not wanting to put down how our friendship ended because there were good times. I know it is over but, sometimes I want to forget the emotions..
10/24/2006 #8
I own a really good C2 that collects poems about broken friendships...
10/24/2006 #9
Gabriel El Jibaro
Of course! Definitely! A friendship?! Absolutely! Friends are one of the most priceless things in the world, compai! Right behind family and yourself, it's one of the little things in life you should value above all else. From the bread on your table to the health of your mind, it is another valuable gem in the crown of your life... However, if you really want to simulate a friendship in a poem, just try the most you can to base it off a friendship that you have with someone else. Only then will you know how to make a good poem of friendship... got it? Dios te bendiga, compadre Gabriel El Jibaro
10/24/2006 #10
Gabriel El Jibaro
By the way, Monicurl, just write how you feel about it. Don't worry about it being mean or that kind of thing. Just write sincerely. You should confront your friend about it, and work out what went wrong.
10/24/2006 #11
I think poetry is whatever you want it to be...whether it is from your own personal expirience or not. Actually, alot of my poems are not written from personal expiriences. When i write it's usually in the middle of the night and i have almost no idea why i wrote it or felt that way for a few minutes. I think as long as it is personal to you in some way, write it! Who cares if you've never gone through it?! :)
10/25/2006 #12
Could you rate my friendship poems? A lost friendship,friends don't abandon friends, and what is a friend?. They all are poems about friendships gone wrong and are mainly based on me...
10/26/2006 #13
Rainbow Talents
Friendship poems are one way os showing one's feelings. Sometimes we can't say the word but we can write it. Some of my poesms can be viewed on Also my books Mrs Condieyardiedem and The Witches of Endine are on and Twists and Turns of Life is on All The best! Winsome Ebanks The poet and Singer known as Rianbow Talents
10/28/2006 #14
congrats on your books and stuff
10/29/2006 #15
Rainbow Talents
Thank you. And all the best to you in all your endeavours. Winsome Ebanks
10/29/2006 #16
thanks..I haven't added any poems for about a day or two..
10/29/2006 #17
I think that if you're going to write a poem that really, deeply means something to you, it has to be about a real friendship, but if you have something to say on the subject you can write something anyway. There's nothing preventing you. I had a hard time just last year with my best friend, who I'd known for years, and now we're not friends anymore. It's still hard on me. I wrote a poem about it and really, it helped. It made me get all of my feelings out on paper. I wrote another, simpler version which is on fictionpress (also it's in rhyme, and i don't really like it). Anyway, writing helps.
11/1/2006 #18
Myst The Dark Knight
It depends. You could write a poem about the false friendships teens are so common for, or a true friendship that would last a lifetime. You could write about strong friendships or weak friendships, or how to forge a friendship in the firstplace. I don't think a poem about friendship should necessarily always be about true friendship. There's many more perspectives to look at.
11/9/2006 #19
I definetly understand your want to forget the emotions. It can be a very hard thing to do. I think everyone has to deal with that at some point or another.
11/12/2006 #20
i definetly agree. you dont have to have an experience to be able to write about it. :)
11/12/2006 #21
yes it truly does help to write out your thoughts. over the summer my best friend (now ex bff) sent me a really mean text msg and we got into a huge fight. now whenever she sees me she hides and is like omg why is SHE here. shes really quite mean.
11/12/2006 #22
p.s. i wrote a TON of poems about that incident it really helped. if i hadnt i probably would have exploded or done something i would have regretted.
11/12/2006 #23
La Terraza
It in no way has to be, but I think it does a poem good to draw on past or present expierances to get perspective and a more in depth knowledge to what ur writing about.
11/22/2006 #24
Anybody wanna rate some of my friendship poems?
11/26/2006 #25
La Terraza
I'll do it. :)
11/27/2006 #26
I wrote a LOT of poems about the ending of friendships, they're mean and angry ones based on real life lol.
12/4/2006 #27
The friendship poems that I have written are based on true experiences. I moved away from my first home, and then moved back to find my friends totally different from what I had remembered, so I've written a couple about that. Shamless plug: Check out "Way Back When" for an example of one! Denmark
12/6/2006 #28
I don't think it' quite neccesary but it helps!
12/16/2006 #29
Gothic Ginger
It doesn't have to be, but i think poems are better if they written about true experiences, i have a poem that's based on me two best friends fighting, they still aren't talking, but at least i'm not being made to choose who i like better...that would tear me apart!!!
1/6/2007 #30
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