How do you say it is over?
Basically just a forum to discuss the ever so popular type of poem about a friendship that lost its spark.
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Tamara Lee
It doesn't have to be based on anything...but that's my opinion. I actually think it's easier to write poetry based on real events.
1/8/2007 #31
I had a tough decision on that one. But yes. I wrote one poem that was basically exactly what happened to me.
1/10/2007 #32
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Basicly all of my poems are from experience. I've altered some endings but they all are experiences. and how I feel. I tryed to write a poem not based on my exp. but it was very bad. Check them out if you like. ^_^
2/2/2007 . Edited 2/2/2007 #33
ok so i'm like new to this stuff O.o so i am not sure if i am even posting on this thing right -_- bear with me .. oh and i SUX at spelling try not to spazz to mcuh bout it -_- so yea =D it is my firm belief that you should be optamistic about this situation bout this ^_^ be glad it happened not spazzed that it is over ^_^ ... and think that person will literaly be with you for the rest of you life... the times you spent together will make you who you are and will be for the rest of ur life so there in they are part of you weather either of you recognize it or not ^_^... dosn't necicarily get rid of the pain but the thoughts may comfort you at times ^_^
2/19/2007 #34
XxXKristie MarieXxX
I don't get how some people can write poems without haveing those experieces. I think its a big part of it.
2/20/2007 #35
coarse they can . poetry is an art a form of expresion, you could write about taking a crap and make it sound moving O.o all it takes is a unorthidox way of wording things that normaly are simple, and a good sense of descriptive writing or other forms of widly aceptable comunication. by doing this you make people who read it use the right side of there brain the side that handles creativity and most emotions, the left side of the brain hadles logic and nuber type stuff. ^-^ so you make them think with there creative side and in most cases has been dormant for a long period of time O.o so it feels new and refreshing so they then find reading about your t*** falling in to a swirling vortex of sewage watter to move them O.o kinda wierd but mostly afective ^-^
2/20/2007 #36
XxXKristie MarieXxX
I see. But I tried once but it toally sucked.
2/22/2007 #37
yea i couldn't do it unless I had already spazzed out on zoneage and then used the left over zone to finish off with retarted ness like that O.o.... . and guess what people... =D i am now 20 .
2/25/2007 #38
laura pamela
Ho do you say it's over? Ok then. First, you ignore them. Then, you confront them. Then you fight. Fighting is a large part of life so if you don't like to fight, give up. Then, say everything you hate about them. Make sure you really think it's over before starting this step. Then, delet they're phone number, msn addy, myspace addy. Enjoy not having to be soemone's friend who you do not like. Life is great.
4/22/2007 #39
XxXKristie MarieXxX
well^ there ya go. But most people wouldnt do it that way.
4/23/2007 #40
i am starting to like kristie 7=... she makes sense ... the last part, from birdie o.O yea i guess that might work and all O.o but that takes a compleatly difrent kinda person and it is rare to find some one who handles life with that kinda out look that isn't at least a lil heartless... "difrent strokes for difrent folks" but i guess it works for you XP *shrigs" i might have to kill my self if i ever find my self being that blunt might not be able to take the strain of how i effected that person on the short run ... god some times i hate empathy -_-
4/23/2007 #41
XxXKristie MarieXxX
thanx kenny. yeah empathy sucks sometimes.
4/23/2007 #42
OMG . doesn't it though!!! and then every one thinks ur crazzy cause no one is nice any more. so every one thinks you have a hiden agenda -_- it p*** me off i can never make good first impresions -_-...
4/26/2007 #43
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yes it does! lol. Yes it makes me mad to! Yes pepole are jerks now, so it is hard. ^_^
4/27/2007 #44
fictitious facades
Not necessarily a true friendship, because if they're not really your friend, they still make you feel. But with poetry, alot of the time you can tell if someone experienced what they are writing about, or if they just are writing something they've heard about.
5/19/2007 #45
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yes some people can do that. But i've read a few that people hadn't experienced what happened but wrote like they had. Some can pull that off well
5/20/2007 #46
=D OLLA PEOPLES . i am alive MWUUU HAHAHAHAHAH o.o *blinks* so um wusup...
6/4/2007 #47
XxXKristie MarieXxX
lol nm the person that wrote this hasn't come back
6/8/2007 #48
um... that isn't good that meens no more random thread T.T .... hope she's ok... god i need to SLEEP DX
6/8/2007 #49
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yes I know. There should be something that lets you close it. Then go to sleep lol
6/11/2007 #50
O.o i sleep when i sleep either way life goes on... =) but muy gracias for the concern .... i need sleep again
6/14/2007 #51
XxXKristie MarieXxX
:D lol okay. i spell really bad in spanish, but de nada.
6/19/2007 #52
D= you think you spell bad that was the first time i have seen some one write it ... i was fumbleing in the dark with mine T.T ... so yea... i am goin to the com fest . ooh yea .. i hope i can hit on some one -_- i have a bit O' trouble with that one, that i do wee lassy ... ooh and peoples i am movin in with some new room mates =D love one me . cause i'm the shyt *does dilbert dance from treasure planet* go kenny go kenny go kenny
6/22/2007 #53
XxXKristie MarieXxX
lol you always make me laugh.
6/22/2007 #54
=D yeay i'm special... . 7= so yea... i am thinkin bout goin to the military... i am tryin to get a degree in sphycology and it would all work out none of those stupid finacial aid drama er any thing ... havn't reserched the options yet but i was lookin for peeps opinions on the matter... O.o but then again me with a gun might be a bad idea -_- ...
7/8/2007 #55
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Really? The Military, scary thought. But good luck, you should do what you want. lol you with a gun hm... i dont no you very well but if you say that i might be scary lol ;D
7/11/2007 #56
Sorry just had to post so I can stop getting emails when the forum updates. :(
7/13/2007 #57
I think friendship poems should be based on both made up and real friends hips :]
7/14/2007 #58
oohlaa !!!!! . s'ben awhile, yea not compleatly sure bout the whole gun thing, it's scarry cause I'd freack out every time i had to shoot it, i am a helpless empath, and the only times it doesn't rule my life are the times i am just waiting for some one to say one wrong word so i can tear them to shreads... so guns and me would be bad . i am ment to fix people and suport them the right hand man but yet still in the back ground and not taking the glory for my self.... =D
7/18/2007 #59
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Hello. Well you should take some. ^_^
7/19/2007 #60
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