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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Danielle Thamasa
Please enroll your character(s) here before you start RPGing. Only enroll the number of characters you can control. I'm going to start this with a limit of up to 3 characters per pen name. It may change later. If you feel you can handle more, PM me and we'll discuss adding more. Name: Age: Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): Clothes: Occupation: Other: For this RPG one of the popular mob families is the Holden family. They control a lot of the turf around the Morgan's home/speakeasy. Other mob families can be created, but they must be approved by a mod. The same goes for another speakeasy.
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Danielle Thamasa
Name: Joshua Morgan Age: 26 Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): Short well kempt light brown hair, green eyes, 6'1", well toned with a few battle scars from his time in WWI. Tries not to talk about the time he spent on the front lines. Spends a lot of time working the bar. Clothes: Nice dress pants and a dress shirt with a tie. Occupation: Owner/Manager of a Speakeasy Other: very protective of his younger brother. His other brother, Tommy, died during the war, as well as most of the men he had been enlisted with.
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Danielle Thamasa

Name: William Morgan

Age: 22

Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): dusty brown hair, blue eyes, 5'10", skinny but not scrawny.

Clothes: striped dress pants, a white dress shirt, and a dark blue tie.

Occupation: Owner/Manager of a Speakeasy

Other: Can be quiet and rather soft-spoken at times. More of a gentle spirit than his brother. Engaged to Nat Livingston.

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Danielle Thamasa
Name: Samara Halliwell Age: 22 Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): dark brown hair cut in a bob, hazel eyes, 5'5", high cheekbones, nicely shaped, curvy, slightly toned. Clothes: either found in a flapper dress or a business skirt and dress shirt. Occupation: her lips are sealed on that one. Other: Not much is really known about Samara. She doesn't talk much about her occupation or some parts of her private life. In all reality, Samara holds a lot of power over a lot of different people. If she doesn't get what she wants, she turns to her father and then gets what she wants. Samara is the daughter of the eldest Holden brother, and is the only biological child.
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Danielle Thamasa

Information on the Holden Family: Lucas is the eldest, followed by Mark, then Jonathan. Each Holden brother has dark brown hair and green or brown eyes. They are tall and well built. Lucas deals with a lot of the business arrangements and paperwork, Mark is less verbal and more physical when it comes to negotiations, and Jonathan enjoys life, using any means necessary to get just a little farther.

Lucas(50), his wife Lilian, daughters Samara and Adrianna

Victoria, and son Cole(5)


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Name: Adrianna Cole Age: 21 Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): 5'4" in height, elbow-length straight red hair kept in a braid with forest-green eyes and pale complexion. She is curvey and lithe, keeping herself fit and agile to enable stealth. Clothes: A flapper dress, if she has to wear one or dark pants and a pecially fitted button-up shirt. Occupation: Part-time princess and part-time -information censored- Other: Adrianna is the step-daughter of Lucas Holden and his second wife, Lilian Cole(now Holden). She has kept her original name so it is easier to remain undetected as a relation to the Holdens. She is not the atypical woman of these times and prides herself on being a little different.
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Scottish Princess
Name: Cassian(Cass) Livingston Age: 23 Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): Black hair, blue eyes, 6' even, built rather on the thin side-200lbs of basically solid muscle Clothes: Solid black dress pants, Dark blue dress shirt, a long black coat Occupation: None really, a businessman but he never really tells anyone what business he's in Other: Really quiet most of the time, he hates to be pushed around or forced into anything. He's running from the Holden family because of a debt that his family owes them. He is extremely protective over his younger sister and would die before he let anything happen to her. ((what do you think, Dani? oh and can I add a second character?? Cass' younger sister?))
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Scottish Princess
Name: Natalie Livingston Age: 19 Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): Long black hair, green eyes, approx. 5'3", thin but curvy in all the right areas Clothes: Black skirt that goes just past her knees and a fitted button-up short-sleeved shirt, and sometimes a dark fitted jacket Occupation: None really, though the Holden family has threatened to make her work for them Other: Is less naive than her older brother believes her to be, and though she'd never admit it she loves his protectiveness over her and she feels safest with him ((Hope that's all okay there Dani, let me know if I should edit))
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Danielle Thamasa
Nice...get postin'.
2/25/2008 #9
Danielle Thamasa

Information on the DeLuca Family:

Marco(50), his wife Alda, sons Aldo and Carlo, daughters Katarina and Gemma.

Marco - slightly graying dark hair, hazel eyes, slight pudge in the belly area but is otherwise quite toned. Marco DeLuca moved to America when he was quite young and was raised in Italian ways, taking family seriously and drinking wine with his meals. When the prohibition law was passed he sought to make a name for himself, using his family's wealth to achieve more power. He bribed the cops to look the other way as he continued to get supplies of alcohol, even going so far as to offer protection to speakeasy owners that were willing to pay.

Alda - long wavy chestnut hair usually pulled back into a fancy updo, exotic looking green eyes. Alda remains loyal to Marco and her children and would do anything for any of them...even join in to the family business by taking care of paperwork.

Carlo - 22 - dark hair, green eyes like his mother, Carlo is a built young man who does everything he can to gain his father's approval. DECEASED

Katarina - 20

Gemma - 18 - long wavy chestnut hair, exotic green eyes, gentle curves. Gemma is usually shy and quiet. Loves to read, daydream, and design clothing.

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disused account
Name: Aldo Age: 24 Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): Hair black, eyes green, 6’0 240ibs Clothes: Brown suetcoat and black tie Occupation: What ever his father wishes him to be Other: Loves the Thompson and uses the rare 100 round drum. He also his colt model 1911 left over from his days in WWI.
2/27/2008 #11
Scottish Princess

Name: Katarina Byrne(DeLuca)

Age: 20

Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): Long wavy chestnut hair(like her mother), hazel eyes, approx. 5'2", mostly slim but curvy and weighs no more than 120lbs

Clothes: A short skirt and fitted silk shirt with a long jacket that matches her skirt

Here's links to two different dresses that she would wear:

Occupation: None really, whatever she chooses to tell people, though she is quite a good seamstress when the mood strikes and has several dresses in her closet that testify to that

Other: Katarina(Rina) is the oldest daughter and third child of Marco and Alda DeLuca and she likes to take charge on occasion, that is when her father allows it. She enjoys spending time out on the town at jazz clubs and speakeasys and can get along with most everyone.

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Danielle Thamasa
YAY! I like Rina. She sounds like fun.
2/28/2008 #13
disused account

Name: James Byrne

Age 27

Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build):Has fiery red hair and dark green eyes. Is medium height and has a scar down the length of his cheek from his days fighting with Michael Collins. Has strong arms and square shoulders.

Clothes:Black suet and green tie.

Occupation: Consigliori (Consoler) (Hey Dani he would basically be the Don’s/Godfather’s- whatever you call him most trusted friend so he would know stuff other people don’t about him…you just have to think on what he should know.

Other: Likes to gamble, drink and go after easy girls. But has great respect for Marco DeLuca, and refers to him by his official title (Godfather or whatever you want it to be) Has a small crush on Rina, but won’t make it known or act upon it out of respect for Marco. Uless of crouse he has his blessing.

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Danielle Thamasa

Nice character. I look forward to seeing what happens with him. Hmm...official title...never really thought about that...pick one and go with it.

4/4/2008 #15
disused account

Godfather it is.

4/4/2008 #16
disused account
Name: Kevin Byrne Age: 23 Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): Hair shiny black, eyes green thin and about 5’9 Clothes: Double-breasted suet Occupation: Screen Actor aka movies Other: Likes the Hollywood party lifestyle and thinks everyone around him does. Knows his face his been seen if movies and will use him fame and charm of younger girls *cough*Gemma cough
4/22/2008 #17

Name: Ciara (Kee-ra) Byrne

Age: 41

Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): Has her sons fiery red hair that reaches to her elbows with silver-white hair threaded through, giving away her ageing. She dark brown eyes, pale skin and a lithe dancers body. She has long, elegant figures and a descent figure for a woman her age. She doesn't mind getting old and does it with flare.

Clothes: Depending on the occassion. She can be found in her garden in a simple t-shirt and track pants or at ocial functions in elegant gowns.

Occupation: Navy-wife. Ex-primary school teacher and, currently, a house-wife.

Other: James' mother. She commonly plays mediator betwene her son and husband but is also where James gets his cheeky Irish side from. Although she can come across as a propper, well-mannered and cultured woman and wife, Ciara, despite her husbands opinions on the matter, can let certain things slid, such as James' drinking and gambling and can often be found doing something cheeky herself. She is a woman who loves life and doesn't mind getting dirty to protect those she loves.

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disused account

I like her!! :D

5/1/2008 #19
Danielle Thamasa

Name: Rosamund Harris

Age: 25

Appearance (hair, eyes, height, build): almost shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, 5'6", nicely fit.

Clothes: more conservative clothes, wears flattering dresses

Occupation: maid (for a random person that does not appear on the forum)

Other: takes care of little Mitchell, whom most believe to be her child. Rosie married young but her husband went off in the war and was KIA.

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disused account

(Maid for who?)

9/3/2008 #21
Danielle Thamasa

*shrugs* random person not mentioned on the forum.

9/3/2008 #22
disused account

(Soory for chating in here but my highspped internet is like 4kb for month and reciveing tons of posts sucks it up.

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disused account

Information on the Mancini Family:

They came to America in the early 1890s and built an empire of imported wines and extortion. Probation did not stop the flow of wine and other drinks but only forced it into the shadows. The Family has basically cleaned New Jersey of other Families though a series of mob wars. They do not mind it as their motto is: "protect the success" They now have their eyes fixed on New York.

Family: Amadeo, (Head of Family; 51) Ella (Wife. Brown hair and slender build with fiery hassle eyes. 42) Children: Alesio (24) Carina (22) Francesca (7)


Name: Amadeo Mancini

Age: 51

Appearance salt and pepper hair, fierce hazel eyes

Clothes: black suet

Occupation: Don

Other: Rules all his decisions on his personal belief on how men should act toward each other. Those who violate this are dealt with ruthlessly.


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Danielle Thamasa

oooh...this should be fun.

9/5/2008 #25

*peers in cautiously* I'll probably get slapped for this...

Name: Francesca Mancini

Age: 7

Appearance: Curly brown hair cut short, round & innocent hazel eyes

Clothes: Hand-me-down dresses from her sisters resized and cut.

Occupation: Don's daughter

Other: ...

9/6/2008 #26
disused account

I'll save ya from Dani's wrath. Just PM her when alerts are online again. If she gets mad send her my way :)

9/6/2008 #27
Danielle Thamasa

Well this will certainly make things interesting. Welcome.

9/7/2008 #28
J.A. Fletcher

Name: Arnold Lancer

Age: 27

Appearance: Good looking, brown hair, average height, weight

Clothes: Double breasted suit coat, pants

Occupation: Reporter

Other: N/A

12/8/2008 #29
Danielle Thamasa

Awesome. Now you can just pick a thread and start foruming. Your best bet would probably be the Morgan House Speak Easy for right now. You'll at least have someone to talk to.

12/8/2008 #30
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