Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Danielle Thamasa
Come in here to just chat...and ask questions if needed.

Right now the only topics open to people are the rules (which you should read first), the character thread so you can create your character, and the off-topic thread. The other threads should open up in a week or so.

12/14/2007 #1
Scottish Princess
hiya! I just read all the rules and everything. I think I'm all set to join up here. my only problem is coming up with a character.....=D
12/14/2007 #2
Danielle Thamasa
You can be anything you want. A flapper, a prostitute, a mob member, just an average member of society, anything.
12/14/2007 #3
Scottish Princess
hhmmmmm, I'm thinking of going down the prostitute or flapper route.....since I know nothing about mobs and being an average member of society is rather boring. XD oh, what's the difference between a flapper and a prostitute?
12/14/2007 #4
Danielle Thamasa
Flappers don't sleep with every guy they meet. Basically they are women who don't want to just sit around and wait for a man to come to them. They go out and enjoy life. Kind of like a free spirit. They drink and smoke and seek out men instead of sitting at home working on their sewing and etiquette.

Prostitutes exchange a service. Sex for money.

12/14/2007 #5
Scottish Princess
ah, okay, gotcha......hhhmmmmmm......I'm still thinking....
12/14/2007 #6
Danielle Thamasa
Take your time. As soon as I have at least one other character on here RPing can start, but don't rush yourself.
12/14/2007 #7
Alright, so I definitely want to join this RPG. I think we need some mobsters to make sure everything is running smoothly and all, so I'm thinking about making a character who runs "supplies" to the Morgan speakeasy. Are you open for problems to arise, such as payments being late, or the mafia deciding that they don't want to help the speakeasy anymore, or anything like that? I guess I'm more wondering whether you're looking for some kind of main conflict or story arc to be the center of the RPG, or whether you're creating a setting and putting characters in it to watch them interact through a series of smaller story arcs.

I should have a character or two up in a few days.

12/25/2007 #8
Danielle Thamasa
Well, I have one character who is actually involved in the main mafia family (Holden family) around the Morgan speakeasy. But I would not be opposed to having a bootlegger. Conflict will arise based on what happens with the characters.
12/25/2007 #9
Scottish Princess
Hey, Dani, I had an idea for a character. I was thinking about having a guy who just wants to lead a semi normal life, but the mafia(Holden family) is on him because of some debts that his family owes them or something. So, like, they could be trying to get him to work for them, but he doesn't want to. How does that sound to you?
12/26/2007 #10
Danielle Thamasa
Sounds fantastic to me Scotty. Go with it. It could make for some interesting encounters.
12/26/2007 #11
Scottish Princess
AWESOME! Now my only problem is a name.....hmmmm, I'll have to think of someth-OH! I gots it! hehehehhehe
12/26/2007 #12
Danielle Thamasa
Okay then.
12/26/2007 #13
hey hey hey, any suggestions as to where my girlie should start? Any preferences?
12/28/2007 #14
Danielle Thamasa
You can start her at the Holden home or take her straight to the speak easy. It doesn't really matter. Wherever you prefer.
12/28/2007 #15
Scottish Princess
okay so I'm going to add Cass' little sister and then I'm going to have then enter.
12/28/2007 #16
Danielle Thamasa
Sounds good to me.
12/28/2007 #17
Scottish Princess
Oh, hey, could you add a Street thread?
12/28/2007 #18
Danielle Thamasa
Sure thing.
12/28/2007 #19
Scottish Princess
Awesome! Thanks!
12/28/2007 #20
Danielle Thamasa
You are most welcome Scotty.
12/28/2007 #21
Scottish Princess
I feel all special now! =D
12/28/2007 #22
Danielle Thamasa
You should. Other than me, you're the only other active member of this forum.

That will change once Rogue gets on but for now, it's all you.

12/28/2007 #23
Lo. I shall start on the street I do believe!
12/28/2007 #24
Danielle Thamasa
You can start wherever Rogue. Your character could even start in the Holden home.
12/28/2007 #25
She's is on her way there... she went to visit some 'friends' just to check up on proceedings... or something?...
12/28/2007 #26
Danielle Thamasa
12/28/2007 #27
Scottish Princess
question, what time of day is it? and what's the season/date?
12/28/2007 #28
Danielle Thamasa
It's about early afternoon in May of 1924
12/28/2007 #29
Scottish Princess
k, thanks.
12/28/2007 #30
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