Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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J.A. Fletcher

I must say that I've never seen a Pagan, motorcycle-riding librarian before.

8/9/2011 #2,971

Which is why my organized crime novel will be split into two halves: "Our Thing" and "Leave That Thing Alone."

How was work, Phoebe?

8/9/2011 #2,972
J.A. Fletcher

It was terrible. I stopped by and asked her to fill 1000 cups with gasoline.

8/9/2011 #2,973

Plastic, wooden, and porcelain cups all melt on contact with gasoline, Fletcher.

By the way, where's Tony? Paddy's going after him. He's gonna kill somebody at some point, but no one important. Althought that would be cool.

8/9/2011 #2,974
Phoebe Powers

It was fine until my dad came in and told me that he had been in an accident. Someone pulled out in front of him at an intersection and there was no way he could stop. His semi is now junk but at least he's okay, and the last we heard the people in the other car are injured but not severely. I guess I need to wait until the paper comes out tomorrow to learn more.

8/9/2011 #2,975
disused account

Aboutely beautiful night out there.

8/9/2011 #2,976


8/9/2011 #2,977
J.A. Fletcher

They were metal. Who the hell has a wooden cup? What are you, Jesus Christ?

8/9/2011 #2,978

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

8/9/2011 #2,979
J.A. Fletcher

I'm going to run for a hamburger, Phoebes. Another favorite place of mine closes in an hour. It's actually sort of like Charley's. Everybody knows your name.

8/9/2011 #2,980
Phoebe Powers

All right. I'll be here when you get back.

8/9/2011 #2,981
J.A. Fletcher

Blessed be the day they invented take-out.

Hey, remember when I told you that I wasn't online because I was hiding out from the world?

8/9/2011 #2,982
Phoebe Powers


Yeah, I remember.

8/9/2011 #2,983
disused account

Oh where, oh where is my darling Dani?

8/9/2011 #2,984
Danielle Thamasa

Where do you think I am, Lee? I'm lurking as usual.

8/9/2011 #2,985
disused account

Eek! I see you've taken over Rouge's duties.

8/9/2011 #2,986
Danielle Thamasa

It's fun to lurk.

8/9/2011 #2,987
J.A. Fletcher

Well I should have stayed hidden.

I'm currently looking for a director for my new picture, and the guy I had my eye on doesn't look too reliable. Now I've got to look for an actress and a director.

8/9/2011 #2,988
Phoebe Powers

Wow. Well I hope you find what you're looking for.

8/9/2011 #2,989
disused account


8/9/2011 #2,990
J.A. Fletcher

I hope so too. I found a lot of girls who want to be a leading lady, but none that are right. The picture takes place in 1935, and I want to capture the feel of the movies in those days.

8/9/2011 #2,991
Phoebe Powers

Yeah, you need to have the right person for that.

8/9/2011 #2,992
J.A. Fletcher

I just cringe at how much training I'm going to have to give the girl I pick. The leading man doesn't need any training though. That's because it's me.

8/9/2011 #2,993
Phoebe Powers

Perhaps you'll get lucky and find someone who won't need a whole lot of training.

8/9/2011 #2,994
J.A. Fletcher

Yeah. Fortunately, I live in California, so there are plenty of acting and modeling-orientated girls. Unfortunately, South San Francisco isn't Los Angeles, so most of them are just dramatic and have little experience in my kind of project.

8/9/2011 #2,995
Phoebe Powers

Well that sucks.

8/9/2011 #2,996
Phoebe Powers

All right. I have to go to bed now. I'll be on for a little while tomorrow morning and then Dani and I will be busy with a college friend for the next couple of days.

8/9/2011 #2,997
J.A. Fletcher

Good night, Phoebes.

8/9/2011 #2,998
Phoebe Powers


8/9/2011 #2,999
J.A. Fletcher

I've got a big thing in the works that will involve Joe, Tony, Alice, and Arnold.

8/9/2011 #3,000
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