Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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"Oh, I love Louis. I really do. Great guy. But you see Gary, in a town like this, there are two kinds of people: the predators and the prey. You and me, pal, we're predators. Louis B. Mayer needs to learn a thing or two about the food chain."

9/14/2011 #91
J.A. Fletcher

"I like the way you think, Harry. I do. And I want to work with you. But I also need to make sure that my involvement with Warner Brothers is lucrative. And I don't mean money."


9/14/2011 #92

"Oh?" said Harry, patting his lips with a napkin. "And what else can I provide for you, my friend?"

9/14/2011 #93
J.A. Fletcher

"Harry, you're in the picture business. You know the...benefits we require to do our jobs."

9/14/2011 #94

"Oh, I do. But they are many and...varied. Am I to assume you'd like all of them?"

9/14/2011 #95
J.A. Fletcher


9/14/2011 #96

"Well, we'll have to sign the contract first, then take a look at the script. The rest, as they say, is the icing on the cake."

9/14/2011 #97
J.A. Fletcher

"Fine with me."

9/14/2011 #98

"So, we'll have our lawyers send over a contract."

9/14/2011 #99
J.A. Fletcher

"Fine by me." Gary replied.


((From Jack Mayer Penthouse))

Jack held the door open for Lilah.

9/19/2011 #100
Phoebe Powers

Lilah smiled and walked through the door. "Thank you."

9/19/2011 #101
J.A. Fletcher

Jack found a booth and sat down after Lilah. "Gee, but I'm hungry."

9/19/2011 #102
Phoebe Powers

"After last night that doesn't surprise me," Lilah said with a smile.

9/19/2011 #103
J.A. Fletcher

"What happened last night?" Jack asked. "Oh, that's right."

9/19/2011 #104
Phoebe Powers

Lilah chuckled and shook her head. "Last night was great."

9/19/2011 #105
J.A. Fletcher

"That? That was nothing."

9/19/2011 #106
Phoebe Powers

"I know...but it was nice, nevertheless."

9/19/2011 #107
J.A. Fletcher

"Sure." Jack said. The waiter came and he ordered hotcakes. "What would you like, Lilah?"

9/19/2011 #108
Phoebe Powers

"I'll have the same."

9/19/2011 #109
J.A. Fletcher

The waiter left. Jack took Lilah's hands.

"I forgot to ask you." He said. "Do you know how to sing?"

9/19/2011 #110
Phoebe Powers

She looked over at him. "A little though I wouldn't say that it is all that impressive."

9/19/2011 #111
J.A. Fletcher

"If we get you a coach, you might be able to sing for a band."

9/19/2011 #112
Phoebe Powers

"I'm willing to try it, but do you think that is a good idea considering everything else?" Lilah asked.

9/19/2011 #113
J.A. Fletcher

"It'll give you something to do." Jack shrugged. "You don't want to be a housewife, do you?"

9/19/2011 #114
Phoebe Powers

"Not necessarily. All right, taking singing classes could be fun."

9/19/2011 #115
J.A. Fletcher

"Sure." Jack replied. "That's what actresses do. They sing."

9/19/2011 #116
Phoebe Powers

"Then being able to sing would be an added asset."

9/19/2011 #117
J.A. Fletcher

"Sure. And when they finally get around to start putting sound in pictures, we can make a musical. Shouldn't be long. Another six months. Maybe a year."

9/19/2011 #118
Phoebe Powers

"That sounds exciting."

9/19/2011 #119
J.A. Fletcher

"Not really." Jack replied.

9/19/2011 #120
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