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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Phoebe Powers

Lilah had been in conversation with a few different people when she excused herself and made her way back to the bathroom. The past couple of days she had felt many times that she was going to be sick. In a conversation with her mother she had found that the queasiness sometimes came with pregnancy.

9/21/2011 #331
J.A. Fletcher

"WOAH!" Jack cried as the human pyramid under him started to sway back and forth. Why they had put him at the top was anyone's guess, but he knew that once the goddamn thing came down, the library would be a mess. What was so spectacular was that the party everywhere else was so loud and crazy that no one who wasn't in the library noticed -- or cared.

"AHHH!" Goldwyn shouted somewhere near the base of the structure. "Someone stepped on my head!"

"Shut up, Samuel Goldwyn!" Someone in the middle shouted.

"Hey, you shut up!" Goldwyn shouted right back.

"Be careful, Goldwyn!" A female voice commanded. "You're gonna bring this thing down!"

"Say, you try-" Goldwyn started, but his knee suddenly slid across the carpet and his eyes widened as he realized that he had damaged the pyramid beyond all repair.

"Oh, SHIIIT!" Jack cried as he felt the pyramid fall from under him. Stars and singers, athletes and moguls collapsed in the disaster, at least fifteen people and millions of dollars were tangled up in the mess that resulted.

Everyone groaned in pain.

"Good going, Goldwyn." Someone said from under the tangled pile of screen stars.

9/21/2011 #332
Phoebe Powers

Lilah stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes and then made her way back out to the party. She pushed her way through the crowd and got a glass of water.

9/21/2011 #333
J.A. Fletcher

"Hey, you bastard!" Jack ran at Johnny Weissmuller and performed a judo move that nearly put the athlete through the wall. Johnny came right back at Jack with a flying punch and sent the director flying over the back of a chair.

9/21/2011 #334
Phoebe Powers

Lilah made polite conversation with various people for a little while longer and then excused herself from the whole party. She made her way to her bedroom and closed the door behind her. Then she walked to the bed and slid onto it, laying back, closing her eyes, and resting a hand on her belly.

9/21/2011 #335
J.A. Fletcher

Jack saw Lilah enter their bedroom, and with Lon Chaney in tow, crept up to the door. "Okay, Lon Chaney." He said. The horror actor had his makeup on at Jack's request, and Jack peered into the bedroom to make sure Lilah was decent. "Go in there and scare her."

(This is what he looks like:

Lon Chaney opened the door quietly and tiptoed into the room, and made his way to Lilah's bed.

9/21/2011 #336
Phoebe Powers

((That is not nice to do to your pregnant wife))

Lilah had just started to drift off to sleep when she got the feeling that someone else was in the room with her. She shifted and opened her eyes, expecting to see her husband. Instead she saw what looked like a monster. She sat up quickly and scooted to the other side of the bed. "What the hell do you want?"

9/21/2011 #337
J.A. Fletcher


9/21/2011 #338
Phoebe Powers

Lilah got up from the bed and glared at him. "Get out of my bedroom! Now!"

9/21/2011 #339
J.A. Fletcher

"Okay..." Lon Chaney said, and left the room. Jack entered in his place and shut the door.

9/21/2011 #340
Phoebe Powers

"What was that? Was that meant to be fun for you?"

9/21/2011 #341
J.A. Fletcher

"What I want to know is what you were doing with Lon Chaney?" Jack demanded drunkenly.

9/21/2011 #342
Phoebe Powers

"I came in here to rest. He let himself in."

9/21/2011 #343
J.A. Fletcher

"The bastard." Jack laughed and collapsed on the bed. "I'm soused."

9/21/2011 #344
Phoebe Powers

"That much is obvious," Lilah said. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

9/21/2011 #345
J.A. Fletcher

"Yes." Jack said. "Come here."

9/21/2011 #346
Phoebe Powers

Lilah slowly moved back over to the bed and laid down next to him.

9/21/2011 #347
J.A. Fletcher

"Give me some sugar, honey lamb."

9/21/2011 #348
Phoebe Powers

"Oh, so now you want to kiss me?"

9/21/2011 #349
J.A. Fletcher

Jack did not answer but pressed his lips to hers.

9/21/2011 #350
Phoebe Powers

She wanted to protest but instead she melted into the kiss, pressing herself against him as she did so.

9/21/2011 #351
J.A. Fletcher

He pulled himself away and lowered himself toward the end of the bed. He put his hands on each of her legs and ran his hands all the way up her legs and under her dress.

9/21/2011 #352
Phoebe Powers

Lilah gasped. "Oh, Jack."

9/21/2011 #353
J.A. Fletcher

Jack pulled her undergarment off and put his head under her dress. He wanted to make his wife feel good.

9/21/2011 #354
Phoebe Powers

She let out a low moan and grasped handfuls of their sheets, loving the almost overwhelming feelings of pleasure shooting up from her core.

9/21/2011 #355
J.A. Fletcher

Jack hooked each of her legs over his forearms and went as far as he could go. He took one of his arms out from under her leg and took her hand, put it on the back of his head.

"I'm yours," he stopped for a moment to speak the words. "show me what you want."

9/21/2011 #356
Phoebe Powers

Lilah guided him back up to her and then reached down to unfasten his pants. Wasting no time, she pulled his pants and his underwear down around his knees. She felt as if she couldn't ever have enough of Jack.

9/22/2011 #357
J.A. Fletcher

Jack lifted Lilah's dress around her waist and guided himslef drunkenly to the right point. He missed a few times but on the third time felt the wonderful feeling that he had been looking for.

9/22/2011 #358
Phoebe Powers

((Normally I would want to do something here but it's been a long rough day so I'm just going to...Fade Out))

9/22/2011 #359
J.A. Fletcher

((I was getting a little uncomfortable writing it anyway. Fade in.))

Jack rolled over on his back.

9/22/2011 #360
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