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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Danielle Thamasa

Home of the Holden family: Lucas and his wife Lilian, Mark and his wife Victoria, and Jonathan.

The home is richly furnished, as would be for a very profitable family. The Holdens' are in control of a large portion of the neighborhood with the Morgan speakeasy as well as several neighborhoods surrounding.

12/27/2007 . Edited 2/16/2010 #1
Danielle Thamasa
Jonathan sat in the living room, reading the newspaper.

Mark and Victoria sat at the kitchen table, waiting on their cook to finish breakfast as the nanny waited on five-year-old Cole.

As usual, Lucas was in his office/study with the door closed.

12/28/2007 #2
Addy walked into the kitchen with a wave to her family,

"Mornin'." she greeted them, flicking her braid over her shoulder and pulling up a seat for herself at the kitchen table.

12/28/2007 #3
Danielle Thamasa
"Morning Adrianna," Mark said, barely glancing at the girl. "You were gone a while."
12/28/2007 #4
Addy shrugged and grinned, sniffing at the food the cook was creating,

"What are we eating?" she asked.

12/28/2007 #5
Danielle Thamasa
Mark shrugged. "Who knows? It's whatever Betty's making today."


The butler rushed to the door and opened it, allowing Joshua Morgan inside. The butler led him back to the office/study and knocked on the door for a moment before letting the eldest Morgan brother inside. Once inside the office, Joshua looked across the room at Lucas and began to walk closer. "I brought the monthly payment," he said.

"Leave it on the desk," Lucas said off-handedly, not even bothering to look up from his work.

"You'll still hold to our agreement, correct?" Joshua asked.

At that Lucas paused what he was doing and looked up. "You're brother won't find out from me or mine that you're doing this."


"You can let yourself out," Lucas said, turning back to his work. Joshua nodded and left the study, heading back out the house to go home.

12/28/2007 #6
Addy rolled her eyes at Mark but grinned,

"Is he home?" she asked casually, referring to her step-father via the annonymous 'he'.

12/28/2007 #7
Danielle Thamasa
Mark grunted.

Victoria looked up at Adrianne. "In his office, as usual."

12/28/2007 #8
"Of course." she nodded her thanks and went to go find the eldest Holden son.

Coming to his office, she raped on his door softly, waiting for him to answer.

12/28/2007 #9
Danielle Thamasa
"Come in," Lucas called from his desk. It was just another typical day at work.
12/28/2007 #10
Addy peeked her head in and smiled, slipping inside his office and shutting the door behind her again,

"Just letting you know I'm back." she informed him softly.

12/28/2007 #11
Danielle Thamasa
Lucas nodded his head for a moment, still continuing to shuffle papers on his desk and copy down figures every few moments. "How did it go?"
12/28/2007 #12
She shrugged, examining his office absently,

"Same as ever. Smoothly. Cleanly. No problems."

12/28/2007 #13
Danielle Thamasa
"Good. Good." He continued his work for a few more minutes before looking up at her. "You've been working hard lately. What are you trying to get from it?"
12/28/2007 #14
Addy looked over at him for a minute before smiling and shrugging,

"Nothing much. Just trying to help out and such. Besides, it keeps me busy, keeps my brain working as well as the rest of me." she explained.

12/28/2007 #15
Danielle Thamasa
"Uh huh," Lucas said, rolling his eyes. "Why don't you take a couple days off and go enjoy yourself?"
12/28/2007 #16
"Enjoy myself?" she asked with a smile, "Where? Shall I go dress up for all those pretty young lads out there and dance my nights away?" she grinned doing a dramatic piroette.
12/28/2007 #17
Danielle Thamasa
"If you wish to. We have several establishments you could go to." Then he turned back to his work, a subtle sign of dismissal.
12/28/2007 #18
She grinned but nodded,

"I'll do my best. Thank you." she said, exiting silently and wandering back out into the kitchen, her stomach growling.

12/28/2007 #19
Danielle Thamasa
Mark watched her come back into the kitchen. "You should know better than to disturb him when he's working."
12/28/2007 #20
Addy rolled her eyes at him,

"I didn't disturb him... and he's always working so it doesn't make any difference."

12/28/2007 #21
Danielle Thamasa
Jonathan walked up behind her. "So, were you planning on coming then leaving without even saying hello to me?" he asked, smiling.
12/28/2007 #22
Adrianna turned and grinned at her uncle,

"Of course not." she answered, hugging him.

12/28/2007 #23
Danielle Thamasa
Jonathan squeezed her as he returned the hug. "How you been kiddo?" he asked.
12/28/2007 #24
"Same as always." she said, stepping back from his hug, though the grin still remained on her face, "What about you? Staying out of trouble, old man?"
12/28/2007 #25
Danielle Thamasa
"Old man?" he said, mouth agape. "I am insulted." He grinned. "It all depends on what you classify as trouble."
12/28/2007 #26
She chuckled and shrugged,

"Aww! she cooed in sarcastic sympathy with a smile "I'm probably not the one to ask for that definition, however."

12/28/2007 #27
Danielle Thamasa
"That I know," Jonathan said, chuckling. "Honestly, you act more like my daughter than Lucas's."

Granted, Jonathan was still single...and without children.

12/28/2007 #28
Addy forced her mouth into a smile, though it didn't reach her eyes and she shrugged,

"Well... what can I say. I'm odd like that."

12/28/2007 #29
Danielle Thamasa
"There's nothing wrong with being odd," Jonathan said.

Mark rolled his eyes, and Victoria sat silent.

12/28/2007 #30
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