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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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disused account

He rubbed her shoulders. "Pretty good swordfight."

10/21/2008 #331
Scottish Princess

She shrugged. "I suppose. I prefer the ending. Very romantic, don't you think?"

10/21/2008 #332
disused account

"You wern't swooning over Buster Keytin too much were ya?"

10/21/2008 #333
Scottish Princess

Rina smirked slightly and looked at him. "What if I was? Would that be a crime?" she laughed, "Of course I wasn't!"

10/21/2008 #334
disused account

"I'm ten times more dashing then he is right?"

10/21/2008 #335
Scottish Princess

"Of course you are!" she told him with a laugh, kissing his cheek. "And you'd be even more dashing with a sword and a horse. Provided you could use the sword and ride the horse."

10/21/2008 #336
disused account

He laughed. "Now I know that's not gonna happen."

10/22/2008 #337
Scottish Princess

"Yeah, but that's okay. I love you anyway."

10/22/2008 #338
disused account

"Love you more," he said puaseing and kissing her.

10/22/2008 #339
Phoebe Powers

((From the Hospital))

Lillian walked down the streets slowly, trying to decide if she wanted to go straight home or if she wanted to stop in the park first. She had always enjoyed going to the park and there was still enough daylight that she could get a little reading in before heading home to deal with her loud family.

8/3/2011 #340
J.A. Fletcher

((I'm bringing Russell to the Park))

8/3/2011 #341
Phoebe Powers

((Sounds good))

Lillian reached the corner that marked decision time. She could either turn left and head to the park or turn right and go home. Without even really thinking much more about it, she followed her feet as they turned left. It seemed silly to think of missing a chance to go to the park.

((To the Park))

8/3/2011 #342
J.A. Fletcher

Seth Mayer walked down the street with his satchel in his hand. Oh, Boston, Seth's home. Here was the familiarity. Here he was, right at home. He didn't belong in fancy hotels and staterooms on ships. Give him an alley and some marbles, and he was content.

8/4/2011 #343
J.A. Fletcher

Seth was awfully worried, though. How were Jack and Lilah feeling with him gone so long? Oh, they were probably fine. But what if they weren't? He didn't know much about parents, but he knew that the boys he played with, the boys who had homes, were often called home by worried mothers as the sun went down. How many times had Seth walked down a residential street and heard a scared mother calling from her stoop for her boy, as the lamplighter was extinguishing the streetlights?

Maybe they were worried. And what was more, Seth was feeling a little sick for Lilah. She was such a good mother, something Seth could not remember having in a long, long time. She was such a sweet old lady. And she was warm, and he felt safe when he sat in her lap. Mean old Jack, though, was a whoooole 'nother story. What a mean old man. But there was something about Lilah...he wanted to be back in her warm embrace. It was awfully cold out in the streets. He wanted to find them, but he didn't know how. He could walk around and look for them. Sure! That was it. That was what he would do! He would look all around Boston until he found them.

8/4/2011 #344
J.A. Fletcher

Linus Huxley walked along carefully. Where would a young boy go? Apparently, the little Mayer boy had spent much time on the streets before being scooped up by Mr. Mayer. The boy would be sleeping in an alley, he was sure of it. Either that or a basement. That's where Linus would have slept. But how many alleys and basements were there in Boston? Of course, they found him by the docks, so that was as good a place as any to start. If they hadn't found their boy for the night, then that was where he would go. It would make Linus's job much easier, if the boy was already at the dumping site.

8/4/2011 #345
J.A. Fletcher

Seth reached the docks and became hungry. He decided to eat one of his Eskimo Pies. He opened the wrapper, and found that it was almost melted through. He had eaten worse. He ate the ice cream stick and decided to find somewhere to sleep in the docks.

8/5/2011 #346
Phoebe Powers

((From Connelly Family Home))

Caitlin made her way out onto the streets and turned towards the direction of the library. She went there all the time, whenever she could find a few spare moments. It was either the library, the docks, or the park. When she wanted to get away for a longer period of time, that was when she made herself disappear, going to a hotel and using an alias so she could be alone for a couple days. Caitlin knew her family noticed when she disappeared, but they never really questioned her about it. After the situation with Paddy though, she was sure they were going to start.

It was actually a fairly nice day, even despite what she had done and witnessed earlier. She had to push that aside and not think about it. Dwelling on it too much would lead to her ending up like...well, probably like Paddy.

8/7/2011 #347
Danielle Thamasa

Johnny had convinced Robert, the bodyguard Sammy had assigned to him, that he would be fine getting home on his own, so Robert went on his own walk. Only in the past few days had he been relegated to guard duty and he was tired of basically sitting on the sidelines; it was time for action.

He would never speak out against his bosses, but with Lucas holed up at the Morgan Home, the only real authority figure was Lucas' daughter, and most of the time she seemed too busy with her own family. For the past two years now she had put the family in danger by forging a relationship with one of the Deluca boys and it had softened her. Now she was not thinking as she should.

After the attack by that Irish family on Lucas, Robert had assumed that Samara would step up and take action, that she would find some way of retaliating. Instead she was simply setting up protection and then gathering information. They were important, but not as important as letting everyone know that attacking the family meant bad news.

As he turned a corner he saw a young woman walk past him and he thought she looked familiar. Robert had seen a lot over the years, especially after being forced to leave his former job and taking up a position with the Holdens. The girl just ahead of him on the sidewalk was not just any girl; she was one of the Connellys.

The opportunity seemed too perfect. Surely he would be rewarded for his actions now. The families were all close-knit and taking one of them could cause them to act rashly, which would reveal weaknesses that would otherwise remain hidden.

8/7/2011 #348
Phoebe Powers

Caitlin was lost in her thoughts, not only thinking about everything that was happening with Paddy, but also thinking of what she was going to read when she got to the library. There were these areas that were just for people who wanted to sit and read, and the chairs there were massive and rather comfortable. It was nice to be able to go there and sink into a chair with a good book and forget about anything and everything else for a while.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she did not notice it when a large man watched her pass and then started to follow her. When all was said and done she would realize that she should have been paying more attention to her surroundings, but instead she was daydreaming.

Caitlin did not notice anything until the man had grabbed her and pulled her into the alley. She tried to scream out for help but he had already covered her mouth, so she tried to hit and kick him or do anything to free her from his grasp. Unfortunately she discovered that his hold never really shifted; it was clear that he had done this before.

She tried to fight down the feelings of fear that seemed to be welling up inside her but even her training could not keep her calm in this situation. All she needed was one well-placed blow to get his hold to shift. Then she would have a chance at running away. Caitlin forced herself to calm down so she would keep from flailing around wildly as she tried to think of her options.

Based on what she could feel, this man was easily twice her size, well muscled, and had at least one gun on him. He was obviously not someone to be messed with. It had to be a man working for the Holdens or for Tony. She really had no way of knowing which until she could see his face, and maybe not even then.

8/7/2011 #349
Danielle Thamasa

Robert had to admit it to himself that the Connelly girl did not want to give up, even though it was pointless to fight him. He had dealt with people a lot stronger and a lot crazier than her in the past so there was no way that she could get away from this.

He pushed her towards the wall, knowing that he could use it to help keep her from running while he reached for something he always kept with him. Thinking back on it now, he should have had it ready before he grabbed her but that simply made the job too easy and sometimes he just wanted a little bit of a fight.

Robert had a bag in his coat and the bag had a soaked cloth in it. A couple deep breaths and the Connelly girl would not be able to fight him any longer.

8/7/2011 #350
Phoebe Powers

When he pushed her against the wall, Caitlin thought it would be her only chance to get away, but even trying to hit him then did nothing. She was held against the wall by his entire body and it was too much weight and muscle for her to fight against.

Then she felt him shift a little and he took a hand off her. That should have given her a little wiggle room to get out but instead she found that she could barely move. He was holding her against the wall with such a force that it was getting difficult to breath.

The man moved his hand from her mouth and she took a deep breath to start yelling out when she found that his other hand moved to replace it. His other hand held a white cloth and it had an odd and sharp scent to it. She turned her head away from it but he just moved his hand over and then placed it over her mouth and nose.

8/7/2011 #351
Danielle Thamasa

It only took a few moments for the girl to fall unconscious and Robert held on to her, keeping her from falling to the ground. He placed the cloth back into the bag in his pocket and then picked her up. They were only a few blocks away from one of the warehouses the Holdens used on occasion. He would take her there, tie her up, and then he would let Lucas' daughter know what was going on.

After that, Samara's reaction would let him know if this was a family he would continue working for or not. If she was truly in with the family then she would want to get all the information she could out of this Connelly and then take her revenge for what they did to her aunt and her father.

((To the Warehouse))

8/7/2011 #352
J.A. Fletcher

((From Charley's Diner))

"Hey, Lilly, I live right around the corner." Russ said. "Do you mind if I grab my coat before I walk you home?"

8/11/2011 #353
Phoebe Powers

She shook her head. "No, I wouldn't mind." It would keep her out of her home for just a little while longer.

8/11/2011 #354
J.A. Fletcher

They stopped in front of Russ's apartment building.

"Do you want to come in?"

8/11/2011 #355
Phoebe Powers

Lillian looked up at him. "I probably shouldn't. My parents will be expecting me to be home soon."

8/11/2011 #356
J.A. Fletcher

"I'll be right out, then." Russ walked up the steps to the main entryway which was bathed in darkness. Suddenly, he gave a cry of alarm and hurried back down the steps.

An old negro lurched out of the doorway and down after Russ. The old man grabbed Russ's lapels. "I need money!" He cried out. "Give me your money!"

8/11/2011 #357
Phoebe Powers

Lillian jumped as the old man came out of the door. "Russ, what's going on? Who is this man?"

8/11/2011 #358
J.A. Fletcher

"NO!" Russ cried. "Who do you think you are?"

"I said give me your money!" The negro reached out and slapped Russ hard across the face.

8/11/2011 #359
Phoebe Powers

Lillian moved closer to the two and yelled, "Leave him alone!"

8/11/2011 #360
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