Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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J.A. Fletcher

A very luxurious hotel in Boston. Nice rooms, and the bills are pretty good for cardiac arrest. Don't forget to tip the red caps.

7/31/2010 . Edited by Danielle Thamasa, 9/21/2010 #1
J.A. Fletcher

Jack walked into the hotel room with satisfaction. His cousin had really shelled out for this room, and it would make a good home while filming the picture. He looked at Lilah.

"What do you think?"

7/31/2010 #2
Phoebe Powers

She looked around the room in awe. She still wasn't exactly used to such luxury. "It's wonderful," she said.

7/31/2010 #3
J.A. Fletcher

"Yeah." Jack said. "Watch out!" He shouted to Liliah as a column of red caps rushed toward the door with handcarts carrying trunks and baggage.

7/31/2010 #4
Phoebe Powers

Lilah jumped back and ended up somewhat falling onto the bed.

7/31/2010 #5
J.A. Fletcher

Once the red caps were gone, and Jack was a dollar lighter, he looked around.

"As flattering as I think that position is," Jack said, looking at Lilah on the bed, "where's the kid?"

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #6
Phoebe Powers

Lilah looked around and found Seth on the floor a few feet away. "Are you all right?" she asked him.

He nodded. "I'm fine."

During the honeymoon, which had been interesting with the addition of a young kid, Lilah had been working with Seth. He now seemed to be more comfortable with them and he was starting to talk more. In fact, with a little help, he was sounding more like a young boy than a toddler.

7/31/2010 #7
J.A. Fletcher

"Well you had better not crawl around on the floor here anymore." Jack said. "I just happen to know that mayor Rolph of San Francisco booked his room last, and they noticed he had a few two dollar bills tucked away in his wallet."

7/31/2010 #8
Phoebe Powers

Seth stood up and brushed himself off before looking up at Jack and nodding.

"He'll be fine, Jack. He's a good kid."

7/31/2010 #9
J.A. Fletcher

"Sure he is, sure he is." He looked at Lilah. "Now listen-do you think you can manage the bags for a few hours?"

8/1/2010 #10
Phoebe Powers

Lilah looked over at him. "Of course I can. Do you have to go somewhere?"

8/2/2010 #11
J.A. Fletcher

"I've got to see a man about a dog." Jack said. "I won't be long."

8/3/2010 #12
Phoebe Powers

She nodded. "All right. I'll have everything unpacked before you get back."

8/3/2010 #13
J.A. Fletcher

Jack headed down to the lobby and saw a kid pushing a hand-truck.

"Hey." He said to the red cap.


"You know where I can find some action, if you know what I mean?"

"A gin joint?" He replied. "You gotta ask Charley."

"Who's Charley?"

"The concierge."

"Thanks." Jack flipped the kid a quarter and spoke to the concierge, who gave him the password for Tony's.

9/2/2010 #14
Phoebe Powers

After Jack left Lilah started opening up their luggage and unpacking everything. "Seth, you can put your things over here," she said as she pointed to a dresser drawer.

Seth nodded and grabbed his bag before moving to unpack it as well. He tried to copy Lilah's motions so his clothes wouldn't end up in a messy pile but he still wasn't the best at keeping his clothes neat and Lilah had to help him out.

Once everything was unpacked, Lilah sat down on the bed and glanced at the clock. She wondered exactly how long Jack would be gone.

9/2/2010 #15
Phoebe Powers

After a little while Lilah looked over and saw that Seth had fallen asleep on the couch. She smiled at him and then looked at the clock again. Jack had been gone for quite some time.

9/2/2010 #16
J.A. Fletcher

(Little devil on Lilah's shoulder) "Why don't you go look for 'im? He ain't up to no good!"

9/2/2010 #17
Phoebe Powers

((lol...she trusts him so she's not going to go looking for him...at least not now.))

Eventually Lilah fell asleep.

9/2/2010 #18
J.A. Fletcher

((Thank you for not paying attention to that.))

9/2/2010 #19
Phoebe Powers

((Hey, I don't control the characters. They are their own entities and do what they want.))

9/2/2010 #20
Phoebe Powers

A few hours later Lilah woke up, thinking that she had heard the door close. But when she sat up, Seth was still asleep and Jack was nowhere to be found. Lilah found herself starting to worry about him. He had said that he would only be gone a few hours but it had been a little longer than that. Part of her wanted to go find him, but then she thought of Seth, and she didn't want to leave him alone. For a few minutes she stared at the door, hoping that Jack would come walking in. If he didn't get home soon then perhaps she would go downstairs and ask the workers at the front desk. Perhaps they knew where he had gone.

9/7/2010 #21
J.A. Fletcher

Jack entered the hotel room. There was a bit of whiskey on his breath.

"Honey, I'm home!"

9/11/2010 #22
Phoebe Powers

Lilah came out of the bathroom, having just taken a bath. "Where have you been all day?" she asked.

9/11/2010 #23
J.A. Fletcher

Jack noticed that Lilah had just taken a bath.

"Not in the right place, that's for sure!"

9/11/2010 #24
Phoebe Powers

"You have been gone all week and I've been here with Seth every day. What is so important that you can't spend time with your wife?"

9/11/2010 #25
J.A. Fletcher

"The film, Lilah. That's why we're here."

9/11/2010 #26
Phoebe Powers

"Then you could tell me that. All you ever say is that you're going out for a while. Why couldn't you just say that you were going to work on the film? It feels like you're lying to me."

9/11/2010 #27
J.A. Fletcher

Jack touched his wife's arm. "Lilah, I don't think you know how tough all this is on me."

9/12/2010 #28
Phoebe Powers

"Then explain it to me, Jack. Perhaps I can help you."

9/12/2010 #29
J.A. Fletcher

"Listen, Lilah, that's not a wife's duty. You're supposed to care for the kid."

9/12/2010 #30
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