Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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J.A. Fletcher

A ritzy speak, this is Tony Moreno's, Don of the Mancini family, attempt to look like a high class mobster. Need a password to get in. A password can be acquired at any business that is under Tony's protection, such as the Avalon Hotel.

9/2/2010 #1
J.A. Fletcher

A peephole slid open at the entrance to Tony's.

"Yeah?" A voice growled.

"Mary Sue's milking her cow." Jack said. "You gonna let me in?"

The guard muttered something under his breath, and the door was yanked open. Jack was led into a bar and dance floor, which was vacant. There were a few men drinking at the bar. Jack sat down and ordered a scotch.

9/2/2010 #2
J.A. Fletcher

((From Avalon Hotel))

Jack entered the alley that led to Tony's, and opened the flower box. Inside were the pieces of a Tommy gun with a 100-round drum magazine. He assembled the weapon, and placed it next to the door. He knocked on the door, and a peephole slid open.

"How'd the Sox do at Fenway?" A voice asked.

"Al's scored." Jack replied.

The peephole slid shut and the door opened. When the guard looked out into the alley, he saw Jack standing there with the Thompson in his hands.

"Son of a fucking-" The guard put his hands up, but he was met with the chatter of the submachine gun. He toppled over into the speakeasy. It was fairly crowded, and two more guards whipped around with automatic pistols in their hands. Jack tossed lead in their direction. He was not used to the recoil, so some of the bullets flew wild into the crowd. Jack didn't care. He was going to find Tony.

He entered the club ready to plug anyone else that wanted to stop him. He felt like he was in a picture, but this was real life. There was no acting going on here. Those three bodies and the dozens of bullet cases that littered the ground were the real deal.

He shot up the bar, watched as dozens of bottles exploded with the impact of his bullets in a cacophony of machine gun fire and shattering glass.

10/23/2010 #3
J.A. Fletcher

Jack moved on to the back rooms and fired at the crates and crates of hooch. He looked around for other guards to shoot, but saw none. Everyone had evacuated. He left the speakeasy, and once outside, he realized that he was shot. He dropped the Thompson, touched his shoulder. A neat bullet hole had pierced through. He put a hand over his bleeding shoulder and started laughing hysterically. He swaggered out into the street.

((To the city))

10/26/2010 . Edited 10/26/2010 #4

(From BOI-HQ)

Riley approached the speakeasy run by the not-as-notorious-as-he-might-wish Tony Moreno. He whistled at the number of uniforms and flatfoots already swarming about the place. "Buzz.....buzz....buzz..." Riley muttered as he approached what was once the door, now guarded by a surly-looking patrolman. "Who the hell are you?" snarled.....Jimmy. Riley didn't know, he looked like a Jimmy. Riley said nothing in response, merely reached inside his jacket pocket, withdrew his wallet, and flipped it out to reveal his DA's badge. He was waved through with astonishing haste.

10/28/2010 . Edited 10/28/2010 #5
J.A. Fletcher

Walt drove to the scene in his Packard, and entered the speakeasy. Police officers stood all around, and some of his men were already there, investigating. He shook his head at the destruction. Bullet holes riddled everything.

Then Walt saw Riley, and his blood boiled.

10/28/2010 #6

Riley spotted Walt at about the same time. He took a deep whiff through his nose. He tapped a nearby cop on the shoulder. "Hey, do you smell that?"

The cop frowned. "Uh, no sir."

Riley sniffed again and pretended to recognize Walt for the first time. "Walt! I thought I smelled a horse's ass."

(How's my smartass lawyer routine working out for you?)


Steve hurried over to Tony's speak, outwardly calm, but inwardly sonofabitchsonofabitchsonofabitchsonofabitch. He approached the guard and explained who he was and was let through somewhat reluctantly. He approached Walt, switching into lawyer mode. "Walter Fox? I'm Stephen Di Angelo, I represent Tony Moreno.

10/29/2010 . Edited 10/29/2010 #7
J.A. Fletcher

((F***ing terrific!!!))

Walt looked at Riley then at this Steve fellow. "Say," he said to Steve in a low tone of voice. "Perhaps you can wait outside for a few minutes? This is hardly appropriate."

10/29/2010 #8


Steve decided it was best not to push things. "Certainly, but I really would like to talk to you on Mr. Moreno's behalf." He left and attempted to strike up a conversation with the outside guard, who appeared incapable of stringing two thoughts together.


Riley pumped Walt's hand for a full minute, watching the hate mount in his eyes. He approached him and put an arm around his shoulder. "So what do you say, Walty boy? Still waiting for the grand fuckup. You never disappoint."

(By the way, I'm pretending this is a movie and Riley is John C. McGinley [Dr. Cox on Scrubs], Walt is Robert De Niro [Nuff Said], and Steve is Christoph Waltz [Colonel Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds])

10/29/2010 #9
J.A. Fletcher


"Well, Mr. District Attorney," Walt said, playing along though he was seething inside. He hated having to work with this asshole, but he needed to provide a case for Riley if he wanted to keep his job. "I'm going to see to it that you have plenty of evidence to prosecute."

((Never seen any of 'em.))

10/29/2010 #10

"Hey now, friend, that's what I like to hear. But!" Riley broke away from Walt and began pacing about the speak. He threw his arms out wide, encompassing the entire place. "But! Which case am I going to prosecute? The one in which Tony Moreno is owning and operating an illegal liquor-smuggling ring OR the case in which some unknown assailant shot up the aforementioned liquor-smuggling ring? Hmm?"

10/29/2010 #11
J.A. Fletcher

"Well, that's up to me, isn't it? Without me, you haven't got a case for either."

10/29/2010 #12

"Oh, sure. After all, the hundred and forty some-odd years before you came along were just complete and total anarchy."

10/30/2010 #13
J.A. Fletcher

"Riley, my friend," Walt replied, "Walter Fox is going to be the greatest thing to happen to this country. In two years, I'll have gang crime in Boston completely wiped out and will be governor of Massachusetts. In another few years the Senate, and soon after that I'll run for President."

10/31/2010 #14

Riley gave a start. "Shh Shhh! Walt! Did you hear that? That just might be the sound of no one caring!"

10/31/2010 #15
J.A. Fletcher

Walt straightened out Riley's tie. "And that is why..." He said, adjusting it, "When I become governor, you will be replaced as district attorney." He gave Riley a light, mocking slap on the cheek. "I've got business to conduct."

10/31/2010 #16

Riley, smiling a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes, reciprocated the act, adjusting Walt's tie to the point that he may as well have been strangling him. "Well, it's good to know that I have tenure, isn't it?" He also gave Walt and equally mocking, yet somewhat harder slap on the cheek. "Yes, you really shouldn't keep the crooked lawyer waiting too long."


The crooked lawyer in question was getting into a rather heated argument with the front door cop. "You have got to be kidding me."

The cop shook his head stubbornly. "I shit you not!"

Steve gave a bark of laughter. "So you're saying, within ten years there will be moving pictures with sound IN them? No accompaniment?"


Steve snorted again. "Tell me, friend, does your mother know you're out this late?"

10/31/2010 #17
J.A. Fletcher

"And you shouldn't keep your boyfriend waiting." Walter waved mockingly and left the speakeasy.

((Just for information's sake, Max, sound pictures had been around since the beginning of moving pictures themselves, they just required a large horn to be in front of the actors, so they really weren't practical. It wouldn't be until the mid-twenties that they would invent a more practical way of recording sound, and even then, studios rejected the idea until they used it in Al Jolson's 1927 picture The Jazz Singer. And even then, half of the movie was silent, and most of the sound was only during the musical numbers.))

10/31/2010 #18

(I was aware of most of this, however I thought The Jazz Singer didn't come out until 1929.)

Steve broke off when he saw Walt approaching. 'Ah, Mr. Fox. I'm glad we have a chance to....ah, talk."

10/31/2010 #19
J.A. Fletcher

((Naw, it was '27.))

"It's a shame what happened to your joint." Walt said.

10/31/2010 #20

Steve took Walt by the shoulder and led him out of earshoot of the doorman. "Yes, yes it is... Tell me, how far along are you in this case? Do you think you can prosecute?"


Riley bent to examine some of the barrels of illegal liquor. It was high quality stuff. There was even some imported Irish sipping whisky. Riley quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching, especially Walt. All the policemen appeared to be snooping around the few damaged barrels of hooch (it appeared that the culprit had used a six-shooter) and Walt appeared deep in conversation with Tony Moreno's frontman. Riley gave a surreptitious cough and slipped the bottle of whisky into an inner pocket.

11/1/2010 #21
J.A. Fletcher

"I haven't got a case to prosecute." Walt replied.

11/1/2010 #22

"I see. And should this case, ah, shall we say, fail to progress any further, Mr. Moreno is fully prepared to...compensate you for your trouble." Steve gave his briefcase a covert little tap.

11/2/2010 #23
J.A. Fletcher

"Leave your fee with my secretary, she'll see that the Bureau receives it." Walt said nonchalantly.

11/2/2010 #24

"Excellent. Pleasure doing business with you." Steve shook Walt's hand and left.

(So do I actually have to post in the HQ that he did it or can we assume? Further, he did, in fact, take the bribe?)


Riley approached Walt after Steve left. "So, what did the fourth Marx brother want?"

11/2/2010 #25
J.A. Fletcher

((Yeah, make it official.))

"He wanted to know the damages."

((You probably mean the sixth Marx brother))

11/2/2010 #26

"You two seemed awfully chummy."

11/3/2010 #27
J.A. Fletcher

"It's my job." Walt said, shrugging mockingly. "You see, I have to go after this thing strategically, like you my friend. If the BOI can get close to the Mancinis, we can get evidence enough to prosecute."

11/3/2010 #28

"Right. That's not absurd or illogical at all."

11/4/2010 #29
J.A. Fletcher

"Say, you just described a lawyer!"

11/17/2010 #30
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