Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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J.A. Fletcher

"But no one's ever done it before!" Louis cried out.

"Untreaded land." Jack said. "And I've plenty experience with that."

8/8/2011 #61
Phoebe Powers

"I think it sounds brilliant."

8/8/2011 #62
J.A. Fletcher

"Oh, you do, huh?" Louis said mockingly.

8/8/2011 #63
Phoebe Powers

"Yes, I do, which is why I said it," Lilah replied.

8/8/2011 #64
J.A. Fletcher

"Well-" Louis looked at Jack, and knew how much the kid admired him. "Well, it might fail."

"It's new territory though." Jack said. "Isn't that what you wanted?"

8/8/2011 #65
Phoebe Powers

Lilah smiled. Even if it failed it would still be a good experience. Besides, having the female lead be pregnant would certainly have people talking about the movie, and that could be good.

8/8/2011 #66
J.A. Fletcher

"I didn't want to cast a pregnant woman, no." Louis said. "Why can't we make her fat? Put her in a fat suit."

8/9/2011 #67
Phoebe Powers

Lilah shook her head. "I do not think people would be interested in someone wearing a fat suit."

8/9/2011 #68
J.A. Fletcher

"He knows." Jack said. "He's just saying stupid things because he doesn't like you."

"Well, you should probably meet with Goldwyn." Louis said.

8/9/2011 #69
Phoebe Powers

"Is it just me he doesn't like or women in general?" Lilah asked.

8/9/2011 #70
J.A. Fletcher

Jack closed the door behind them. "I don't know. He's...Louis. He didn't like me when I was a kid either."

8/9/2011 #71
Phoebe Powers

Lilah looked over at Jack. "I can understand Louis' doubts about having a pregnant female lead. It would not offend me at all if you chose someone else for the role. Honestly I would even be fine with a small supporting role."

8/9/2011 #72
J.A. Fletcher

"I promised you the part." Jack said. They arrived at Goldwyn's office. He knocked upon the door.

"Come in!" Goldwyn called out. Jack opened the door. "Jack! Mrs. Jack! Come in! Sit down!"

8/9/2011 #73
Phoebe Powers

"You did, but I am giving you permission to break that promise."

She smiled as she stepped into Sam's office. He was obviously a much nicer person than Louis.

8/9/2011 #74
J.A. Fletcher

"Yes, sit down! Sit down!" Goldwyn cried affably.

Jack helped Lilah sit and sat in another chair himself. "Listen, Sam." Jack said. "I'm gonna level with you. Goldwyn said you wouldn't do well producing this picture. I don't believe him. You may be an oddball, but I like your style."

"Good, because I don't usually work in my style often." Goldwyn said, leaning back in his seat.

8/9/2011 #75
Phoebe Powers

Lilah sat down in the chair and looked across the desk at Sam. He certainly was an interesting character but she liked him and he seemed like a positive person.

8/9/2011 #76
J.A. Fletcher

"Uh...huh." Jack replied. "Well, anyway, we didn't get a story, but we got a hell of a lot of information on the underground life."

"That's good!" Goldwyn said. "We can write up a story."

"But uh, Lilah's expecting." Jack said.

"Expecting what?"

8/9/2011 #77
Phoebe Powers

"A child," Lilah replied. "I'm pregnant."

8/9/2011 #78
J.A. Fletcher

"What, now?" Goldwyn asked. "You're expecting it now?"

8/9/2011 #79
Phoebe Powers

Lilah shook her head. "No, we are expecting the baby in about eight months."

8/9/2011 #80
J.A. Fletcher

"Oh, good." Goldwyn sighed. "This carpet is brand new."

8/9/2011 #81
J.A. Fletcher

((Goldwyn is by far my favorite character to RP. Though, believe it or not, he's actually an NPC.))

8/9/2011 #82
Phoebe Powers

She chuckled. "Your reaction to the news is certainly a lot better than Louis' was," she said.

((Yeah, he is a pretty fun guy))

8/9/2011 #83
J.A. Fletcher

"Oh, Louis' just an old grump. So you're playing the female lead, then?"

8/9/2011 #84
Phoebe Powers

She nodded. "I guess I am."

8/9/2011 #85
J.A. Fletcher

"So what does a pregnant woman have to do with speakeasies?"

8/9/2011 #86
Phoebe Powers

Lilah looked over at her husband. "That is a good question."

8/9/2011 #87
J.A. Fletcher

"Perhaps a young bootlegger gets a gangster's mistress pregnant." Jack suggested.

8/9/2011 #88
Phoebe Powers

Lilah smiled. "Well that sounds fairly interesting to me."

8/9/2011 #89
J.A. Fletcher

(Mm, yes, that's mildly interesting.)

"Do you have any ideas?" Jack asked Lilah.

8/11/2011 #90
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