Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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J.A. Fletcher

Boston's Chinatown. A rough part of the city, the Tong wars have spilled down from New York City and west from San Francisco and is waged on these streets with revolvers, knuckle-dusters and hatchets. Make sure to sing "Chinatown, My Chinatown" when you come down here.

8/9/2011 #1
J.A. Fletcher

Joe walked up the street, whistling "Chinatown, My Chinatown".

8/11/2011 #2

Whistling "Chinatown, My Chinatown," Steve paid his cab driver and emerged into the region of Boston for which the song was named. It was a somewhat gritty place, but one of the best places for a man to have a good time. Tony's various speaks and brothels aside, Chinatown was the only place to get a top-notch massage.

And...other things, as well.

8/11/2011 #3
J.A. Fletcher

Joe stopped whistling when he saw a man paying a cab driver across the street. The man looked vaguely familiar...and then he remembered him! Tony's assistant, sex slave, or whatever the hell he was, Stephen something. What a stroke of luck! Joe turned to a Chinaman selling various wares out of his storefront, and haggled over the price of an "authentic ancient" Chinese dagger. He looked over his shoulder every so often to watch this Stephen fellow.

8/11/2011 #4

(Fletcher, you are NOT killing Steve.)

8/11/2011 #5
J.A. Fletcher

(Calm down. Why does everybody think I'm going to kill their character?)

8/11/2011 #6
J.A. Fletcher

(Does no one trust me?)

8/11/2011 #7

(Imprimus, you make jokes and no one knows you're joking. Secundus, you just started haggling over a dagger. What the hell else are you going to do with a dagger?)

Steve strolled down the street, looking for that one massage parlor Tony had told him about. Unfortunately, that was exactly how Tony had referred to it.

"That one massage parlor by the place with the guy."

8/11/2011 #8
J.A. Fletcher

(Who's joking? And why the hell would I kill Steve with a dagger? What is this, ancient China?)

Joe dropped the dagger and started following Stephen, while being pursued by a flurry of Chinese curses by the shopowner.

8/11/2011 #9
J.A. Fletcher

Arnold recovered from his "ride" through the streets of Boston rather shakily. He was near Chinatown and decided to visit a teahouse, get his mind off things. He relaxed and sipped a cup of tea with trembling hands.

8/12/2011 #10

Steve cocked his head to the leaft and listened. It was an odd phenomenon, hearing yourself being followed. The steps stopped precisely when yours did, and started up again in unison. It was like listening to yourself walk in stereo.

Steve wasn't unduly worried. After all, he was carrying a...briefcase. Oh, shit.

8/13/2011 #11
J.A. Fletcher

Joe noticed Stephen cock his head and continued walking. He approached him and patted him on the back.

"Hiya bud!" He exclaimed affably. "What's up?"

8/13/2011 #12

"Who the hell are you?" asked Steve, deadpan.

8/14/2011 #13
J.A. Fletcher

"The name's Joe!" He replied. "And you dropped this."

8/14/2011 #14

Steve raised an eyebrow. "Well, Joe, I don't recall dropping anything."

8/14/2011 #15
J.A. Fletcher

"You sure did." Something flashed out from under his jacket and into his trench coat. "A gun." He moved right next to Stephen and jammed the gun into his side, still hidden under his trench coat. "Don't make any odd movements. Come right this way." He gestured into the large doorway of a teahouse.

8/14/2011 #16

Fuck me sideways.

Steve cleared his throat. "Look, Joe, I don't want any trouble. I'm sure we can talk about this like civilized people. Let me just get my wallet-"

8/14/2011 #17
J.A. Fletcher

"Just get moving, buddy." Joe jerked him into the tea room. He saw Arnold Lancer, a reporter who he had confided in with his search for Tony. Wasn't this interesting?

Arnold saw Joe Whalen enter the tearoom, standing unnaturally close to another man. What goes on? He thought. He saw Joe look at him, and he nodded to the detective. Whatever it was, Arnold knew that it wasn't his business. But the reporter knew that it was his business completely. He would keep an eye on the two.

Joe dragged Stephen to a back room where there was a public telephone. "Listen, bud." Joe said. "You're going to get your buddy Tony on the line and tell him to come up here and visit, you got it? Say you've found a new opportunity for an opium den. I want him up here now."

8/14/2011 #18

Steve frowned. "Why would I do that? So you can kill him?"

8/15/2011 #19
J.A. Fletcher

"If you don't do it, I won't be accountable for what happens to you."

8/15/2011 #20

"I'm a lawyer. I can sure as hell hold you accountable, Mr. Joe...Whalen, I presume, that being the only Joe in the city of any small note."

8/15/2011 #21
J.A. Fletcher

"You think you can scare me, Stephen?" Joe replied. "You've got Walter Fox and the BOI turned against you, now they're breathing down your neck. He's intent on taking down all the gangs in this crummy city, and that includes yours. I've got plenty on you that I can take right down to him. What are you gonna do when you can't bribe anyone, huh?"

8/15/2011 #22

Steve shrugged. "This?" He opened his briefcase and removed three banded stacks of hundred dollar bills. "Ten grand. It's not a bribe. It's a gift. A gesture of friendship."

8/15/2011 #23
J.A. Fletcher

Joe gazed longingly at the bills. He hadn't made any money since he was put in the hospital. And the bill itself was pretty high. He took the stack of bills from Stephen.

8/15/2011 #24

Steve stood. "Well, if that'll be all, Joe..." He clapped Joe on the back. "Now, this is a favor, understand? From one friend to another. Friends do favors for each other, you know? Someday, and that day may never come, Mr. Moreno or I may call on you to do us some small service. Do you think you can handle that? And please, if you need any help, feel free to call."

Steve had never bought somebody personally before. It was always done through intermediaries. It gave him an odd sense of power.

8/15/2011 #25
J.A. Fletcher

"Well, you're going to be the one who has to make a telephone call." Joe said, grabbing onto Stephen. "You see, I don't take bribes." He pushed the stacks of bills back into Stephen's hands. "And bribing a law enforcement officer is just another strike to your list of offenses. So sit down and call your boss."

8/15/2011 #26

Stephen shrugged. "So you reject my offer of friendship. Alright, I'll do you this favor, if I can only ask waht you want with my client."

At no point did Stephen admit to being Tony Moreno's consigliere.

8/15/2011 #27
J.A. Fletcher

"You'll see soon enough."

8/15/2011 #28

"I'd like to know beforehand. It's why I don't go to the pictures. Can't tolerate suspense."

8/15/2011 #29
J.A. Fletcher

"You want suspense?" Joe pulled the hammer back on his pistol. "There's your suspense."

8/15/2011 #30
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