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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Phoebe Powers

Alice looked over at Joe. His guns were out of ammunition and that meant that things were getting rather dangerous. Her hand tightened around the item in her purse and she smoothly pulled it out, holding it in front of her in the manner of someone who had grown up handling guns. She aimed it at the Asian man and fired, aiming for a great injury and not death. As she pulled the trigger she silently thanked her uncle for all the lessons he had given her over the years.

8/19/2011 #151
J.A. Fletcher

The Tong was hit in the arm and was flung backward onto the ground. He nursed his wound.

"Time to go!" Joe said. He grabbed Alice's hand and started hobbling forward.

8/19/2011 #152
Phoebe Powers

Alice squeezed Joe's hand and followed after him. She was not even concerned with looking for that other man who had been with them. Her focus was on making sure that Joe and herself got out of this situation without much more damage.

8/19/2011 #153
J.A. Fletcher

((I'm getting tired, so I'll probably go to bed. Or crash on my living room carpet. I'm not sure yet. Anyway, good night!))

8/19/2011 #154

"Oh, dear," murmured Isai. "What do we have here." He grabbed at the barrel of the gun and wrenched it upward. In the processs Tony's finger was pressed on the trigger. Several bullets fired harmlessly into the sky.

8/20/2011 #155
J.A. Fletcher

Tony suddenly rammed the switchblade knife he had been holding in his other hand into Isai's shoulder.

8/20/2011 #156
J.A. Fletcher

Joe started toward the stairs, but he heard voices downstairs. Bad idea. He looked around and saw a narrow corridor turning a corner.

"Come on." He said, limping toward the turn.

8/20/2011 #157
Phoebe Powers

Alice nodded and stayed with Joe as they headed away from the stairs and instead towards a corridor that looked like it would be a tight squeeze. It was yet another reason to be glad that she was a relatively small person. However, she found herself wondering if Joe would be able to get through without difficulty.

8/20/2011 #158
J.A. Fletcher

Joe squeezed his large frame through the narrow corridor and wondered if there were any big chinks. Apparently not. He came out the other side and wondered where the hell Arnold was.

At that moment, Arnold had climbed out the window and onto the pagoda roof. He climbed the three stories to the ground below, and ran off.

8/20/2011 #159
Phoebe Powers

Alice easily followed Joe through the corridor and then looked around. They needed to get to the ground and get out of Chinatown.

8/20/2011 #160
J.A. Fletcher

The corridor led only to one empty room. There was a large window at one end, which was open, letting the breeze into the room. Joe hobbled to the window.

"Can you climb?" He asked Alice.

8/20/2011 #161
Phoebe Powers

Alice looked out the window and then nodded. "Yeah, I can climb."

8/20/2011 #162
J.A. Fletcher

"Alright. I'm going to need you to climb down and get help."

8/20/2011 #163
Phoebe Powers

She looked over at him. "I can't just leave you here alone! What happens if they get to you before help arrives?"

8/20/2011 #164
J.A. Fletcher

Joe took Alice's face in his hands and kissed her lips hard.

8/20/2011 #165
Phoebe Powers

Alice returned his kiss for a few moments before pulling away. Then she held out her gun to him. "Here, you may need this."

8/20/2011 #166
J.A. Fletcher

Joe took the gun. "Thank you."

8/20/2011 #167
Phoebe Powers

"Please be careful," she said before she moved herself onto the window sill. She looked at the side of the building for a minute before she pulled off her shoes and tossed them to the ground; it would be nearly impossible to climb in heels.

8/20/2011 #168

Steve sighed and emptied the rest of his Tommy gun's clip into a brick wall. "Will you to shut the hell up, please?"

8/20/2011 #169
J.A. Fletcher

"As careful as I can be." Joe reassured Alice.

8/20/2011 #170
Phoebe Powers

Alice took a deep breath and then started to climb down the side of the building. Every few moments she would glance up to look at Joe. She really did not want to leave him like this but she knew it was necessary. They needed help to get out of it.

8/20/2011 #171
J.A. Fletcher

Joe watched as Alice descended, then turned back and hobbled back to the narrow corridor.

8/21/2011 #172
Phoebe Powers

When Alice reached the ground she had to look around for her shoes. As was to be expected they had landed a few feet apart. She grabbed them and slipped them on before heading out to the street.

8/21/2011 #173
J.A. Fletcher

(Have to wait until Max shows up to do anything further.)

8/21/2011 #174

(You rang? I'm waiting on you. Steve fired his gun into the wall to break up the fight.)

8/21/2011 #175
J.A. Fletcher

(What fight? Tony stabbed Isai.)

8/21/2011 #176

(At which point Isai would proceed to beat Tony senseless with his vicious kung fu. THey're trained to contened with knife woundslike that.)

8/22/2011 #177
J.A. Fletcher

(Then let Isai do so.)

8/22/2011 #178

(Fair enough.)

Isai howled in pain and staggered a few steps away from Tony. Grunting with the effort, he reached for his shoulder and wrenched the knife from the wound.

From a concealed holster designed to look like an ordinary back pocket Isai took a pair of sai, three pronged Japanese daggers. He rushed at Tony, twirling and dancing and stabbing at him whnever he saw an opening.

8/22/2011 #179
J.A. Fletcher

(And of course, Steve does nothing)

Out of the back of his trouser waistband, Tony pulled a Colt Super 38 Automatic. He fired three rounds at Isai.

8/22/2011 . Edited 8/22/2011 #180
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