Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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"Certainly." the sharp edge on her smile faded and she shrugged a shoulder, "Good for the nerves I dare say." she added, leaning forward to accept his offer.

10/22/2010 #391

Steve also withdrew a book of matches, lit Ori's cigarette, then his own. "You know what some people are thinking, these things are bad for your wind." He blew a smoke ring at the ceiling. "They call it a chancre. Ever heard anything so ludicrous?"

10/22/2010 #392

"There are a lot worse things to die of." Ori said, sitting back, cigarette held lightly between two fingers. She put it to her lips and inhaled then blew out a stream of smoke, watchign it drift upwards.

10/22/2010 #393

"Being shot in the ass, for example." Steve winced slightly, knowing that if his boss were conscious he would have punched him.

10/22/2010 #394

She glanced at him, surprised by his humour and smiled again, softer this time.

"Just for example." she agreed then glanced at Tony and back to Steve, "I'm not so certain he'd approve of using him as an example, though."

((I'm off. Byes))

10/22/2010 #395

"No, I don't think so." Steve took another draw.

(Damn! Okay, bye.)

10/22/2010 #396
J.A. Fletcher

Tony stirred and opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Steve.

"Christ." He muttered.

((Men indeed shook hands with women in the 1920s (among other things ;), and that was not at all unusual. It was pretty much the same as you would greet a dame (whoops, I mean girl) in introduction today. I mean, this isn't the Edwardian era, where the ruler rule (pun?) applied in all public settings. And ladies were treated with the utmost respect (I said ladies, not molls) as they still are (and should be) treated with today. You know the common courtesies, the doffing of the hat at farewell, unless you were just an asshole. Basically, unless you belonged to high society, and in public, you basically acted the same as people would today. That's always been true throughout history, just add different slang and language and some manners to the mix.))

10/22/2010 #397

(Duly noted. Thanks.)

Steve quickly stubbed out his cigarette. "Tone! Thank God you're finally awake. Wanna tell me jsut what the hell happened?"

10/22/2010 #398
J.A. Fletcher


"You...son of a bitch." Tony replied. "How...the hell am I supposed to walk around in public if I'm getting shot...in my ass?"

((And you're right, Tony was too young to fight in the trenches, as he was only 15 at the very end of the war. Theoretically, he could have fought in the trenches, as there were a few 15 year old Americans that lied about their age, but it is highly unlikely that he would have done anything like that, not only because it was very risky business, but because his personality just doesn't fit in doing something patriotic like that. Even if he was of age, he probably wouldn't have joined unless he was drafted. That comes up in The Public Enemy when James Cagney is getting angry at his brother for joining the service during the first world war, because James Cagney's character in that movie was really kind of a dick.))

10/22/2010 #399

(Touche! And yes, I said Tone.)

Steve remained nonchalant. Part of the business of the Consigliori was to get cursed out by your boss when anything bad happens. He'd yet to make his bones anyway. Perhaps, however, he could track down the shooters and finally make them. He reached into his jacket pocket and took out his notebook and pencil again. "Yeah, yeah, I know. I suck, I can go fuck a cow, la dee fuckin' da. Listen, Tone, I need to hear everything that happened. In downright disturbing detail."

10/22/2010 #400
J.A. Fletcher

((Sorry for the history lessons))

"Fucking lawyers, playing fucking pocket billiards with themselves..." Tony muttered. He thought back to the shooting. "I ran out of the room looking for that goddamned asshole Linus, when all the sudden this mug jumped out and shot the hell out of me with his goddamn chopper. That detailed enough for you? Oh, and by the way, I was screwing Ori before all this happened."

10/22/2010 . Edited 10/22/2010 #401

You lucky bastard. Steve grinned. "Love you too, man. But seriously, I'm going to need a better description than 'mug.'"

(Oh, I don't mind at all. I love history, and I like to think I'm farily well-read. The 1920s just isn't an era I've ever studied in much detail. WWI, WWII, Rome, Greece, the Catholic Church, Ireland, England, these are my preferred subjects.)

10/22/2010 #402
J.A. Fletcher

"What are you, a fucking flatfoot?" Tony asked. He groaned. "Okay...let's see. Once I finished jazzing Ori," he shot a quick glance at Ori's face, "I thought I heard goddamn Linus outside the door laughing. After that, I ran out into the hall and said that I was going to shoot him in the ass. I ran toward the stairs, and saw this queen up there...lessee, he was wearing a black pea coat, with a black homburg, I think, I don't think it was a fedora, and he was wearing Oxfords, black. There was a white handkerchief tied around his face like he was Jessie fucking James or something, and he was holding a typewriter with a drum. "

((Good to hear that. People simply don't appreciate history.))

10/22/2010 #403

Steve sighed and put his notepad away. "All black and a white handkerchief. Son of a bitch. That could be anyone from Al Capone to Charles goddamn Lindbergh."

(Well, you know what they say. Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. Am I the only who thinks that 9/11 was the Tower of Babel all over again?)

10/22/2010 #404
J.A. Fletcher

"Well, there you go." Tony said.

((I'm not quite sure I'm seeing the relation to the Tower of Babel.))

((Oh, I just thought about it. Yeah, that makes sense.))

10/22/2010 . Edited 10/22/2010 #405

(Perhaps it's a bit of a stretch, but I think the "tower to heaven" is the American pseudoprotective overseas empire and general sense of social, political and economic imperialism. The "speaking of many tongues" and the "scattering over the earth" could be construed as the lack of information about the attack from the Defense and State Departments, and the false claims of WMDs and misanthropic invasion of Iraq, respectively. I don't know, it's just a theory I've always had.)

Steve leaned forward and began to massage his temples. "Well, it looks like we have us a war on our hands. I'll tell the boys to hit the mattresses [Author's Note: I just read The Godfather for the fifth time]." He gave his crooked little smile. "Just as well, though, as we seem to have more metal men than anything else."

10/22/2010 #406
J.A. Fletcher

((I have something to say, but let's move this to Off-Topic lest we incur the wrath of Dani (Who, by the way, is the most wonderfulest and supercoolest person on Earth.))

"Christ, Steve, you're sitting over there having a wonderful fucking time and not thinking up a goddamn solution! We don't know who the hell is gunning for us. We can have the goddamn Bureau of Investigations on our ass and not even know it."

10/22/2010 #407

Steve coughed. "Er, actually, I do know that. Recently found out that the DA has started sniffing around the Morgan place."

(The DA, by the way, is my other character.)

10/22/2010 #408
J.A. Fletcher

"WHAT?" Tony cried. "The goddamn Morgans?"

((Which gives me an idea. We could use more government officials. We have gangsters, but only one cop, one dead detective, and now a DA.))

10/22/2010 #409

"Yeah. If he sniffs around the Morgans long enough, he's gonna put them together with the Holdens, which will put him onto us. It's a regular shit sandwich, boss."

(Please don't kill him off right away. I have ideas for a big courtroom scene.)

10/22/2010 #410
J.A. Fletcher

((Don't worry. I don't plan on killing anyone off as quick as I did Joe. That poor guy didn't even last a week. The strange thing is, I liked him and had plans for him, too.))

"No, the fucking Morgans are gonna put him right onto us. Those faggots would just love to put us in bad with the D.A. and the fucking investigations bureau."

10/22/2010 #411

"Speak of the devil, I hear the Bureau's got a new chief in town. Hell of a bulldog too." Steve snapped his fingers. "Wait! I got it! Psychological warfare!" Steve leaned so faar forward he was almost in a standing position. "Napoleon pulled shit like this all the time. A friend of mine in the DA's office says he don't like this guy one bit. Kept hearing him shout of the phone about the bureau guy, quote unquote 'trampling upon the United States Constitution.''

10/22/2010 #412
J.A. Fletcher

"Sure, that may work." Tony said. "Then again, Napoleon was stopped in Russia by the winter. And I happen to know that these bureau swells are usually more frigid than an old maid."

10/22/2010 #413

Steve leaned back and lit another cigarette. "Well, even in that case, we can still do what Napoleon did. Cut and run, then go back to Paris and claim victory before anyone's the wiser."

10/23/2010 #414
J.A. Fletcher

"Geez, Steve, you sure are a lawyer, aren't you?"

((It's strange playing this scene out while Ori's just sitting there, pretty much frozen.))

10/23/2010 #415

((Sorry for having a life... it often gets in the way. Haha!))

Ori listened in silence, her scowl deepening when Tony decided to fill Steve in on everything that had gone on prior to the shooting. She knew the man was harsh when he needed to be, not tacky and tasteless. She crossed her arms over her breasts again and buttoned her lip. She had learned, long ago, that remaining quiet could often be a great boon and a girl could learn a lot.

10/24/2010 . Edited 10/24/2010 #416
J.A. Fletcher

((I don't like lives. They usually involve people.))

"Christ this hurts."

10/24/2010 #417

Steve grinned. "You say the sweetest things." Upon Tony's exclamation of pain, however, the grin faded and he offered his silver cigarette case. "Have a butt. It'll calm your nerves."

(I know this is the 20s, but isn't that doctor really, really, really late?)

10/25/2010 #418

((Haha he is indeed. Would you like me to play him and get it over with?))

Ori rolled her eyes and stabbed out her cigarette on the door-frame. She wasn't feeling like it so much any more.

She glanced at the door, wondering where this doctor was. Surely he couldn't be so slow naturally. Maybe something had detained him.

10/25/2010 . Edited 10/25/2010 #419
J.A. Fletcher

((Yes, please do so, Rogue.))

"Christ, this hurts."

10/26/2010 #420
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