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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Luigi's Ristorante is an upscale Italian restaurant in downtown Boston. It is unique in that it is totally independent of any crime family. It is owned and operated by Luigi Galati, the best Italian chef in the city. Perhaps the sheer quality of the food prevents the place from being knocked over.

10/12/2011 #1

Patrick pulled up to the restaurant. "I hope you like Italian," he said to Bridget.

10/12/2011 #2
Danielle Thamasa

She looked out the window at the restaurant. "I do."

10/12/2011 #3

"Good." Patrick got out of the car and tossed the key to the valet.

They entered the restaurant. "Table for two," Patrick said to the maitre 'd.

"Do you have a reservation?"

Patrick glanced at Bridget. "Several."

The maitre 'd sighed. "Well, you are lucky we have a table free for you this evening. Walk this way please."

10/12/2011 #4
Danielle Thamasa

Bridget looked around the restaurant. She had never been there before. It was a little more upscale than anywhere she had been. When the maitre 'd led them to a table, she followed, trying not to trip over anything while she was taking it all in.

10/12/2011 #5

"Here you are, sir and madam." The maitre 'd made to leave.

Patrick grabbed his arm and whispered something in his ear. A bill passed between them. Several minutes later the maitre 'd returned with a bottle of red wine. It was a Bordeaux 1919, one of the finest wines in the world.

10/12/2011 #6
Danielle Thamasa

Bridget sat down and started browsing over the menu. When the maitre 'd returned with a bottle of wine, Bridget felt her eyes widen slightly. She certainly had not expected that sort of action from Patrick.

10/12/2011 #7

"I hope you enjoy it. The Germans had their fill when they went through during the war, so not much of this year is left." Patrick poured two glasses.

(I'm making all of this up. I know nothing about wine.)

10/12/2011 #8
Danielle Thamasa

((haha...I like the occasional glass of wine, though I know next to nothing about different kinds, etc.))

Bridget took one of the glasses and took a sip of the wine. At first it seemed a sweet wine but just before swallowing she detected a stronger fuller flavor. She nodded and set the glass down. "That is actually quite delicious."

10/12/2011 #9

"Indeed." Patrick took a sip and opened a menu. "Can you read Italian?"

10/12/2011 #10
Danielle Thamasa

Bridget looked across the table. "Just a little. French would be considerably easier."

10/12/2011 #11

"Fine. I'll order for you." He waved for a waiter. "Scuzi." He rattled off a few sentences in Italian. "Oh, and some bread. Grazie mille."

10/12/2011 #12
Danielle Thamasa

Bridget just looked across the table at him, thinking how impressive it was that he could speak Italian so fluently. "Thank you," she said.

10/12/2011 #13

"Oh, sure. In my, uh, line of work, it helps to be bilingual." Patrick hadn't been with a woman for quite some time; he was really pulling out all of the stops. His father would be irked that he was charging all of this to the Family account.

10/12/2011 #14
Danielle Thamasa

"It certainly helps with antiquites and rare books as well, but I haven't taken to Italian as much as I have French," Bridget replied. "What is your line of work, if you don't mind me asking? I mean clearly you must be well-off if you can afford to take a lady out to a place like this."

10/12/2011 #15

"Er, my father and I have a business together. Import/export. Mostly, er, foreign-made consumables," Patrick replied, improvising wildly.

10/12/2011 #16
Danielle Thamasa

"That sounds quite fascinating. I imagine you get to meet all sorts of interesting people."

10/12/2011 #17

"Oh, I do. Some of them can be quite irksome, however," Patrick reflected. "How about you? What company do you work for?"

10/12/2011 #18
Danielle Thamasa

"I imagine that is true." Bridget looked at him. "That is a question I have answered already. My father has an antiquities and rare books store on Main Street. I am the secretary and occasionally I get the opportunity to seek out clients as well. Sometimes I feel like a book detective."

10/12/2011 #19

"A book detective? Ever found anything interesting?"

10/12/2011 #20
Danielle Thamasa

Bridget nodded. "Over the years we have found several first edition copies of novels. Of course we sell them so it isn't like I could take them home and enjoy them or anything."

10/12/2011 #21

Oh, dear this girl likes books. Quick, you can do this. "First edition or not, a book I've really come to enjoy is The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli."

10/12/2011 #22
Danielle Thamasa

"Is it any good?" Bridget asked. "I haven't read it."

10/12/2011 #23

"It's brilliant. A lot of what it says really applies to this thing of- er, my line of work."

10/12/2011 #24
Danielle Thamasa

Bridget nodded. "Well, perhaps I will read it sometime."

10/12/2011 #25

Their food arrived. Patrick had linguini with meat sauce and Bridget lasagna. He decided not to go too far outside the box in regards to the Italian food.

10/13/2011 #26
Danielle Thamasa

When the food arrived Bridget took a small bite at first. It had the perfect ratio of pasta, sauce, and cheese. She nodded her head and took another bite.

10/13/2011 #27

Patrick dove into his own meal, taking care not to slurp, as he usually did. "So," he said, patting his lips with a napkin and looking sideways at Bridget. "What book were you after today?"

10/13/2011 #28
Danielle Thamasa

Bridget set down her fork and looked at him. "Actually it is a copy of Paradise Lost. But, of course, I'm always supposed to see what else I can manage to find while I am there."

10/13/2011 #29

Ooh, this girl was good. Either she had a well prepared story or she was actually telling the truth. "I see. Very interesting."

10/13/2011 #30
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