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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Phoebe Powers

Then the priest turned to Lilah.

"And do you, Lilah Grace Farrell, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Lilah smiled. "I do."

2/19/2010 #31
J.A. Fletcher

"Then by the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you, man and wife."

The few people in the church pews clapped and cheered as Jack leaned in to kiss Lilah.

2/19/2010 #32
disused account

(Oh dear me I always cry at weddings *sniff* :P

2/19/2010 #33
J.A. Fletcher

((Lee! What's up?))

2/19/2010 #34
Phoebe Powers

Lilah returned his kiss and then pulled a way, feeling as if a smile were permanently plastered on her face.

2/19/2010 #35
J.A. Fletcher

"Come on, dear." Jack said, taking her hand and hurrying toward the doors. There was a luxury Packard waiting outside for them.

2/19/2010 #36
Phoebe Powers

Lilah moved by his side out to the car as she tried not to trip over her dress.

2/19/2010 #37
J.A. Fletcher

Jack helped her into the car and sped off.

((Where to now? The hotel?))

2/19/2010 #38
Phoebe Powers

((Hotel sounds good.))

2/19/2010 #39
J.A. Fletcher


2/19/2010 #40

Papa always said that if she ever got lost, or something really bad happened, Francesca would go to the church. The family walked there every Sunday, so she knew the way, but it was lonely without her family. After the explosion, Tony had shooed her out and never came back to get her. Her parents never came to find her. She hid in a bush as people rushed over to figure out what happened. Some of them called her name, but she didn't come out.

After what felt like days, Francesca felt hungry. And cold. And sleepy. So she remembered what her father told her and started to walk to the church. The people there were nice, taking care of her until they could get in contact with someone to take her in. She asked questions about her family, and got prompt answers - Her parents were dead, and no one had heard from her much older siblings in years. She was completely and utterly alone.

After hearing this too many times, she ran outside and sat on the sidewalk, up against the walls of the church, clutching her little stuffed bear and crying.

9/2/2010 #41
disused account

Billy was walking by when he hear the little girl sobbing. He slowly approached trying not to frighten her. "Hello there," he said stooping down to her level. "I'm Billy. What's the matter?"

9/2/2010 #42

She sniffled and wiped her nose, looking up at the stranger. Her dad always said not to talk to strangers, but this one seemed very nice.

"My mommy and daddy are gone." she whimpered, hugging her bear tighter.

9/2/2010 #43
disused account

"Gone where, sweetheart?"

9/2/2010 #44

She looked up at the sky.

"Father James says they're in heaven." she said, wiping off a tear from her bear. "A bad person came and blew up our house."

9/2/2010 #45
disused account

"What's your name?" he asked.

9/2/2010 #46

"Francesca." she said, bringing her gaze back to him. "And this is Mr. Bear."

She gave a little smile as she showed off her beloved friend.

"He likes peanut butter cookies."

9/2/2010 #47
disused account

(FYI, her parents were only shot, the planed boombing is another family.)

"Should we find him some?" he smiled.

(Lura, Anna Kath, Ally.)

9/2/2010 #48

(No, there was a grenade. Read the posts again.)

She smiled and nodded, hugging her bear tight again.

"I have to ask Father James, though." he said. "He doesn't want me to leave the church."

9/2/2010 #49
disused account

He smiled. "Let's go see."

9/2/2010 #50

She climbed up and went inside, looking around for the priest.

9/2/2010 #51
disused account

He waited on the stooop.

(Post in other places :()

9/2/2010 #52

A few minutes later the girl reappeared holding the priest's hand.

"Here he is." she said. "Father, this is Billy. Billy, this is Father James."

9/3/2010 #53
disused account

He recognized the preist when he took pictures of mission work in the city. They had chated for a few moments.

9/3/2010 #54

Francesca waited patiently, playing with the buttons on her jacket and raving about the smell of the cookies she - and Mr. Bear, of course - so loved.

"Very well, Francesca." the priest said. "You may go with Mr. Smith. But I expect you back here for lunch, you understand?"

The little girl grinned and nodded.

9/3/2010 #55
disused account

He took her by the hand. "So what kind of cookies do you like the best?"

9/3/2010 #56

"I like chocolate ones." Francesca chirped, walking along beside him. "And ones with the nuts Mama likes."

Father James watched the pair head down the street.

9/3/2010 #57
disused account

"ooo! My favorite,' he grinned. They walked into a nearby bakery, the smells of bread, pies and cakes filling the air.

9/3/2010 #58

Francesca's eyes went wide. After church, Mama would let her pick out one thing, and she was allowed to have it for dessert that night. The bakery was still a wonder to the little girl, and she leaned close to whisper in her toy's ear.

"Don't eat all of your cookie, Mr. Bear." she said. "You have to save some for later."

9/3/2010 #59
disused account

He handed the baker a few crisp bills and came back with a plate of 13.

9/3/2010 #60
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