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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Scottish Princess

She stood there for a moment, slightly dazed, before following him and taking his hand. "I love you, too." She told him smiling.

5/6/2008 #301
disused account

He contued on the beach and found a seashell and gave it to her.

(No idea if there are seashells in Ireland, but way not?)

5/6/2008 #302
Scottish Princess

She smiled and took it from him, admiring it in the sun. She opened her mouth to say something when a waved lapped at her feet. Squealing from the unfamiliar feeling, she jumped back and hid behind James.

5/6/2008 #303
disused account

"Its just a little wave," he said kissing her forehead. "Here." He pulled her with him out into the water just a tad.

5/6/2008 #304
Scottish Princess

She followed him slowly, chewing on her bottom lip. "It's cold!"

5/6/2008 #305
disused account

"It'll be fine in a few mintues," he sated.

5/6/2008 #306
Scottish Princess

She looked up at him, "You sure?"

5/6/2008 #307
disused account

"Just trust me."

5/6/2008 #308
Scottish Princess

"Okay." She held onto his arm when a wave came in, starting to shiver slightly from the cold water. Luckily it was very sunny and warm or she'd be freezing.

5/6/2008 #309
disused account


5/6/2008 #310
Scottish Princess

She looked at him, smiling, despite feeling cold. "It'll take some getting used to, but I like it already."

5/6/2008 #311
disused account

"Good, honey."

5/6/2008 #312
Scottish Princess

"Um, there's something else I think you should know. I don't know how to swim, either."

5/6/2008 #313
disused account

"Oh," he said. That's ok, we can just relax on the beach."

5/6/2008 #314
Scottish Princess

"It's not that I don't like the water, I just don't want to go too deep."

5/6/2008 #315
disused account

"I understand," said James. "I won't let you drown."

5/7/2008 #316
Scottish Princess

She smiled, "You'd better not."

5/7/2008 #317
disused account
He kissed her hotly. "I'd miss you too much."
5/7/2008 #318
Scottish Princess

She kissed him back, murmuring against his lips, "I'd miss you, too."

5/7/2008 #319
disused account
After he pulled away, he contuned down the beach.
5/7/2008 #320
Scottish Princess

She followed, smiling.

5/7/2008 #321
disused account

He put his arm around her.

5/7/2008 #322
Scottish Princess

She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder as they walked.

5/7/2008 #323
disused account

He kissed and sniffed her hair.

5/7/2008 #324
Scottish Princess

She giggled, "What are you doing?"

5/7/2008 #325
disused account

"You smell good," he said lamely.

(Which novel are you trying to publish? I was told by some random writer, "Send it if to every publisher you find.")

5/7/2008 #326
Scottish Princess

She laughed, "Okay."

((Ian MacDermott. And no, I'm not going to send it to every publisher I can find....that wouldn't be a smart idea....))

5/7/2008 #327
disused account

(You carzy! I don't mean every publisher out there, just ones who would take your kind of novel. EX: Mario Puzo wrote a little novel called "The Godfather" he had to go to 51 publishers before anyone would take it; It became a best seller so it wasn't poorly written.)

He kissed her again and walked a few more steps.

5/7/2008 #328
Scottish Princess

((Hrm....I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do yet....))

She smiled and kept walking with him.

((You need any other mods on WH?))

5/7/2008 #329
disused account

(I think you gotta be 18 to sign a publishing contract anyway)

He stoped a spot and sat down.

(Maybe; I can never figure out invite code though.)

5/7/2008 . Edited 5/7/2008 #330
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