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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Ciara waited paitently.

8/7/2008 #571
disused account

He nudged Renia to speak.

8/7/2008 #572
Scottish Princess

Rina smiled and kissed her husband's cheek. "What am I supposed to say, dear?"

8/7/2008 . Edited 8/7/2008 #573
disused account

"Oh that really helps darlin," he said half way beteewn a grin and a scowl. "What do you wanna know mum?"

8/7/2008 #574

"Well... we'll start with an easy one... Started plannign my little grand-babies yet?" she asked, grinning.

8/7/2008 #575
Scottish Princess

Rina blushed and ducked her head slightly.

8/7/2008 #576
disused account

James put his hands over his face. "Mum!"

8/7/2008 #577

"What? What did I say? I'm curious is all." she shrugged delicately.

8/7/2008 #578
disused account

James said something inatouble

8/7/2008 #579

"What was that, Darling?" she asked, tipping her head at her son.

8/7/2008 #580
Scottish Princess

"He said we've been working on it." Rina spoke up.

8/7/2008 #581

"Oh excellent." Ciara clapped her hands, bouncing a little in her seat, "Oh, I'm so happy for you."

8/7/2008 #582
Scottish Princess

Rina smiled, still blushing a little.

((i'm off to bed. night))

8/7/2008 #583
disused account

James smiled a little and sqeezed Rina's hand.

8/8/2008 #584
disused account

Then he kissed the back of her neck, "Think we outta tell her about going back to my house?"

8/8/2008 #585
Scottish Princess

Rina blushed furiously. "Depends on what exactly you'd be telling her."

8/8/2008 #586
disused account

He ran a hand though her hair, "Maybe just that we went there, she'll guess the rest."

8/8/2008 #587
Scottish Princess

Rina smiled and kissed his cheek, glancing at his mother. "Okay then."

8/8/2008 #588

Ciara caught Rina's glance and cleared her throat,

"Try and leave it behind closed doors, lovies. It becomes a bit nauseating when its your son."

8/11/2008 #589
disused account

James blushed.

8/11/2008 #590
Scottish Princess

Rina blushed as well. "James was only going to mention that we visited his old home."

8/11/2008 #591
disused account

"What did you think, hun?" he asked never having the chance to

(Hey Scotty I sent you like million Pms last night. Don't know if you read them. Ignore the first cupple I was in a hyper/freaked out mood, the last one i sent around midnight is a little more normalish.)

8/11/2008 #592
Scottish Princess

Rina blushed and ducked her head, hoping he could guess by her reaction what she'd thought.

((yeah I got them and I didn't get an email and I do like your idea..... somewhat))

8/11/2008 #593

Ciara chuckled and nodded her head.

"Glad you liked it."

((haha! Lee is nutts!))

8/11/2008 #594
disused account

(almighty then..least you got it. Somewhat? :( JK. Just got down reading the proving trail by old Louy. Darn good book. You really should read The Best Bandit by Max Brand though..You'd love it. Wish I could just send it to you.)

James hugged her.

8/11/2008 #595
disused account


8/11/2008 #596


8/11/2008 #597
Scottish Princess

Everything went fine and they left Ireland.

((=P there, now we can get back to James's apartment.))

8/19/2008 #598
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8/20/2008 #599

Caitlin or no Caitlin, after a week on a boat, Paddy MacLean was very happy to step back on solid ground. He took a deep wiff of the Dublin docklands before looking back up the gangplank at Caitlin. "Well, welcome to my home, be it ever so humble."

9/26/2011 #600
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