Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Phoebe Powers

Alice let out a deep breath. "I guess it could be worse," she replied. "Besides, this kind of pain fades easily."

2/10/2010 #61
J.A. Fletcher

"Oh. I couldn't imagine being shot."

2/10/2010 #62
Phoebe Powers

"Honestly I had never really imagined it before today. As a nurse I have cleaned my fair share of gun shot wounds but it isn't like my job is particularly dangerous."

2/10/2010 #63
J.A. Fletcher

"I suppose mine is." He started driving. "Just give the directions."

2/10/2010 #64
Phoebe Powers

"I live at 247 Park Street. Thank you for driving me. I honestly don't think I'm feeling well enough to walk myself home."

2/10/2010 #65
J.A. Fletcher

Clyde pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. "Well you won't have to walk where I'm taking you."

2/10/2010 #66
Phoebe Powers

((Okay...was not expecting him to point a gun at her.))

Alice's eyes widened as she stared at the gun. "Excuse me...wh...what are you doing?"

2/10/2010 #67
J.A. Fletcher

((Don't you like to be surprised?))

"You just keep your hands where I can see them, dollface."

2/10/2010 #68
Phoebe Powers

((On occasion but I was thinking Clyde was going to be a nice guy.))

She just stared at him. "I don't understand...You...you're a police officer...why are you doing this?"

2/10/2010 #69
J.A. Fletcher

((Well, I wanted to add some realism. Child molesters seem like nice people too sometimes. They're still creepy monsters.))

"You think I wanted to be a goddam police officer? My father made me. No. I don't want to solve crime. And for this...being on the other side of the law sounded better."

2/10/2010 #70
Phoebe Powers

((Well then you definitely succeeded.))

She took a few deep breaths, trying to process everything that was going on. It was a lot to take in. This was supposed to have been a relaxing day off of work. "Then...what are you going to do...with me?"

2/10/2010 #71
J.A. Fletcher

"Oh, I'm not going to do anything with you. But I don't know about him. I have an idea, though..."

((Thank you. You're pretty good yourself.))

2/10/2010 . Edited 2/10/2010 #72
Phoebe Powers

"Him? Who is he? The man from earlier? I...please...you don't have to do this...You can still take me home...I'm sure my roommate is beginning to wonder where I am anyway...if I'm not home soon..." Then what? If he was working against the police, then there could be others as well. How was Rosie to know if she was talking to the true police, the ones who actually upheld the laws?

2/10/2010 #73
J.A. Fletcher

"Well, I didn't actually see his face. But he was very generous. And as a cop, I don't make too much money."

2/10/2010 #74
Phoebe Powers

"But...turning against the law? Surely you know that that is wrong? There are other ways, better ways to get money."

2/10/2010 #75
J.A. Fletcher

"Maybe for dolls..." He touched Alice's thigh.

((I've got to go, Phoebe. Good to RP with you. I bid you a good day.))

2/10/2010 #76
Phoebe Powers

Alice flinched away from him. "Take your hand off of me."

((I'll see you tomorrow.))

2/10/2010 #77
J.A. Fletcher

He moved his hand, though with a smug smile on his face. He pulled into the docks.

((To the docks))

2/11/2010 #78
Phoebe Powers

((From the Docks))

Alice pulled the car into the parking lot and parked it. Then she ran over to the passenger side and opened the door. "Come on."

2/12/2010 #79
J.A. Fletcher

He climbed out of the car and started into the hospital.

2/12/2010 #80
Phoebe Powers

Alice walked right beside him to make sure that the blood loss so far wouldn't cause him to collapse. Once inside the hospital she alerted one of the nurses and they took Clyde from there. Alice walked over and sat down in the waiting area.

2/15/2010 #81
J.A. Fletcher

Clyde was helped onto a gurney and was rolled into a windowless room. He felt extremely dizzy, and at last passed out.

((What do you say about bringing a few other characters into the game?))

2/15/2010 . Edited 2/15/2010 #82
Phoebe Powers

((Such as...? Doctors, nurses...?))

Alice looked out the window for a few minutes and then closed her eyes. It had been a rather long day and she was just now beginning to feel grateful about having the next several days off due to earlier events. Getting some rest would be nice.

2/15/2010 #83
J.A. Fletcher

((Maybe in a whole other[ category-just to make things interesting.))

Clyde awoke in a hospital bed with a hard mattress. He rang the bell for the nurse.

2/15/2010 #84
Phoebe Powers

((I could possibly add another character...any ideas?))

Annie walked into the room. "You're awake; that's good. How are you feeling?"

2/15/2010 #85
J.A. Fletcher

((I have a director I haven't really used yet.))

"I got three bullets in me." Clyde said. "I feel lousy."

2/15/2010 #86
Phoebe Powers

"You will feel better in time," Annie replied.

((Well, I guess I could figure something out for your director.))

2/15/2010 #87
J.A. Fletcher

"Yeah, in the big house."

((Great! By the way, I noticed your stories on your profile. Want some reviews?))

2/15/2010 #88
Phoebe Powers

((If you would like to. I wrote them a few years ago so I don't know how good they are. So, would you like me to create an actress?))

"Now why would you say a thing like that?" Annie asked.

2/15/2010 #89
J.A. Fletcher

((I'd be happy to. And that's a great idea! I'll bring him into the story. You may want to start her off in Hollywood.))

"Because that's the first place I'll be once you tell the cops." Clyde suppressed a chuckle at the irony of it.

2/15/2010 #90
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