Speak Easy
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Phoebe Powers

((All right. I appreciate you looking at my stuff. I haven't really been working on much of anything recently. I probably should get back to writing but I'm bogged down with school work. As soon as I figure out her name and appearance, I'll post her up.))

"Just what would I be telling the cops? You were driving my friend Alice home and you got into a little bit of trouble," Annie answered. "I see nothing wrong with that."

2/15/2010 #91
J.A. Fletcher

((That's fine with me. By the way, I can hardly find time for my own writing, what with my schoolwork and all. It's normal around this time of year.))

Clyde's eyes widened. "You mean-you aren't going to tell them what I did?"

2/15/2010 #92
Phoebe Powers

"What you did?" Annie asked. "I may not know the whole story but it seems to me that you saved my friend's life. I would think you would see that as a rather commendable act."

((Obviously Annie doesn't know what Clyde did. Alice didn't say anything about it.))

2/15/2010 #93
J.A. Fletcher

((Yes, but Clyde doesn't know that. He was out for a few hours and doctors usually take down a report about what happened. Also, doesn't it make sense that if you lead someone to get killed and you get caught, that they're gonna rat?))

Clyde realized that the beans hadn't been spilled yet. He was ecstatic with joy, as long as Alice kept her mouth shut.

"Oh-I'm-I'm sorry." He said, putting on his best act. "I-I am a bit dazed." He put a hand to his forehead. "Say-say, maybe you could ask Alice to come in here?"

2/15/2010 #94
Phoebe Powers

((Yes it makes sense, but this is Alice. She has a mind of her own. I have given up on trying to control my characters. They have their own lives.))

Annie nodded. "I can go see if she is still out in the waiting room." Then she turned and walked out of the room before heading down the hall to the waiting room. She saw Alice there with her head resting on a hand, her eyes closed. Slowly Annie walked over to her friend. "Alice?" she asked quietly, reaching out to touch her friend's arm.

Alice opened her eyes. "Annie? Is it time to go home?" Then she shook her head. "Sorry. How is he doing?"

"I think he will be fine. He is asking to see you."

"All right." She stood up, questioning why she was doing this, why she was going to go see him, because he had taken her to the guy who had tried to kill her. Then again, he had also kept that guy from succeeding. Alice knew she had to at least talk to him; it wasn't in her nature to just walk away without at least getting an explanation. She followed Annie down the hall to the room where they were keeping him and knocked on the door lightly before walking in.

2/15/2010 #95
J.A. Fletcher

((That's how you do it. Did you get my reviews?))

"Listen, Alice..." Clyde said. "You're not mad, are you?"

2/15/2010 #96
Phoebe Powers

((Haven't checked yet. I will in a minute.))

Alice looked at him for a few moments. "It's difficult to say. I am angry but it is directed more towards the man who hired you."

2/15/2010 #97
J.A. Fletcher


"Well, he's gone now."

2/15/2010 #98
Phoebe Powers

((Thanks for the reviews. I appreciate them.))

Alice sighed. "There is no way we can know that is certain."

2/15/2010 #99
J.A. Fletcher

((No problem. We writers have to stick together.))

"I shot him and he fell into the water. If the shots didn't get him, he drowned."

2/15/2010 #100
Phoebe Powers

Alice shook her head. "No, I cannot believe that. I learned from my uncles that nothing is certain unless you find the body and you can see that the person is dead."

((That is true. So how should I bring my actress in over in the Hollywood thread?))

2/15/2010 #101
J.A. Fletcher

((Just have her wandering around a studio or something. Maybe MGM.))

"Okay, maybe by some chance he is alive. But what can he do?"

2/15/2010 #102
Phoebe Powers

"If he is alive I have a feeling that he will be after both of us. I am witness to what he has done and you shot him. He won't just let this go and I...he won't just target us; he will target those we care about as well. It is no longer safe here, at least not until we know that he is actually dead."

2/15/2010 #103
J.A. Fletcher

"Okay, listen, Alice." Clyde said. "I'll make a deal with you. You don't rat about what I did, and I'll protect you. Sort of like a guard."

2/15/2010 #104
Phoebe Powers

"If I wanted protection I would have it already. I honestly have no desire to be a part of all of this...the dirty police, the gangs...I just want to have a nice normal life."

2/15/2010 #105
J.A. Fletcher

"Well you took a wrong turn somewhere-" He coughed. "and got into the dirty business, sister. Now you have mobsters on your tail."

2/15/2010 #106
Phoebe Powers

"I was only meeting a man who just happened to be a detective to go to dinner. I did not plan on any of this."

2/15/2010 #107
J.A. Fletcher

"Well, you're in the thick of it now, and they're going to be gunning for you. Whoever this detective is-he brought a lot of trash with him."

2/15/2010 #108
Phoebe Powers

"The detective was Joe Whalen. He's dead now, which is how I ended up in this mess to begin with."

2/15/2010 #109
J.A. Fletcher

Clyde clicked his tongue.

"Sad...such a pretty girl in a fix like this."

2/15/2010 #110
Phoebe Powers

Alice sighed. "I just want normalcy. I wish there was a way to go back and change the events of today."

2/15/2010 #111
J.A. Fletcher

"There ain't no way, sister."

2/15/2010 #112
Phoebe Powers

"I know that, but I still wish there was."

2/15/2010 #113
J.A. Fletcher

"So go, then." Clyde said. "If you don't want my help."

2/15/2010 #114
Phoebe Powers

"How do I know I can trust you, especially after you basically took me straight to the guy who wants to kill me?"

2/15/2010 #115
J.A. Fletcher

"Because I don't want to get tossed in jail."

2/15/2010 #116
Phoebe Powers

"If I told anyone about this, I wouldn't go to the police," Alice said. "I can think of a few things worse than jail."

2/15/2010 #117
J.A. Fletcher

"I suppose I discredited the police."

2/16/2010 #118
Phoebe Powers

"I would love to believe that the police are the ones enforcing the law but we both know that is not the case. These past few years this city has been overrun by other more powerful organizations." She paused and stood there for a few moments. "For now I plan on saying nothing about what happened."

2/16/2010 #119
J.A. Fletcher

"I know it was hard for you." Clyde said, his expression softening in pity.

2/17/2010 #120
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