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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Phoebe Powers

Alice turned to the door as two men came in. "Can I help you with something?" she asked.

10/23/2010 #211
J.A. Fletcher

One of them pulled out a little silver badge. "We're from the Bureau of Investigation, ma'am." He said.

10/23/2010 #212
Phoebe Powers

Alice nodded. "All right. Then can I assume you are here about what happened earlier?"

10/23/2010 #213
J.A. Fletcher

"Pardon us, nurse, but we would like to speak with Mr. Barton alone. I'm sure he won't need a nurse for a few minutes."

10/23/2010 #214
Phoebe Powers

"I'm sorry, sir, but I'm not leaving Clyde right now."

10/23/2010 #215
J.A. Fletcher

The detective laughed incredulously. "Nurse, I'm afraid you don't have a choice. I know it's your duty and all, but your patient is going to be fine with us."

Clyde could not see the men, but he tried to crane his neck to look. "What do you fellows want? I didn't do anything."

10/23/2010 . Edited 10/23/2010 #216
Phoebe Powers

Alice stared back at him. "I am off-duty right now, and have been ever since Clyde came to pick me up this afternoon, right before his car was shot up. And I'm not going to leave him now because in the past several weeks the both of us have been through far too much, including having to deal with dirty cops. So you'll have to excuse me if I say that I am staying."

10/23/2010 . Edited 10/24/2010 #217
J.A. Fletcher

((Phoebes! I missed you oh so much!!))

"You're his girl?" The detective asked.

10/23/2010 #218
Phoebe Powers

((Sorry. I went to a concert so I was gone most of the day.))

"Do you have a problem with that?" she replied.

10/24/2010 #219
J.A. Fletcher

((How was it?))

"No, we don't have a problem." The detective replied.

10/24/2010 #220
Phoebe Powers

((It was amazing.))

"Good. Then I am staying here."

10/24/2010 #221
J.A. Fletcher

((What kind of a concert was it?))

"Listen." The detective said. "This is government business. We can cuff you right here."

10/24/2010 #222
Phoebe Powers

"And if you will be discussing the events of the past couple weeks, then I am a witness and it would be foolish to make me leave."

((It was a metal concert. Threat Signal, Hatesphere, Blackguard, Warbringer, and Nevermore.))

10/24/2010 #223
J.A. Fletcher


"Wait. You were there?"

10/24/2010 #224
Phoebe Powers

Alice simply looked at him. "I believe I have stated that twice now, sir."

10/24/2010 #225
J.A. Fletcher

"Women." The detective said to his partner. "Listen, ma'am, you don't tell us how to run things around here."

10/24/2010 #226
Phoebe Powers

"Considering how everything seems to have escalated in these past weeks, it is obvious that they way you are running things just isn't good enough anymore. I'm not trying to tell you how to do your jobs but right now you aren't exactly doing much."

10/24/2010 #227
J.A. Fletcher

"Get this dame outta here." The detective said to his partner. The other fellow grabbed Alice by the arm.

10/26/2010 #228
Phoebe Powers

Alice glared up at him. "You will release me."

10/26/2010 #229
J.A. Fletcher

"Come on, sweetheart." The detective pulled her out of the room.

10/26/2010 #230
Phoebe Powers

"What do you think you are doing?" Alice asked. "This is utterly ridiculous."

10/26/2010 #231
J.A. Fletcher

The detective closed the door. "No, what's ridiculous is that a woman is trying to tell us how to do our jobs."

10/26/2010 #232
Phoebe Powers

"If you did them better then I would have no reason to say anything. The mobs are out of control now. I have been shot and now it seems that Clyde and I are being hunted down. I never imagined that I would be involved in anything like this and now I don't even feel safe at work."

10/26/2010 #233
J.A. Fletcher

((When was Alice shot?))

"We'll talk to you, but my partner also has to talk to Clyde Barton."

10/26/2010 #234
Phoebe Powers

((When Tony went to Joe's Detective Agency and shot the place up.))

Alice sighed. "Don't take this as me telling you how to do your job, but you could be a little more polite."

10/26/2010 #235
J.A. Fletcher

((Oh yeah. I still don't remember. I'll go look it up.))

"Polite, sister?" The detective replied with a chuckle. "Polite. Ha."

10/26/2010 #236
Phoebe Powers

"Yes, polite. People tend to be more receptive and willing to answer questions or help if you are polite to them."

10/26/2010 #237
J.A. Fletcher

"They either answer, or I make them talk, sister."

10/26/2010 #238
Phoebe Powers

"I do not see how that is very effective."

10/26/2010 #239
J.A. Fletcher

"Did I ever tell you that you can sound like a real bitch?"

10/26/2010 #240
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