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1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
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Danielle Thamasa

"I...I am not ready for that. I thought you understood that."

4/6/2009 . Edited 4/6/2009 #31
disused account

"What's there to consiter?" he sneered, tugging her by the wrist.

(Poor Gemma!

4/6/2009 #32
Danielle Thamasa

She pulled away from him. "Kevin, stop."

4/6/2009 #33
disused account

He froced thier lips together.

4/6/2009 #34
Danielle Thamasa

She pushed herself away from him. "Stop it!"

4/6/2009 #35
disused account

His powerful arms pulled her back. 'No."

4/6/2009 #36
Danielle Thamasa

She stared up at him. "Let go of me!"

4/6/2009 #37
disused account

He tore at the fabric of her dress. "Ever snice that day a the wedding I've needed you.."

4/6/2009 #38
Danielle Thamasa

She squirmed and tried to push away from him. "No! Kevin, stop!"

4/6/2009 #39
disused account

He ripped it away. "Yes!"

Hearing the shouting match, Al banged on the door. "WHat's going on?!

4/6/2009 #40
Danielle Thamasa

"Get away from me!" she yelled.

4/6/2009 #41
disused account

His hands traced her body. 'Oh I've waited for this!"

Al, jiggled the door. "Gemma?!"

4/6/2009 #42
Danielle Thamasa

She tried to shove his hands away. "Alan!"

4/6/2009 #43
disused account

He began kissing down her chest.

Al kicked the door open and slamed a punch into his skull.

4/6/2009 #44
Danielle Thamasa

Gemma moved away from both of them, wrapping her arms around herself, feeling very conscious of the fact that Kevin had ripped her clothes.

4/6/2009 #45
disused account

"Are you alright?, Gemma? Did he hurt you?" he said his face flushed with worry.

4/6/2009 #46
Danielle Thamasa

She looked at him, shaking slightly. "I...I think I'm...fine...I just want...to change my clothes and...and get away from him..."

4/6/2009 #47
disused account

"I know hun," he said. "I'll wait here, then take you home."

4/6/2009 #48
Danielle Thamasa

She nodded and went to grab her bag and take it to the bathroom so she could change into clothes that were complete.

A few minutes later she returned wearing a green dress. "I'm ready. Can we go now?"

4/6/2009 #49
disused account

"Yes, Gemma." He opened the car door for her. "You need to tell your father right away.

4/6/2009 #50
Danielle Thamasa

She shook her head. "No, you know what he would do. I don't think I can do that."

4/6/2009 #51
disused account

"He has ti know."

4/6/2009 #52
Danielle Thamasa

"I...I'm scared to."

4/6/2009 #53
disused account

"Look, any man who does that has to pay."

4/6/2009 #54
Danielle Thamasa

Slowly she nodded. "Will you stay with me then?"

4/6/2009 #55
disused account

He patted her hand. "I'm always here, Gemma, you know that."

4/6/2009 #56
Danielle Thamasa

"Thank you," she said softly.

4/6/2009 #57
disused account

"What friends are for."

4/6/2009 #58
Danielle Thamasa

"How long will it take to get home?"

4/6/2009 #59
disused account

"An hour."

4/6/2009 #60
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