What's a friend?
I'm just wondering, what's YOUR definition of a friend?
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My definition of a friend is someone who puts up with me and spends time with me because they want to. I'd do anything for my friends because even if they're not really close, they're still there, and I really appreciate that.
12/19/2007 #1
1/7/2008 #2
My definition of a friend is someone who will be there for you without wanting anything back for it.
1/12/2008 #3
Yeah. Someone who gives to you because they want to. When you give, you feel good about it because you just made someone feel good. It's like the quote "What's the purpose of life but to make it easier on each other?" or something like to that.
1/12/2008 #4
Elizabeth White
My definition of a friend is someone who is willing to lay it on the line for you, someone who is willing to lose it all so you can go on and vice-versa. I know that sounds deep, but I'm a deep person.
2/16/2008 #5
The deeper, the better.
2/17/2008 #6
konban wa My definition of a friend: A friend is someone who will cry for the sole reason that she knows you're hurting. It's someone who will love you even when she's pissed as hell. It's someone who - after having been away from each other for a year - will return, and your relationship will pick up right where it left off. A friend is like a sister or brother... except not biological. :)
2/20/2008 #7

My definition of a friend :

Is some one that was always there for you and never turn their back on you ever. A person that you can trust to be by your side with out worrying.

(I have many definitions of a friend)

4/11/2008 #8

My definition of a friend is someone who doesn't care what they look like around you, who just wants to be with you for the sake of being with you.

4/14/2008 #9

konban wa

Someone who doesn't care what he/she looks like around you, yes... and also someone in front of whom you can be yourself without worrying what that person might think.

4/14/2008 #10

What are your other definitions?

4/14/2008 #11

I'm guessing you're not talking to me, right? Because I have no other definitions... I don't think I do, anyway. I just make them up as I think of them. (That makes no sense.)

What do I consider a friend? I consider someone a friend if they push you, even when you don't want to be pushed. But at the same time, they know when not to push. They know when it's important that you're left alone. Then again, if you think you want to be left alone, there are times when you are wrong -- a good friend, a close friend, knows when those times are. She'll force you to open up, and afterwards you'll feel grateful to her for it.

A good friend is someone who will cry with you to be sure. But people tend to forget: a good friend will LAUGH with you, too. It's not just about the sad times; it's about the happy ones as well.

4/14/2008 #12

No I wasn't talking to you, but it's nice to hear from you too. =D Yeah, friends push you to be better. To help you.

But no one's mentioned someone that's like them. I have a friend that's like me, except for the fact that he's a guy. We look and act alike, and people blame me for using his sayings, even though they don't blame him for using mine. People think I'm monotonous and copy other people. *glares at them evily* Anyone have a friend that's like you?

4/14/2008 #13

Yes yes yes in every single way! Basically, it's like if one of us leaves the room without the other, we get an electric shock. And if one of us is absent for a single day, the other goes crazy. (We are both girls.) But what's really creepy is that me and my friend have the same middle name. Spoooky.

4/15/2008 #14

konnichi wa

No, I don't have any friends that are so similar to me. I've got different friends who are similar to different parts of me. But mostly we're all very different... and that's, I believe, what makes us such great friend. I don't know if I would like someone who's so similar to me. I don't always like myself very much. ;-) Anyway, I hate basing friendships on how you're similar. That's what starts up racism and prejudice and that sort of thing.

4/15/2008 #15

Flight of the fire: wow. that is scary. And welcome to fictionpress!

painted.music: I don't base friendship on how I'm similar to them, it's just that my friends are like me. I think it's weird that the people around me are like me. Even my pets are like me, even though when I got them, they weren't. O.o It's kinda scary. Propoganda, maybe? We all rub off on each other?

4/15/2008 . Edited 4/15/2008 #16
Alice Blake LeFevre

A friend is someone who will listen to a dumb dream you had or that will ask someone out for you, and bake you cookies when they say no. A friend will tell you if there is a rumor about you, and they will get to the bottom of it. A friend will let you talk about someone you will never see again, but are so in love with, even though they don't really care. A friend will talk, listen, yell, scream, shout, stomp, hug, cry, stay up with, call, and make crappy cookies with you.

4/16/2008 #17

For me...I can define friends as...uh...he should be there for you whether in good and bad times...share your sadness...always give a helping hand...willing to give up his/her happiness for your sake...comforts you when you're sad...cheer you up when you're down...and stay with you...

I'll tell you one thing...it's not about how long you've been friends or he/she is always with you...it's about trust and friendship you earned to keep your relationship...And besides, even if he/she is far away from you...even if you can't see each other, as long as you keep him/her in your heart, he/she will always be with you... : )

5/6/2008 #18
Ethan Liao

Friend: Someone who you can trust and watches your back in times of trouble; someone who sticks up for you in times of need; someone who assists you in times of desperation.

5/7/2008 #19

konnichi wa

My friend just suffered a terrible tragedy in her family. Me being a good friend means that I hug her and hold her and cry with her, even though I'm afraid because I don't want to say the wrong thing. I have no idea what to say to her, but I swallow that fear so that she won't have to be alone at such a time. That's part of being a friend.

5/7/2008 #20

When a friend is upset, all we can really do is be there. Ultimaltely, no one can fix our problems for us, but we need support from friends to help us through it.

5/7/2008 #21
Ventus Shadows

Mine is someone who will protect you, and will let you drag them places.

5/22/2008 #22
Amber Laurel

A friend is someone who chooses to be with you for you. Not your money, not your status, not your stuff, but yourself. And you feel the same way to them. They will do what you want, and you will do what they want. You'll know what's best for eachother, and always be there. You'll know when to be the shoulder to cry on, or if you need to give them some space. This, is true friendship.

5/29/2008 #23

konnichi wa

I agree with you in some aspects, but I disagree about others. I don't think a friend necessarily knows what's best for you and vice versa. They can be completely clueless about what's right. What's important is that they try to do what's best for you... even if it turns out badly.

But all we're talking about, all we keep saying -- it's all very vague and flowery, you know? I feel like... "Yeah, okay, always be there for my friends. Sure. ... Now what?" Does that make sense? Sure, I know to help my friend cry, help her laugh, say the right things to make her feel better -- but how? And what if doing so hurts, really hurts me. Who should I deal with first? Should I completely neglect myself and tend to my friend? Is that what a true friend is? Because then that person... she should help me more than herself, right? So while I'm tending to her, she tends to me? It's just... all very confuzzling sometimes.

5/29/2008 #24

Friends push you to do what they think is best for you. Sometimes they want their friends to be better than themselves, so they push so hard that they punch/slap, even though it only causes lost respect and turns them into cruel hypocrites. But then, they aren't true friends, are they?

I guess true friends are only true friends when they have true friends.

5/30/2008 #25

cakenoodle -- how do you mean? Can't I be a true friend even if a person doesn't reciprocate that feeling?

5/30/2008 #26

I meant that if a true friend doesn't get what they give, they'll eventually get tired of being a nice person and give what they're getting, and the relationship is ruined, but not always beyond repair. Some true friends continue to be nice, even though they're tired of not getting anything in return, and they become kinda like a door mat for their friend to wipe their shoes on and stomp all over.

5/30/2008 . Edited 5/30/2008 #27

konban wa

*sigh* Unfortunately, that I understand. =(

5/31/2008 #28

I know how it feels to be a doormat, too. All too well... T.T

6/1/2008 #29

you know what?...if you're really a true friend to her, anything you will do and did to her makes sense...if you think it's nonsense, well it's you're problem...and you know, what i've said "give up happiness for his/her own sake" means not totally leaving your own body...thats a part of friendship...you should understand that...

and she should help you more than herself??...part of friendship is HELPING EACH OTHER, right?...what if she really needs you?are you going to turn your back on her because she wasn't able to help you when you needed her most?...

and besides..."always be there for my friends. Sure..Now what??"...you know, if you're just keep on saying it without any action, i think your question"does that make sense?", the right answer for that is YES...

6/1/2008 #30
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