What's a friend?
I'm just wondering, what's YOUR definition of a friend?
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How DO you know? Any opinions?

I don't think it's that they show that they care. Sometimes, it just comes out. I also don't think it's because they will die for you, because honestly, I've met people who would die for ANYBODY. (As long as they're worth dying for.) Innocent bystanderd? Count me in. Despicable murderer? Maybe not. Depends. Friend? Yes. I would. Everytime.

It's a bit selfish, but I'm willing to sacrafise for some in every day life, but not for some. Like this one guy I just met. Again. Like, reconnected with. I probably won't be willing to go out of my way to, say, read a book I don't really like. Or write a topic I don't like. But I'd at least TRY (because the book is boring) for this one other girl. And it sounds as if yet another girl would NOT do the same, but she's willing to do things we have in common with.

And I... I figured out not too long ago... That I needed to live a life without ppl. I mean, not avoid others, but if they're not there, I WON'T care. Or, at least, I'll try not too. Recently, I've realized the same thing all over. Weell, something different, but sort of the same. I've realized that it doesn't matter if someone likes me, or not. I can still like them without them liking me. There are people in this world who are TRULY happy, but know that the people they like don't like them back, yet continue to hang out with them. So, I'm going to TRY to be like that.

There's this one girl. She and I have SOOOOO much in common. We don't talk that much. I like her, and I TRULY think she likes me. But I think she'll NEVER like me as much as she likes her other friends, simply because I'm some girl from the internet. However, I am content with this. For the most part.

This other girl. She and I don't have much in common. We talk a lot. We mostly just talk about these two characters from her series. There's nothing else to talk about, simply because our lives are mundane. (We do occasionally talk of other things, though. I make SURE of it!) I started out as a fan. Sometimes, I think she just might think I like her just because I like her story. :( That's NOT true!! I like her simply because... Well, it's stupid, but because we've known each other and talked to each other a long time, and I'll take any excuse to PM her again. (Not that we don't talk about fun stuff, 'cause we do. :P) I want her to know it's because of THAT. I'd stick around and try to get into something that she's into, even if she DID write something different!! (Although... I don't know if she'd do the same. Then again, she's already read a story of mine, just because I asked her...) And whenever I'm gone for more than a day, she misses me. :) One time, she thought I was mad at her, and I thought she was mad at me. I thought she'd never want to speak to me again! I prepared myself for the worst, but I still... Then, I was sooo glad when she wasn't mad. And she was glad.

Do you think they're BOTH my friends? I truly think they both are, to an extent, but I don't think... Like, I don't know if they'll always be there. Before I even came to this site, I wondered what... All the time. Worried about people. Now, I live for myself. It's better that way. (That's also why I've gotten so far as a writer. I don't care if ANYONE comments on my work, ANYMORE!!!!)

I am NOT pathetic. Don't get that idea. I do not need people, only want. You can share in my world, or not. THAT'S what that means!!!

BTW, I've tried "testing" people before. Like, that one episode of Nana where the girl breaks her shoe. The guy goes back to save her, and ends up late for work in the process. Later, she tells him she did it on purpose. She wanted to know. I've done things SIMILAR to that. Sometimes, people fail. A lot of times. I think that means they aren't ready. Or that they're not perfect. Nobody is. I haven't done anything like THAT yet, though. (I've just been lied to in the past. Nothing too major. Sometimes, I've even ASKED if ppl were my friends, but they lied to me. I could tell. I'm not naive. I'm a human lie dector, by now. I've HAD to become one. Even caught my most recent friends in lies. Though I haven't told them.)

But how do you TRULY know if someone's your friend? I would just want to know. And how can I show them that they're MY friends? I thought about making them birthday poems...

Should I ask? Should I wait? Wait for a while, then ask? Is asking stupid? Would I just disapoint myself?

BTW, the second person is coming on a trip to where I live. I asked if she wanted to see me. She said no. It's because she's "shy". Is she lying? Does she not want to see me in person? Does she just want to keep it web-based? I don't care even if she won't speak at all when she comes, just if she shows up. It would mean a lot.

I know. I said I wouldn't worry. I'll try. Funny. I went to ask for help on another site. Saw ppl with far worse issues and got better for a bit. Maybe I'm just venting. I seem to know already. But how could I ever know?

I might delete this topic, later. If I can.

7/17/2012 #1
Different ways. You are right Bout the "I would die for them." approach. Dose the person know about you? Do they talk to you and actually have some conprehension of your conversation? Would they go along with an idea that they find silly anyway just because they care about you? Can you be yourself around them? My definition of a friend is someone who answers yes to all of these questions.
12/22/2012 #2

Or someone who doesn't care if you can't talk to them for a second but will just sit as you work on things. Lately I haven't really been happy. I fake it and I'mm sick of it. But, I can't do anything about it anymore. My bird was my best friend and he died four years ago.

6/25/2013 #3

You know if you are a friend if you like the person and would like to help them out. You know if they are a friend if they are willing to be there for you no matter what.

7/7/2014 #4
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