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Torn and Tattered
I just wanted to start SOMETHING! i needed to or this would be a useless forum. I would like to talk about a story by... EmoAssassin. Her story is currently called When the Rain Turned White (but she has told me several times that it's subject to change). It's about an average teenage girl in the near future, who, through a series of bizarre events, is forced to become something she wasn't before. And with all odds, the fate that springs from it. And so, please read it. please post more fantasy stories that you like to recommend to others! *TAD*
10/24/2006 #1
Fan Fan
Hey, I hate to sound more than just recommending...but I have really come to love this fantasy rpg I come to play, where players makes the stories and live them with their characters in a medevil world. The players there make many stories from the experiences they encounter with their characters in the world..and it is wonderful. You can build your own towns, buildings, even lay each stone and plank for the people, train from people,'s the free browser version of final fantasy or world of warcraft combined. Please take just a minute and check it out :) You can come to find inspiration for many stories there. For some sample writings of events that have happened in the game, look at my own story list :)
10/24/2006 #2
Torn and Tattered
okay, sounds good. the next free chance i get i will. thanks a lot!!! *TAD*
10/25/2006 #3
Gabriel El Jibaro
Well, I've also come up with this little story, but I'm not sure about publishin it... it's called "The Philanthropist", and it's about a boy who comes across a strange book about a land where sinful people are cast to and cursed to be monsters... suddenly, while reading the book, he falls asleep, and has a strange dream... and is soon casted into the doomed land; it is mostly empty, except for some scattered shrines, houses, and remains of what seemed to be cities, which means there were people here for some time... Sure enough, he comes across a temple where he meets the first demon: a man with a knife stuck across his heart, and his head beaten in... scared out of his mind, Michael takes the knife from the man, and ultimately kill him while trying to defend himself... at the temple, he finds a tiny shrine... like a garden... where there are about a dozen people on stone tables... they look normal, almost angelic... but they're all dead... If you think the concept is good enough, I guess I'll just write it... Dios te bendiga, comai/compai, Gabriel El Jibaro
10/26/2006 #4
Torn and Tattered
Sounds interseting, don't mind me asking but how does the title represnt the story? I'm just curious. You told about the story in the other forum and in tis one, but it sounds very interseting. It'd be a good read. When you write it, be sur to let me know and I'll take a look at it.
10/28/2006 #5
Hi, I wrote a story that I'm very proud of. It's called Urf, and it's about an average Joe (literally) who has a heart attack, wakes up with the Grim Reaper standing over him, and the Reaper tells him he's his father. He goes to an alternate dimension called Urf where there's all kinds of weird stuff. I'm really hokey when it comes to doing short summaries...sorry. It's a lot better than I make it sound, though. At least, I think so. Ah well. I finished book 1 and am currently working on book 2, if you feel like taking a look. It would mean a lot. I want to get it published some day, so feedback from anyone is greatly appreciated! Thanks! -Mad
11/1/2006 #6
Sorry, don't know how I posted twice. That was odd.
11/1/2006 #7
Torn and Tattered
it's okay, don't worry about it, thanks for posting *tad*
11/2/2006 #8
I definitely reccomend my friends' story Inside, Looking Out. It may not be the best story out there, but they've gone to a lot of work on it, and not many people seem to be reading it. I helped them a little with the planning of it, and I can tell you that it's got a great plotline to it. Now, I'm not going to come after you and murder you if you don't read it, or if you DO and leave them a bad review because you don't like it. But I will ask you to give it a chance and not to flame. You all seem like nice people, anyway, so I don't think you WOULD, but you never know on this Internet.... So, their story is called Inside, Looking Out, written by my two friends, Megan and Amanda, under the penname Variable X. Here's the summary: When Aveline Sasine travels to Cataria to live with her uncle, she uncovers a conspiracy that could ruin the country she comes to love. With Odette, her tutor and friend, she will learn to control and use her fantastical powers to help the people of Cataria and those she loves. A tale of betrayal, drama and a conspiracy that could be the end of all the peace and harmony in Evaren, a world of supernatural wonder. Add a little Romance into the mix, and we've got ourselves a thought-out plot for a terrific story ;) And, well, that's enough advertising for them XD So... I'll be off now! Goota update my own stories before people think I'm dead....
11/4/2006 #9
Torn and Tattered
i'll get to it the next second i get... after i get to like 10 other people's stories that asked me first. lol, 'll take a look at it soon. thanks for posting! *TAD* p.s. keep in mind to never judge your stories by their status on fp, it's not accurate. really it's luck and who u know.
11/4/2006 #10
Shadow Whirlwind
Err.. I have this story up, it's called Destiny. About a girl who discovers that her destiny lies not on earth... but in another dimension. I'm planning to publish this one day, is you could look at it when you've got the time...
11/4/2006 #11
Torn and Tattered
okay, i finally got time and i'm going through people's stories right now. thanks for posting! *TAD*
11/5/2006 #12
Hey, I recently joined the site and I am now able to post stories. I want feedback on my short stories, but I am not sure how to ask for it. Any tips for getting stories read??
11/6/2006 #13
Torn and Tattered
hey! I'm glad u joined. Well one way to get people to review is to have creative and appealing summeries that interest the readers. second, it is to review other people's stories and usualy they will come back and review urs... well that's usually what i do. well, and always put at the bottom "review" or something like that. join a c2 to benefit and advertise ur stories (if u want u can join mine... i'd be happy to send you a request) An uh....... i don't know what else. Forums like this one work as well. And... just keep writing and eventually you will have people that come back to read ur stories becuz they like it. Good luck! *TAD*
11/6/2006 #14
Serom Kim
My friend Whit5000 is writing a story called World Saviors. It's really good and if you give him advice, he'd appreciate it.
11/14/2006 #15
Hey...this whole thread seems to be about promotion - shamless self promotoion or otherwise - so I don't feel so bad about this. Please, please, please read this [s:2276869:Little Black Butterfly] Its one I started over two years ago, have had on FP a couple of times, have removed a couple of times but keep going back to and changing around. I've put a lot of effort into it. Its not complete yet, nor is all I do have of it up on FP yet but there is more then a taste there. Its one I was unsure if I should put in Fantasy or Supernatural... To summarize shortly: 5 teenage band members, deeply and mysteriously connected, thrown together by fate, and thrown into another world. A world unfamiliar to all but one of them...Music + Romance + Power + Seduction + Magic + Fear + Deceit... Short chapters, not a long read. Text is often interspersed with song lyrics (This isn't without point) Please give it a go. I always give reviews in return, and my reviews consist of more then a couple of words...
11/20/2006 #16
Torn and Tattered
i read it (hopefully you've seen) and i liked it. i encourage others to read it. well that's all i have to say. GingerKiss, continue to write, don't give up on it. *TAD*
11/20/2006 #17
Tavarius Stayner
So... I think I'd like to recommend a story I'm in the process of writing. Although I need to know if I should break it down even further into more manageable chunks for reading, seeing as how the first chapter is about 4,200 words. It's called "Unquenchable: Of Death And The Life Thereafter", its URL being (It seems my computer won't let me add a Story Link for some odd reason). It's about a depressed boy in a corrupt American town who considers suicide, but is saved from thoughts of loneliness by a phone call from his best friend. Afterwards, he meets a girl who ends up bringing him into the world of vampires. By the end of the story, it should all come together as an allegory of sorts into some of my views on human choice and consequences of their actions. My friends are fans of the writing and I'm hoping to get some good reviews and critique to make it better. The second chapter is going to take ages to get down though... But anyways, I would much appreciate it if some read my story and shared their thoughts. I'll be sure to read and review the stories already recommended here!
12/2/2006 . Edited 12/2/2006 #18
Torn and Tattered
oy, sounds good... if you want to enter a story link you have to enter the story link ^^, but i bet you knew that.... I have two stories i wanna put up here because apparently some people do read recommended stories... (other than me, because i try to read everyones...) About a group of 'immortals' that were banished from the regal city because they were feared and fated to live eternity as outcasts. Their fate was left untouced until a startling discovery triggers the unevitable. Is about a princess of an enemy city, Adritn, the cit of Angels, sent on a mission to a place called Ganshen, the city of Ashes. She fell for the one person that she was forbidden not to fall for. After she realizes exactly who he is, she can't pull away from him. Slowly, things become more than themselves and erupts into more than they know. Can it stop an inevitable war? *TAD*
12/2/2006 #19
I have a story that I'm having trouble getting reviews for. It's called "Awake" (a working title) and I would really love to get some feedback. I would hate to keep writing only to find out later that I've been doing something really badly the whole time.
2/10/2007 #20
Torn and Tattered
I tried finding Awake so many times, but never found it. either i'm blind or there's something weird going on there.
3/29/2007 #21
I actually changed the title of "awake" to "Rising truth." Sorry about that. I'm actually taking a break from it at the moment, but please still tell me what you think.
3/29/2007 #22
Torn and Tattered
.....that makes finding it easier.
3/30/2007 #23
Torn and Tattered
and i just realized i can't get to it today... i'll start reading it soon though ^^
3/30/2007 #24
I hate to put down a shameful plug, but the story I'm working on hasn't gotten many reviews and I'd really appreciate it if someone reviewed it. [s:2350333:Birds of a Feather]
7/30/2007 #25
Well I want to know what others think about my story, entitled [s:2418886:Glidas]. I want some frank opinions or feedbacks from others. ^^
10/9/2007 #26
I would ask you to read one of my stories, but the only one worth anything isn't up anymore. Instead I'm going to suggest that you read some of Alfsigesey's stuff. I haven't read her newest stories, but The Trinket and Castle Mirrors are both really good. Castle Mirrors is "Beauty and the Beast, on acid." The Trinket is a lot like a fairy tale, but different. They're both really good. If any of you have time and are interested, just make your way to her page and I'm sure that she'd be happy to get some reviews.
11/1/2007 #27

oh oh Theres this story That jsut went up called The Dog King the author is Lorki. Its very good, if not a little complicated. take a look at it

5/22/2008 #28

If you like fantasy, you may like supernatural. Read "Grandpa" by Beast King.

5/29/2008 #29
Ashelin Efflorescence

I dunno if anyone's still here, but I have something to recomend.

The Thing About Conspiracies by SnowCookie

"I don't know what I'm doing here. I don't seem to know much of anything anymore. But I do know that dreams don't give you scars. I do know that Haru doesn't have an evil twin.

I do know that I met a homicidal maniac last night."

7/21/2008 #30
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