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Well I guess this is a place to post about stories you'd like to tell so here it goes. I'm 16 and I work at a Mcdonalds so naturally I see a lot of people come in and out day by day, which for the most part is only natural. Anyhow there is one person that really catches my eye. From what I can tell he's pretty old, maybe seventies or eighties, nothing abnormal about that but, whats interesting is his clothing. Before I'd ever seen him I had been told stories about a man in town that wore his deceased mothers clothes. I almost didn't believe it until I saw him, sure enough he was wearing womens clothes, now I'm not sure that they are his mothers but everyone claims that they are. The man seems nice enough and stops by at least once a day for breakfast and what not. But anyhow I think that this man would make a great story to tell about, not to poke fun at but to tell the story of a man who showed such devotion to his mother that he would wear her clothes to keep her remembered. Maybe I'm crazy but then again, who knows. That's it really. -Matt (JokersKurse)
4/24/2007 #1
That's very sweet, and odd. I've never heard of something like that. I'll look forward to a story like that. Contact me if you're going to such a story. And also, you're not crazy.
4/28/2007 #2
Torn and Tattered
Awww, that's cute. And i've never heard of anything like that. It's really cute to be remembered by those who care. I'd like to see that story too, so tell us when you post it. TAD (Mel)
5/13/2007 #3
I think that man should be a side character. If he's the main, the story's gonna suck. (I mean no offense).
7/2/2007 #4
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