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Here is where you place the description of your character's biography! I must ask though to keep the character count at a minimum of one character per person and not to be harsh towards others for their ideas, thanks!
1/2/2008 #1
SasuNaru For life
Name:Haurka Uchiha Age:13 Gender:Female DOB(Date Of Birth):Febuary 14(Valentines Day) Bio:she is really nice to any one she meets.she thinks love is stupid but someone changes that.
3/28/2008 #2

sounds good for starters!

8/3/2008 #3
Marih Dimitri

har bio:

Name: Entay

Age: 25 (over 800 years old)

Occupation: Master Vampire/Father,husband to Chelsey


Entay is the oldest out of the two vampires. He is ruthless and cunning. He thinks his plans out and shifts his plans whichever the situation turns. He is constantly reprimanding his younger brother, Mashenka, due to his implusive nature. Entay will never hurt a woman and treats them with respect. He does tend to have a short temper but keeps it under control. He is not to be taken lightly, since he has the ability to kill a man in less than 5 seconds.

8/3/2008 #4

^o^, ENTAY!! (glomps him) 3

8/3/2008 #5

Name: Annabel

Age: 19

DOB: 2/2/1990

Bio: Annabel had light red hair that looks almost orange at times. Annabel's about 5'2" which is short she's also skinny at 110. She's a demon (not all demons are bad and in this case she isn't) . She has the ability to control fire and to manifest it. She is much like fire it can be calm and soothing but you add the wrong thing (or say the wrong thing in her case) the fire burns brighter and hotter. In other words she has a temper.

1/7/2009 #6

She sounds pretty interesting!

4/3/2009 #7

Name: Nocturne (Noctie)

Gender: Female (just thought you might like to know)

Age: 17

Looks: About 5' 5" with dyed purple hair pulled into a ponytail and a beret. Wears long black cargo pants, black t-shirt and lots of necklaces. Lots of eye makeup

Likes dark and mysterious things. Secretly a romantic

Hates happy, bubbly people who get in her way

*no special powers or stuff, except very good with a dagger*

4/4/2009 #8
Elyon Bliss

Name: Jani

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Looks: 5' 4", black hair, blue eyes, Blue tank-top and blue-jean mini skirt. always barefoot.

Race: Vampire

Likes anyone, pretty-much, as long as they are nice.

Hates anything too bright.

*is good at archery, and with daggers and swords,*

4/21/2009 #9
Abbigail Cross

Name: Alenna McAllister



DOB(Date Of Birth):december, 12, 1993.

Bio: She's an elvin princess, who doesn't want the job. She's gone into the world of Mortals. She's been there for (her time) three years. (three months, human time) Soon, she's starting to fall for a Mortal who's letting her share his flat. When other elves start invading the Mortals world, Alenna must choose. Her new-found love, or a job as a dainty princess, that she's never wanted. alenna's life doesn't get easier when rogue elves start appearing in the Mortal Realm. Aleenna must fight her battles... and yes, that means returning.

*She's good with swords, elements, preferrably fire, and fighting. Alenna knows where she stands with the elves, but she must do her job.*

**She's just taken a detour (the RP)**

5/24/2009 #10

Interesting characters! Feel free to join in the rp at anytime!

7/9/2009 #11
Jade Lin Zheng


Name: Dani Evruli

Sex: Female

Race: Dragon Shape-Shifter/Mage

Age: 326

--Physical Appearance--

Hair: Short white hair that falls to the tops of her shoulders in scruffy layers.

Eyes: Silver and very slanted, though it changes depending on what dragon she last changed into. After a few hours they go back to her normal silver.

Height: 5'9"

Build: Slender and muscular.

Skin: Dark bronze.

Face: High cheekbones, pointed chin, and soft nose.


Possessions: Two hip-pouches that are magically enchanted to carry 200 lbs each. The left hip-pouch carries things related to her health such as food, a first-aid kit, bandages, water bottles, medicine, flint and stone, a blanket, a change of clothes, and a mending kit. The left hip-pouch carries everything else such as her twin daggers, money, spoils dropped from enemies, books, a map, a sharpening stone, and her armor when she's not wearing it. Her armor is just leather shoulder pads, and a leather covered steel plate about the size of her fist that covers her heart and is held in place by two leather straps.

Special Abilities: All that is known is that she can shape-shift into any kind of dragon, and use magic, but not quite sure what kind of magic.

Anything Else: Slightly paranoid.


I hope this works.

7/16/2009 #12

Name: Drenda Emora

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 20

Hair: Black, brown with hints of blond long, brushing her shoulder blades.


Height:5' 11"

Build: slender, curvy

Skin: Pale, appendages are grayish, looks sick.

Face: high cheekbones, large eyes, highly arched brows, heart shaped all together.

Clothing: Black trench coat, black tee shirt with ruffles around the collar, black dress pants and black heels is the outfit she usually wears.

Possessions: A small apartment and all inside it.

Abilities: She feels and hears all what people near death, or going through death feel. She also feels all the pain that someone feels. The latter is only after she has touched them, then she feels them form that point onward.

Other: Very depressed

DOB: 6/06/-- (since there is no specific year...)

Bio: She was born in Washington, where she grew up as a strange child, with an obsession with death. she had a normal childhood, as normal as a kid with a mental disorder. She currently has a boyfriend, but he is more of a stalker... she wants to get away from him, but can't since he is a whisp. Whisps are people who can turn into smoke, they also teleport. And there lies the problem. she can never run from him. He is not normally around, but when he comes he is very violent. Drenda only wishes for someone to take her away from him...

7/16/2009 . Edited 7/16/2009 #13
Gisei Kumo

Name: Ichirou (means one or son)

Gender: male (need at least one male in this.)

Personality:Reckless. Doesn't take others feelings into account. Is a water demon, only 'one' of his kind. Often acts like a playboy but really isn't. Easy going.

Looks: Tall, white, and handsome. He is ruffly 6,3 and has pale, blond hair. Wears leather coats with nothing underneath. Has matching leather pants.

Special Power: Can control peoples blood because it contains water.

12/17/2009 #14

A rather interesting bunch! This may turn out to be quite a role-play!

12/23/2009 #15
Jade Lin Zheng

Name: Cid Orion

Age: 21

Gender: Male

DOB(Date Of Birth): August 29

Bio: He's just a guy that's good with his hands, a little too good. He constantly draws trouble with the little gadgets he invents, and among his former friends he was know as Maniac. A little eccentric when it comes to his hobby, he's generally a laid-back guy cool with doing things at his own pace. Currently hiding from the government he resides in The Chinese District, working for a small ramen shop. He's also a great cook, but has a rather bad smoking habit.

12/23/2009 #16

Name: Tragedy DeVanio

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

DOB: 31/10/1991

Looks: Black hair in emo cut, ice-blue (sometimes changes to blood-red) eyes, pale skin. Cuts everywhere. Refuses to show his face.

Bio: Tragedy/Trae struggles through life, loveless and friendless. His parents died due to a vampire attack when he was two months old, making him not know his parents and being an orphan. He struggles through school, he is in Year 12. Trae is getting better though, but still is quiet, he only speaks when necessary.

1/26/2010 #17
Name: Chikoti Reynolds

Race: South African American (white)

Age: 18

Appearence: Tall and lean. Her skin is tanned and smooth. Her eyes are almond shaped, lined with thick lashes that brushes her cheek when she looks down. Her eyes are a warm brown. Her hair is long and thin, pin stright. It is ash blonde. She has scars on her arms, face, and neck that giver a wild look.

Backpack/purse:(list at least 2 things) Her bag is old and attered but she loves it. It holds a M-9 pistol and a bowie knife.

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 132 ibs

Personality: Adventerous, brave and protective. She loves making new friends but is wary around men.

Other: She was born in South Africa to a wealthy family. She was raised to be polite and proper, to hold a place in the family name. She has always been on the wild side. When she was 16, she was kidnapped by rebels and was put in the sex slave market. A man bought her and freed her, he was killed and she would never forget him. She found her way back to her parents but was tracked. Her dad hid her in the armoi, where she watched rebels brutally kill her parents. She ran out, barely escaping. People helped smuggle her out of the country. She learned to fight handle a gun.

3/1/2010 . Edited 3/1/2010 #18


Her simplified name is: Violet Titania-Sinclair

Her royal title is: Aine Tertia Rhyannon Eolande Nata Titania, Ambrosine, of the Seelie Court (Roughly translated Third born f*** queen, the pure maiden, Violet, who loves to dance, the immortal. Titania is a name passed down the Seelie royal line. Faeries names are very complicated.)


Half Human Half F***.




5' Pale skin that tans quickly, but she wears SPF 50 to prevent this. The dress she is wearing is 60s vintage: black lace with a thin slip that was open so that on her back, only the lace covered her. The sleeves were to her elbows and the neckline was oval shaped, revealing her collarboned. Wears only her a gold ring that she has had since birth (enchanted to always fit her) and her Grandmother's gold locket.


Large Almondish Gold with violet specks


Long black hair that falls in waves to lower back. Shines violet

Defining Feature:

Frequently gets intricate Henna tattoos on her back. Currently she has a cherry blossom tree and "strange" written in Chinese. Has an enchanted tattoo saying "fate" above her right hip bone.

Wings, when she wants them. Because she is of the royal line, she can make her wings appear and disappear at will. Wings are opalescent and very attractive as wings go.

Body type:



Smart, sarcastic, quick-witted, strong opinions, compassionate to a fault, sees the best in others, quirky, very sensitive emotionally because she is an empath. Tricky.


Half f***. Grandmother is the queen of the Seelie Court. Second in line for crown, even if she is half-human(fae royal lineage flow through the mother) Vegetarian. Very artistic. Obsessed with music. Dancer. Has the ability to lie because she is half human, though she is very honest. Her mother and father travel back and forth between realms.


Glamour , Empathy and emotional transference, Healing, trained in hand to hand combat.


Prolonged exposure to iron will weaken and make very sick and vulnerable, though can't kill her alone.

Her blood is more tempting to vampires than that of regular humans. Something about F*** blood.

6/4/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #19
eh-eh mykal

Name: Karsin Kareer Ambrosia Severson Alesa Collino. Goes by Kari for the most part, but several people call her by various names.

Age: 16

Species: Libishomen-Vampyre hybrid

Looks: Long white hair embeded with diamonds. ashen skin. eyes change color but retain a constant gold-like color which is called 'Karsin'; if the gold is not there, she is not herself. She's thin, yet filled out, and has a small tatoo on her hip of a small flower that is unknow on Earth.

Personality: Because Kari is half Libishomen (werewolf) she was a wicked temper; however her half Vampyre genes make her mostly calm. She doesn't anger easily because of this, but often fakes it to make people feel bad. She's generally a bubbly person who loves hugging, and making others feel happy.

Abilities: She can turn into a wolf, obviously. When she gets angry she will turn into a pure white wolf who leads the pack, whom she left. She can also morph at will, but rarely does. She can also read peoples minds, but chooses not to because someone took advantage of her through her thoughts. She has been learning to control fire, and can make a flame appear over her palm. Is able to close her mid off from mind readers.

Weaknesses: She can't stand it when someone reads her mind. She is deathly afraid of being taken advantage of and being trapped by men bigger than she is. She doesn't like telling people about herself in fear that her mind will open and be readable to other mind readers. She is also afraid of being weak.

Family Situation: only child; mother is dead; father is unknown; no other family. Travels by instinct and doesn't like to be in the same place for more than a week.

6/18/2010 #20

Name Asche (say Ash.ah)

Age in appearance/of death 19 years old

DOB 20/11/1710

Sex Female

Race Vampire

Height 5'2"

Weight/Build 100lbs/thin to the extreme

Eyes Green

Hair Purple (dyed) short cut to just above shoulders and usually spiked out

Skin Pale

Personality Asche was born in Germany in 1710, she was killed at 19 years old and changed into a vampire against her will. Asche didn't take kindly to the change and killed her sire almost as soon as she realized what happened to her and as soon as she was taught all she felt she could learn she killed him. But Asche is typically a nice girl, she drinks human blood she steals from blood donations at the nearest hospital, refusing to kill humans but not willing to drink animal blood which she considers swill and disgusting. Asche can go out in sunlight due to her Lapis Lazuli necklace with magically properties and has enlongated k-9s (fangs) that are retractable.

7/12/2010 #21
Vii Zee

Name: Aeloin (say A loin)

Age: 17

DOB: 26/03/1993

Sex: Male

Race: Assassin (This is from a story I have in development about the sub-races of humanity. There are Artists, Politicians, Assassins, Builders, etc...)

Orientation: Bisexual

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red

Skin: Tanned

Personality: Killer instinct, but very insecure. Tries to be as friendly as possible to anyone. He has a very short temper.

History: Aeloin was taken away by the Government to be trained when he was 13. Now he's been let loose as a failed experimnet, but he's still an assassin in his heart. He doesn't know where he came from, and only wishes to find someone to care for him now whether it be boy or girl.

8/2/2010 #22
Yuki Kuran

Hope this place is still functioning

Name: Tatiana Lee (Tally for short)

Gender: female

Race: mind walker

Age: 17


Abilities: all forms of mind control. She can see brainwave patters, sense emotions, read minds, etc.

Random: she has a pet ferret that follows her everywhere and likes to sit on her back or in her bag

Other: she had a tattoo of butterfly wings on her back

8/24/2010 #23

Name: Sve Flenish

Age: 15.5

Race:Chimera (half bat)

Sex: female

hair color: black

eye color: silver

personality: shes the quite girl who is always chasing after the fantasy boy. She doesnt get noticed alot, and she loves burgers.

weight: 115

height: 5'6

12/21/2010 #24

Name: Lilia

Age: 15

Background: She doesnt talk about her past, she only opens up to those she is close to

Appearance: Lilia is tall enough, and slenderish. She isnt like supermodel thin but you could tell she is athletic enough. Her hair is long and wavy, and a golden blonde color. She has silvery blue eyes and freckles.

Personality: She is very quiet, and secretive and mysterious. She is quick witted and perceptive.

10/27/2011 #25
Name: Midnight Shadows •Gender: Female •Age: 15 •Eye color: Depends on her mood •Hair: Black and odd natural blue streaks on both sides. Right side only half covers her eye • Appearance: Pale ( though it compliments her), Wears a jacket no matter the temperature, usually a black or blue shirt, jeans (Almost never a skirt or dress), Nike free-runs, never wears make up, 5 feet tall • Personality: Despite her dark appearance, she is shy,but if you can get through her emotional wall of steel, she is a loyal friend, kind, and you might as well call her madder than a hatter, but she does hide her emotions expertly at times no matter how close you are to her for she doesn't want anyone to worry about her. Past/History: Well, that's a mystery everyone has yet to crack. All everyone knows, is she's an pro at avoiding the topic.
11/10/2012 #26
Almost forgot, long extremely curly hair and thin in an athletic way.
11/10/2012 #27
Almost forgot, Long curly hair and thin in an athletic way, though she is not the sportsy type.
11/10/2012 #28
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