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(I'm not necessarily making a set time period. This makes it so people can use more of their imaginations during role-play, especially when it comes to things like weapons or clothing. Remember to play clean and fair! Enjoy!)
1/2/2008 #1
SasuNaru For life
Haruka walked through the park, [i]'It's boring by myself,'[/i] she thought
3/28/2008 #2

Jenna sat at a park bench, watching the small children run around. It reminded her of her brothers and sisters at home and she sighed, knowing she wasn't going to see them as often as she used to now that she was Kiber's mate. She looked down and stared at her hands clasped together in her lap. She wished she could have some time away from her life just for a little bit. It wasn't as if she didn't like her life with Kiber, she loved Kiber, but she felt as if her chance at living the way she wanted was yanked away suddenly.

7/27/2008 #3
Jade Lin Zheng

Dani was angry... Well, what else was new? She'd been angry for a little over a century when she lost contact with her mate-to-be. Her only friend had tried setting her up with guys but stopped after date number 8 nearly got eaten for groping her. Dani slowed her walk as she came to a park. The children laughed and squealed and a tear dropped from Dani's eye as she thought of what her future could've been with Vanir. She swiped away the tear angrily and stomped over to a bench. Being around little kids would force her to stop being angry, lest the parents call the police about an angry, shady person watching their kids.

7/16/2009 #4

Drenda walked along the side of the river in the park. The gray day poured sadness, as on rainy days, more wrists were cut, and drained into the river. A raindrop hit her head, each one, mingling with the tears which were almost always constant on her face. A gunshot she heard, from far away, yet it seemed right next to her. A thousand pains in her chest ripped through, and she felt another soul lost to the endless abyss.

She plopped down next to a shady figure, near the playground. Her arms were crossed, and a whisp of gray smoke followed her to the bench, seemingly taking a form on the ground.

7/20/2009 #5
Jade Lin Zheng

Dani could not ignore the person that now sat next to her. The aura was filled with constant sorrow, and just made her feel blue. 'It'd be best not to draw her attention to me' Dani remained silent as she continued to watch the kids play in the mud, while parents tried to usher their children under umbrellas and into cars.

7/20/2009 #6

Drenda glared at the pile of smoke sitting next to her. She felt a tremor of a cough echo through a young child's body as he made a whimper sound. The mother ushered him into the car, and more darkness spread around him as the child fell to the ground, coughing. The cold hearted mother simply scooped up the child and scolded him for falling in the mud.

"what a heartless..." Drenda bit her tongue, for she didn't want to swear in a child's ground of dreams.

7/20/2009 #7
Jade Lin Zheng

Dani heard the near swear and looked over to where the girl was glaring. Seeing the situation nearly growled, but clamped her mouth shut with an audible click. Staring hard at the child, she let what little healing magic she had ease the boy's pain as he disappeared from her sight. Slumping back against the bench, Dani sighed.

7/20/2009 #8

Drenda tore her gaze from the smoke, to the boy, who's death had been put off. Seeing the figure next to her, she turned her head and asked with her eyes.

7/20/2009 #9
Jade Lin Zheng

"I understand now... You're a Deathseer. I've heard of beings like you, but expected you to look a little more... out of the ordinary." Dani stretched and for a moment her visage flickered to reveal to the girl next to her, her true form. "Your aura is really making me feel like I'm in a blues bar after a bad break-up. Don't you ever have any happy thoughts?"

7/20/2009 #10

She nodded slowly. "They are few and far between. I find it difficult to find happiness when my life has been in the dumps for so long. It's worse when it rains." Drenda slumped and her Whisp stalker wrapped an arm around her as smoke, which she batted away.

7/20/2009 #11
Jade Lin Zheng

"The thing I hate most about rain, is that I can't fly unless I wanna get struck by lightning." Dani noticed the smoke creature, but disregarded it as she slumped into a more comfortable position.

7/20/2009 #12

Drenda allowed the smoke to wrap an arm around her. "Even though it rains steadily, doesn't mean there is lightning." She straightened her back and crossed her legs at her ankles.

7/20/2009 #13
Jade Lin Zheng

"Lightning is created by heat and friction, and if I fly too low, then the pain causes my wings to go numb, and if I fly with the clouds then I create that friction that makes lightning and I'll get caught in it regardless. Either way I'd rather not crash." Dani stared at the sky as raindrops poured over her.

7/20/2009 #14

Drenda smiled, the cleansing drops tried to wipe away the sadness, and did a fairly good job.

7/20/2009 #15

(I have to go, I'll be back in 20-40 minutes, depending.)

7/20/2009 #16
Jade Lin Zheng


7/20/2009 #17

(I overestimated... ^^)

7/20/2009 #18
Jade Lin Zheng


7/20/2009 #19


7/20/2009 #20
Jade Lin Zheng

((Nothin', anyway I have to go now. Maybe I'll be back on later tonight.))

7/20/2009 #21

(Oh, okay. G'night for now.)

7/20/2009 #22
Jade Lin Zheng


7/20/2009 #23

(*Is bored.* ^^)

7/23/2009 #24

The smoke stood up and leaned over Drenda, giving her a long kiss, before she swatted him away again. The rain's happy effect was swiped away with the bitter thoughts of the unwanted boyfriend.

7/23/2009 #25
Jade Lin Zheng

Dani stared, "You're romantic... with a smoke... thing?"

7/23/2009 #26

Drenda glared at the 'smoke thing'. "A dumped boyfriend that won't go away."

The boyfriend materialized, his eyes were brown and glazed with substance abuse, his hair a greasy black, and his face was menacing to look at.

7/23/2009 #27
Jade Lin Zheng

"At least you've got somebody. I found out a few years ago that my mate was dead after long years of being missing. I don't think I'll ever be able to love again, lest my heart end up as unrepairable shattered pieces. Besides, humans p*** me off, so I tend to try and eat them." Erowin still stared at the greasy human, wary of it as it was still a human whether it was a smoke-thing or not.

7/23/2009 #28

The boyfriend rolled his eyes at Dani, then immediately turned his attention to Drenda and smacked her, hard. "Don't say I'm unwanted." He then disappeared.

7/23/2009 #29
Jade Lin Zheng

Dani raised her eyebrow, "Can't you just make him disappear? Or is he like a ghost that won't move on?"

7/23/2009 #30
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