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Drenda sighed and slumped. "He's like a stalker, and won't leave, so I assume the latter."

7/23/2009 #31
Jade Lin Zheng

"Hmm, you know. You're a very interesting person to talk to... Would you like to meet up again sometime. At the very least it might keep your mind off of all the deaths that happen and your stalker-smoke." Erowin placed her elbows on the top of the bench as she tilted her head to look at the Deathseer.

7/23/2009 #32

"Sure, you are also very interesting. Please don't eat me though." Drenda smiled slightly at Dani.

7/23/2009 #33
Jade Lin Zheng

Dani waved her hand dismissively, "Don't worry, I only attempt to eat jerks and airheads. They struggle less... I just realized that I haven't even introduced myself, how silly. I'm Dani."

7/23/2009 #34

Drenda smiled, surprised that she wasn't scared. "I'm Drenda. Hello, Dani."

7/23/2009 #35
Jade Lin Zheng

Dani nodded, "So do you live nearby? I live about two blocks away, down in the 'Sunset Apartment Complex'."

7/23/2009 #36

"Six blocks, in the Chinese district." Drenda smiled, trying to be polite.

7/23/2009 #37
Jade Lin Zheng

"Ah." The rain began to pour harder and Erowin scowled, "I best be heading home now otherwise I'm gonna end up a drowned rat. You should probably get home as well. Not safe around these parts in the dark or rain, never mind putting them together." Erowin stood up and stuck out her hand for a handshake, "It was nice meeting you, and I come here Monday, Thursday and Friday if you ever need someone to talk to."

7/23/2009 #38

Drenda nodded and stood up, shaking her hand. "Thank you."

7/23/2009 #39
Jade Lin Zheng

Dani turned towards the direction of home and disappeared under the grey curtain of rain as she made her way home without a single glance back.

7/23/2009 #40

Drenda turned the opposite way, and headed towards her home.

7/23/2009 #41
Jade Lin Zheng

((I'm gonna go to bed, G'night.))

7/23/2009 #42

Jenna watched the proceedings between the two young females across the way, seemingly invisible to them. She didn't mind; her purpose was simply to watch anyhow. They both seemed in emotional pain, but were able to comfort one another. This made her relieved for she hated to see others hurting. With them off on their way due to the rain, Jenna tilted her head toward the sky and closed her eyes to lt the rain run down her body.

It was soothing to her, yet she knew she had to get home soom before her mate grew worried about her. For now, however, she still had some time left to relax and be alone with her thoughts and the surrounding serenity, accompanied by the soft patter of the rain.

12/23/2009 #43
Jade Lin Zheng

Cid cleaned out the last dish of the night, the shop having closed down earlier once the noodles ran out. Rinsing down the soap he wiped off his hands and sauntered outside. Staying under the overhanging, he pulled out his last cigarette and lit the end, gray wisps of smoke curling from between his lips.

12/23/2009 #44

Drenda stopped, in the middle of the street. Letting the rain was down her trench coat, she stared into a small ramen shop. It was quaint, but had a man with a strange essence about him. Her glazed hazel eyes stared at him, no emotions flickered through those eyes as she stared at Cid.

In a smooth voice, she smiled sadly at him. "Good evening."

1/2/2010 #45
Jade Lin Zheng

"Evenin', little miss. Shouldn't you be inside for such a storm?" There was no one else aside from them outside at these hours and during the downpour. Her stoic eyes and sad smiled seemed to call out to him, but he mused that it was probably only because she looked like a drowned cat standing in the rain.

1/2/2010 #46

Drenda sighed, another heart attack down the street. The pain in her chest was heart-wrenching, but she had to deal with it. "The rain cleanses, I've found. It is much nicer than the sun, at times." She looked at his eyes, listening to him, just how he stood there made a different noise in the rain, and it made her smile.

1/2/2010 #47
Jade Lin Zheng

"Hm..." Cid sighed as he dropped his cigarette to the ground and stamped it out. "Come on in. I'll get you something to eat. You look like someone who could use a good listenin' ear. 'Sides, I don't want a pretty girl like you to end up sick." His lips upturned in a playful smirk as he held open the door for her. An open invitation for her to accept.

1/2/2010 #48

A smile sneaked its way onto her face as she took a hesitant step forward. Her Wisp wasn't around, so perhaps she could get away with it. It was worth a try. "Perhaps an ear that is willing to listen would be nice." She walked the rest of the way in, still smiling sadly all the while.

1/2/2010 #49
Jade Lin Zheng

Entering after her, he gestured towards a bar seat and began setting out the ingredients necessary to make two bowls of ramen. As he went about boiling water he spoke, "My name is Cid, by the way. So tell me, why is it that you seem so sad?"

1/2/2010 #50

"My name is Drenda. Wouldn't you be sad if you felt the pain of all people dieing around you?" Drenda said this with all the pain of their lives on her shoulders. Twirling her wrist elegantly, she traced the patterns of the wood, sighing very largely. Damn city, someone was being r*** in an alleyway. the poor girl would soon faint from the pain, and never wake up.

1/2/2010 #51
Jade Lin Zheng

Carefully placing the noodles into the broth, he set a single fishcake on top before setting it in front of Drenda. Handing her a pair of chopsticks he began preparing his own meal. "Ah, so you're one of those 'supernatural' people, huh? I can't tell you I know what your going through, cause I haven't. Only thing I can say is to keep your chin up and make better memories that outweigh the bad." As if to prove his point he grinned widely, and gave her a thumb's up.

1/2/2010 #52

(Sorry for disappearing.)

She carefully took the chop sticks into hand and examined them. With a little bit of work and luck, she managed to get them working smoothly. She giggled at Cid and his thumbs up. "Thank you. That's good advice, but it is easier said then done." Drenda placed a few noodles into her mouth, chewing slowly.

1/3/2010 #53
Jade Lin Zheng

(It's no problem.^^)

Cid smirked, "Well if everything in life was easy, than life would be boring and meaningless. Sometimes the best things take a lot of time and pain." Taking a bite of his own noodles, he swallowed, "Besides, our noodles are famous in Chinatown for being able to make our customers happy."

1/3/2010 #54

Drenda giggled very softly and took a bite of her noodles. She did feel better, but maybe that was having someone else around other than her stalker boyfriend. "Well I am accustomed to pain. That part will be easy." Another slurp of her noodles, and she giggled.

1/3/2010 #55
Jade Lin Zheng

Cid raised an eyebrow at her giggles, murmuring under his breath, "At least that's a step up from her sad face." Raising his voice so she could hear him he smiled widely, "So what are you doing in Chinatown. Most shops are closed by now, so I am assuming that you live somewhere around here. Am I right?"

1/3/2010 #56

Drenda nodded. "I live three blocks down from here." She gasped, only a small intake of breath, probably unnoticeable to Cid. Her stalker Wisp just appeared at the door, and was trying to get in. "Um... can I hide behind the bar?"

1/3/2010 #57
Jade Lin Zheng

Cid noticed her sudden change from giggly to uneasy. Nodding slightly, figuring that if she wanted to hide, then she must not want someone to know she's here. "Hide under the ledge over here, I'll pretend no one else is here."

1/3/2010 #58

Drenda nodded and swiftly hopped under the ledge. Conveniently, the man at the door walked in with a jingle. His head was down, letting greasy locks fall into his face. He had a small and thin cigarette was peeping out of his mouth. The smoke curled up in the still room, filling it with a disgusting smell. He looked up, glazed brown eyes staring at Cid. "Have you seen a girl named Drenda? She was here a minute ago."

1/3/2010 #59
Jade Lin Zheng

Cid frowned, "No smoking in here." Grabbing Drenda's empty bowl he began cleaning it out, but not without jabbing his thumb towards the back door. "I didn't know her name, but a girl customer just left in a hurry out the back door. That might be who you're looking for."

1/3/2010 #60
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