The place to talk about Dragons, like RPing, fav dragon pics, and stuff like that! If u luv to read andor write about dragons, you can give me the link to your story, and I will R&R, and you can read other people's, too!
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Landon Growell
Hey peoplez!!! You can tell me the link to your story, and I'll R&R! Plus, we can just RP With a Dragon. Just choose a Dragon name! (Be as obnoxious as you want!!!) You can choose to be the Dragon Rider or the Dragon. My dragon's name is Sorak. I'll play as Sorak. (No, it's not copies from Sora in KH!!!) So yeah, now it starts! Weeeee!!!
1/5/2008 #1
Whitney Carter
If you didn't branch off from "Sora" where did you get Sorak? (Just curious)
2/17/2008 #2
Landon Growell
I'm 1/4 South Korean (You can't really tell that I am), and a beautiful mountain in South Korea is Mt. Sorak, in Sorak-San National Park.
3/6/2008 #3
((Oh I've heard of that. Anyway, I think Sorak is a nice name.)) Can I be a Dragon? My dragon is called Hellsing.
3/31/2008 #4
Landon Growell
Thanks! Sure, you can be a dragon. Sorak: Grrrrrooooaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrzzzzzhhhhh!!!!! (I like pie)
3/31/2008 #5
Whitney Carter
Where did you see pie?? Anyway, if the rp is half way serious, I’ll join in. I think I will be a forest dragon named Xylia.
4/1/2008 #6
Landon Growell
Has anyone read the book Dragonspell?
4/1/2008 #7
I think I may have....... who's it by?
4/1/2008 #8
Landon Growell
Donita K. Paul, I think...
4/1/2008 #9
4/2/2008 #10
Whitney Carter

Nope, I haven't.

4/3/2008 #11

Do you except wyvern's? oh and can eny one tell me how i find out if i'v got an e mail from some one, and how you get a picture next to your name please

2/7/2009 #12
Landon Growell

OK, so you want to click on where it says "login" in the top right corner, and a menu will show up, and a bunch of tabs will be above it. Hover your mouse over the one that says "account" and go down to click "avatar". From there it's pretty self-explanitory. And yeah, we do accept wyverns. DANG, I haven't been on this forum for a long time...

Sorak: GROLIKSHMERGILIDERSH!!! (I'm hungry!!!) *Eats Miley*

Miley: OWHATTHEFFF--*is swallowed alive*


Why do you keep using that language? I know you speak pretty fluent English and it would be a lot simpler if you just did.

Sorak: You know you're just rambling again...

2/7/2009 #13
Landon Growell

Oh yeah, and it'lll send you an email when somebody PM's you.

2/7/2009 #14
Red Cambell

Dragon Name: Yaddiell

Description: A Earthen Dragon. Solid black scales that had a twinkle of green in the light. (like a june bug) Emerald green eyes. Yadi can breath fire but when she is calling upon her earthen powers her fire turns green. She has two horns that corkscrew like a rams. Her hair and beard are silver. (literally) Her kind was hunted for their silver hair to loom into royal clothing. They were also hunted for their scales to be made into the strongest sheilds and armor. Their are only 6 Earthen dragons left compared to 30 Firen, 22 Windward, and 16 Waterian Dragons.

2/26/2009 #15

I always wanted to be a dragon, (Yeah so what) my name would have to be inferno, can i be in the story too? if it not too late?

7/21/2009 #16

What about me?

Name: Skystrike

Type: Flash Dragon

Appearance: She has bright blue eyes and yellow scales. Her feet are black. Along her spine are white spikes, and she has a blue arrow head on the tip of her tail. Her horns are also white and lay at a small slant. She has a small bang of purple hair.

7/13/2012 #17
Whitney Carter

Wow, this thread was started a long time ago. I don't know how many of us are still active on FPC. Anyone else still out there?

7/13/2012 #18
This still going on?
2/15/2014 #19
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