The place to talk about Dragons, like RPing, fav dragon pics, and stuff like that! If u luv to read andor write about dragons, you can give me the link to your story, and I will R&R, and you can read other people's, too!
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Ninteen Forti thive
Dragon's arn't as far fetched is it may seem. The basic dragon mostly represents the Terradactyl we know and in the right conditions with the proper biology and location, somthing like methane or bacteria infested breath [i]could[/i] ignite.
3/21/2008 #1

Really? That I did not know! That's pretty cool!

8/24/2008 #2

You know... It's kind of weird that all those mytholigical creatures of the world are different, yet similar... For example, dragons! There are many different beliefs for dragons in different ways... There are the dragons that are considered evil in the medieval ages. Yet, in China the dragon was treated with respects. Both countries had the same image of "dragon", yet different perspectives of it... I wonder how...

8/24/2008 #3

Yeah im with you, maybe it just the way people think of them, like in medevil time, they thought that if somthing was big, they were evil, but in china, they were nice to them because tey gave them good luck. maybe its just the way the two are.

7/21/2009 #4

Dragons in mythology were ment to be the first ever intelligent animal in the world.It even mentions dragons during most faiths creations in cluding cristianity!

6/20/2012 #5

That IS true. I have a theory (which you'll be hearing alot from me) that Demons, which are usually described as red-skinned men with no hair, horns instead, wings, and a devils tail, was roughly based off of a Dragon. They're believed to be large lizards with the power to breath fire- and sometimes other elements- and have lerge wings. See the relation?

7/13/2012 #6
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