Drama Ever After RP
A fairy tale and mythology RP where those of us who can't get enough of this stuff come to play.
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General 1)Read rules 2)Follow rules 3)Follow Fictionpress Guidelines 4)This forum is rated T. Any behavior exceeding T (even for modern America) will be deleted. I’m not requiring you to close the curtain (although that would be helpful) just don’t get too explicit. This forum is fantasy, not erotica. Keep in mind the ages fot the people you are talking to. You do not want to get a fellow author in trouble with their parents or banned from the 'press because you're writing was too explicit. Use your own judgement, and try not to get carried away. Contact Danielle or myself if you think you might have and want us to edit/delete posts. 5)Keep the language clean, please. 6)You cannot damage or kill someone else’s character without their permission. 7)This forum is set with medieval technology. If you need something more advanced to continue your storyline, just magic it. 8)Please ask me before you create a new topic. 9)Have fun! :D Character 1)All characters must be from a Fairy Tale or a nursery rhyme, just put your own little twist on them. They don’t have to be main characters, but they have to be mentioned. Example: the guy who sold the straw to that gullible pig. 2)If you want to use someone not in a fairy tale, but connected to one (like if you want your character to be the disgruntled ex-boyfriend of Snow White’s stepmother), PM me and I’ll let you know as soon as I can if it’s okay. Chances are, it will be. 3)An actual fairy tale, not one you wrote. 4)No god-characters please. By god-characters I mean ones that cannot be hurt, have an excess of power, are better than everybody else, or are completely omniscent. They're irritating and tend to try to dominate a storyline. The flaws are what gives your character character. ^_^ 5)Mention which story your character is from 6)If your character is from an obscure tale, post a link to a form of the story or give a BRIEF description. 7)No Disney people. I don’t want to see Happy, Dopey, or Doc, but I don’t mind seeing Flatulent, Hairy, or Emo. 8)Harry Potter, the Wizard of Oz, and the Lord of the Rings are not fairy tales. If you aren’t sure if something is a fairy tale or not, PM me. 9)You may use myths and Arthurian tales (Sword in the Stone, King Arthur, The King's Damsel, the Lady of Shalot, Lancelot and Gwenivere...). 10)Put your own twist on your characters. Make them interesting. Example: just about anyone from Shrek, just use your own twists, not theirs 11)I must approve your character before you can start rping with them. This is to prevent any violation of above. I may ask you to change something, but only to put you on equal footing with the rest of the players.
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