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Danielle Thamasa
This is where we can talk about random stuff and chat with our fellow RPers about anything. This topic is for out of character conversations.
1/11/2008 #1
Eek! I didn't know we could play mythological people!
1/15/2008 #2
1/15/2008 #3
Danielle Thamasa
You can play more than one character Rogue.
1/15/2008 #4
:D :D :D

I think I'll get Bell settled in first though!

I am muchly excited you two!

1/15/2008 #5
Danielle Thamasa
Sweet! Glad to hear it. Let's go.
1/15/2008 #6
Recrute more players!!!!!
1/15/2008 #7
I will...

Where do you think I should start? She could stumble into the Forbidden Forest...? I dunno.... SUGGESTIONS?!

1/15/2008 #8
Danielle Thamasa
If she goes into the Forbidden Forest there is a very good chance she'll become lost...which would pretty much force an encounter with Morgan le Fay.
1/15/2008 #9
Sound interesting... :D

That's where she can go then

1/15/2008 #10
I don't have my character up yet (embarassed laugh), so the only other one is Jack (Terrific Trio) in the Enchanted forest.
1/15/2008 #11
Hehe! Naughty Echo! :D

There, she's posted in the forest...

1/15/2008 #12
I don't know when he'll be on...
1/15/2008 #13
The ForbiddenForest... not Jack's... so that's okay.

Thanks any way!

1/15/2008 #14
should i be hurt, cause it seems like ya'll forgot that i've got a character on here too :(
1/16/2008 #15
Danielle Thamasa
I would never forget your character...ever!!!!
1/16/2008 #16
The Terrific Trio
Could SOMEBODY please post in the Enchanted Forest? Jack's been waiting there for a few DAYS now, c'mon!
1/17/2008 #17
The Terrific Trio
Thanks, kaa.
1/17/2008 #18
Danielle Thamasa
Well, now there are a couple people in the forest and it seems Mr. Terrific Trio has run away.
1/17/2008 #19
We may have to do something about having two characters named Jack.
1/19/2008 #20
Danielle Thamasa
Well, one is always with Jill...but yeah we should probably fix that.
1/19/2008 #21
Danielle Thamasa
Hello???? Is anybody there?
1/19/2008 #22
I second that????


1/20/2008 #23
Danielle Thamasa
I am bored. No one's here.
1/20/2008 #24
Scottish Princess
Do y'all mind if a Scottish Texan joins? =D
1/21/2008 #25
1/21/2008 #26
Danielle Thamasa
I would gladly welcome a Scottish Texan.
1/21/2008 #27
Scottish Princess
lols, YAY! Let me get my character all set up now hehehe.
1/21/2008 #28
Danielle Thamasa
Sweet...and don't forget about White Horse
1/21/2008 #29
Danielle Thamasa
Oh...and Scotty, if you choose to do the cursed wolf-man, you'll have to figure out a reason as to why he missed their last meeting at sunset.
1/21/2008 #30
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