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A beautiful forest of huge trees covered in shelf fungi and flowering vines, the Enchanted Forest is where the good and innocent of the magical world dwell. Thanks to the unicorns that make their homes under the towering branches, it is always spring here, no matter what season it is outside the forest. Even a blizzard would come in as a merely gentle snow that melts once it reaches the lower canopy. Located at the base of the mountain ranges, it is riddled with small caves filled with crystals that glow with a comforting light and lofty splendor. A series of crystal clear streams and rivers flow through, forming small, lily covered ponds with the occasional overgrown ruin sitting around looking charming. However, the forest is not without it’s mishaps. Drink at the wrong pool or eat the wrong shroom and a character may find themselves falling in love with the nearest living creature or hallucinating they’re the king of England. Features in the Forest; Love pond: filled with lily pads with a small, trickling waterfall coming from a small mound of stones, this spring-fed pond makes whoever drinks from it fall in love with the first creature of his or her persuasion that they see, even if it is their horse. Wishing well: a small, overgrown dry well where once a young pregnant woman wished for water from its barren depths. Her wish was granted, so now whoever comes upon the well and drinks the water—if they can manage to wish it up—has until sundown to make a wish, that will be granted, in one way or another. Liar Stools: like toad stools, except when one eats them, they have delusions of grandeur until a cure is administered or a year and a day have passed. No, there are no caterpillars with bongs here, sorry. Crystal Caverns: Little caves branching out from a central one in which glowing, beautiful crystals grow from the floor and walls. Fountain of Youth: In the center of the main cavern of crystals, which has not been found in over a hundred years. Warning: do not drink oneself into infancy. Eye Tree Lilac Bush: Under a great tree covered with huge, blinking eyes of all shapes and sizes, a large lilac bush grows. The scent of these flowers are the only cure for Liar Stools.
1/11/2008 #1
The Terrific Trio
Jack sat on a stump outside his hut. His cow, Milky-White, gnawed on a clump of grass a few feet away. What he wouldn't give for her to give him and his mother just a little bit of milk to sell at market. But despite the fact that Jack lovingly cared for her every day, Milky-White just wouldn't-or couldn't-produce milk. Jack sighed and rose to his feet, thinking. What about the Wishing Well? People always said that thier wishes came true when they wished at the well. If he wished for his cow to start making milk, then all of his and his mother's problems would be solved! Jack started for the Wishing Well at a fast trot.
1/12/2008 #2
Dew arrived at the outskirts of the forest. She closed her eyes an breathed in a breath of the crisp morning air, and was able to find out what lay with in the forest. Without paying much attention to the creatures that resided in there that posed no threat to her, she scented out where there was magic and began heading towards the area that seemed to hold the most amount of magic. She didn't pay attention to anything else near this magic though.
1/17/2008 #3
The Terrific Trio
Jack stood in front of the well. It was far less impressive than he expected. He was hoping to see a ray of light streaming down on a majesticmonument of the gods. Instead, he saw plain ol' moss-covered rocks. Could this well really grant its visitors wildest dreams? Jack sighed. "Well, I've come all this way, I may as well..." he said.
1/17/2008 . Edited 1/17/2008 #4
Dew found herself at the outskirts of a clearing that surrounded the sources of magic she sensed. When she looked she saw a boy standing by the well, and she figured that the well was the source of magic, and decided to watch what the boy was going to do. She couldn't help but chuckle when she heard him mumble to himself.
1/17/2008 #5
The Terrific Trio
With a start, Jack realized that he had no idea how to use the well. What should he do? He scratched his head in puzzlement, thinking. After a moment, he picked up a stone lying nearby and tossed it into the well. "I wish my cow would produce milk for us." he loudly and clearly said.
1/17/2008 #6
Dew's eyes grew large, and she couldn't help it. She burst out into laughter and held her stomach, trying to prevent any cramping in her gut, but she knew that it would be pointless.
1/17/2008 #7
The Terrific Trio
Jack whirled around and saw a girl watching him. "What's so funny?" he demanded to know.
1/17/2008 #8
Dew heard his question, but couldn't stop laughing long enough to answer it. She decided that she would just wait until she was done laughing to answer. As her laughter began to subside she looked at the boy who was staring at her and felt another wave of laughter begin to bubble up, though she tried hard to suppress it. Taking in a deep breath and holding it in until she felt herself calming. When she finally got her laughter under control she answered, "You." Then she began laughing again.
1/17/2008 #9
The Terrific Trio
Jack simply set his jaw and crossed his arms, waiting for the girl to finish laughing.
1/17/2008 #10
Dew let her laughter finally die, and with a smile on her face she looked at the boy and asked him, "What?"
1/17/2008 #11
The Terrific Trio
"I came here to make a wish to help me and my mother and my cow. What's so funny about wanting to help my family?" ((Keep in mind Jack wants to be a man now. "But mother, I'm a MAN now"))
1/17/2008 #12
"So, you came to make a wish and you don't even know how to make that wish?" She asked as she raised an eyebrow at him.
1/17/2008 #13
The Terrific Trio
"Well-I, uh...I mean-aw, man..." Jack stuttered, scuffing the ground. "No, I was never told how to make a wish. I'm just guessing." he admitted.
1/17/2008 #14
Dew couldn't help but laugh. She walked into the clearing and smiled even wider as she felt the suns warm rays touch her skin, letting her know that she was alive. "Did you ever ask anyone how to make a wish?" She asked as she walked over to the well and looked down into it.
1/17/2008 #15
The Terrific Trio
"No. I mean, I don't really know who I'd ask, anyway. Why? Do you know how?" Jack asked as he backed away from the girl, watching as she looked in the well.
1/17/2008 . Edited 1/17/2008 #16
"Maybe." She said with a chesire cat smile upon her face directed at the boy who was backing away from her.
1/17/2008 #17
The Terrific Trio
"You can't say 'maybe'" Jack smirked. "Either you know or you don't know!"
1/17/2008 #18
"Maybe I do know, but what if I don't want to tell you?" She knew that she shouldn't be wasting her time her, but it was kinda fun, and she hadn't had fun in such a long time.
1/17/2008 #19
The Terrific Trio
"Okay, if you won't tell me, then who will?" Jack practically begged. This girl was torturing him.
1/17/2008 #20
Dew laughed. "Never say never unless you have found the never. Maybe you need to try harder." Dew turned away from the boy with a chuckle and began walking out of the clearing.
1/17/2008 #21
The Terrific Trio
"Whoa, whoa, wait, what?" Jack spluttered, totally confused. He began following this mysterious girl away from the well.
1/17/2008 #22
She turned around, while still walking backwards, and smiling at him said, "What?"
1/17/2008 #23
The Terrific Trio
"Whaddya mean, 'what'? What are you talking about? Start talking something that makes sense!" Jack shouted, clearly flustered by now. He had never met anyone this strange as long as he had lived.
1/17/2008 #24
Dew raised her eye at the boy who was now following her. "You called out to me, so of course I'm going to wonder what it is that you want my attention for, so it's only natural that I would ask what. I think that you're just confused."
1/17/2008 . Edited 1/17/2008 #25
The Terrific Trio
"I want to know what you know about the wishing well." Jack growled, before letting out a reluctant "please."
1/17/2008 #26
Dew almost stopped walking, but continued as she chuckled at him. "What's your name?" She asked.
1/17/2008 #27
The Terrific Trio
"I'm Jack. My mother and I have lived in the Forest pretty much our entire lives." Jack explained, taking a moment to reminisce. "And you are...?"
1/17/2008 #28
"One should not give away their name so easily, unless they have the power to protect themselves, and from my guess you don't have a lot of power." She said as she danced around and tree and felt the gust of wind wipe through her hair.
1/17/2008 . Edited 1/17/2008 #29
Danielle Thamasa
Nascha dropped from one of the many trees in the Enchanted Forest, landing on her feet. As had been her fate for the past few years she had only seen her love for a brief moment as the sun rose. Then he had scampered off; it was too dangerous for them to be together otherwise. She looked around and sighed. This was not a fate she wished to have. She stood up and started walking. A few minutes later she arrived at the love pond and sat down at the edge, just staring across the surface.
1/17/2008 #30
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