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Beathan Ainslie
"Yeah yeah yeah. Remember you would look a lot worse if I hadn't healed you all those times you had to be the hero. Isn't that why you like me coming along? Well and to distract the husbands, but thats another story for another day." He turned to the little girl." I need another sword because I can only heal with this one. I'll show you." He stabbed himself in the hand with his sword wincing slightly. After a few seconds he pulled it out again, it looked as clean as ever. He then showed her his hand which had no scars at all. "See?"
3/4/2008 #571
Danielle Thamasa
"Before you came along, we had Dagonet. You may heal faster but at least Dagonet can fight as well."
3/4/2008 #572
Emma freaked out at him stabbing himself and jumped up into Lance's arms like she would have Maddie's.
3/4/2008 #573
Danielle Thamasa
"Hey, it's all right," Lancelot said, sending a glare to Gawain. He turned so she didn't have to look at Gawain any longer and set her back down on the ground.
3/4/2008 #574
Beathan Ainslie
"Ok enough we need a plan to get Maddie back for here and we need to get waggles back to Mother." Gawain looked at the other knights and at Aurthur. "Does anyone have an extra sword?"
3/4/2008 #575
Danielle Thamasa
"Find your own damn sword," Lancelot answered.

The innkeeper sat up wearily. "There's a sword back in my bedroom. It's yours if you bring my daughter back."

3/4/2008 #576
Emma looked at the scary one, then the rest. They were going after Maddie? She ran to her room.
3/4/2008 #577
Beathan Ainslie
"I will use that sword and I will return her to you. If I can I will try to find a way to reattach your arm as well." Gawain walks to the back and comes back out with a fairly decent looking sword. "I was half afraid it would be rusted." He said jokingly to try to lighten the mood slightly. "Now back to business how are we going to take her back. Straight charge? Theres only him. She doesn't hit that hard." His face still had the perfect imprint of her hand.
3/4/2008 #578
Danielle Thamasa
The innkeeper chuckled. "She'll surprise you. Madelaine takes after her mother."
3/4/2008 #579
Emma pulled on her bright red cloak and snuck to the kitchen, stealing a few loaves of bread some, apples, and a waterskin in a basket, then ran off.

((Forbidden forest...because she doesn't know any better))

3/4/2008 #580
Beathan Ainslie
"Ok so two then. We still have more than enough even with Niawag. I will take him because if you all remember he can not hurt me. I am so glad Merlin added that little blessing before he disappeared again."
3/4/2008 #581
Danielle Thamasa
"Personally I think she had the right to leave," Lancelot said, turning away from Gawain and sitting back down at his drink.
3/4/2008 #582
Beathan Ainslie
"Her father still has the say and I need to get Niawag back to our place. Mother is worried and she gets angry after that normally. I will catch it if he isn't there to take it."
3/4/2008 #583
Danielle Thamasa
"Then maybe that would turn you into a man, Gawain."
3/4/2008 #584
Scottish Princess
Dagonet looked up at Gawain. "I have no interest in chasing after a girl who wants to live her own life." He refrained from adding 'and whose father treats her like a possession rather than a human being'.

Galahad looked from Gawain to Lancelot to Dagonet and sighed. "I stick with Dag."

Dagonet smiled. Smart lad.

3/5/2008 . Edited 3/5/2008 #585
Beathan Ainslie
Gawain looks at them all. "Will non of you ride with me? If that is so then I shall ride alone." 'If only the old man wasn't here then I could tell them it is only to get Niawag back home.'
3/5/2008 #586
Scottish Princess
"You already heard my answer." Dagonet replied taking a sip from his drink.

Galahad just shrugged and turned his attention to his food.

3/5/2008 #587
Beathan Ainslie
"Very well then I shall go alone. If non of you believe me then I must prove myself." Gawain walked out the front door to the stables to get his horse.

((to stables))

3/6/2008 #588
Danielle Thamasa
Lancelot stood up. "I'm going to go check on the horses."

Arthur nodded. "I shall accompany you."

((To stables))

3/19/2008 #589

Ben walks in and looks around the bar. 'Not to bad,' he thought as he stroked the little creature hidden inside his jacket. He sat down at the bar. "Hello?"

6/3/2008 #590

Tarak came out of the back room, looking haggard. Seeing a potential customer, however, the teen put a cheerful smile on his face and went up to the man. "Hello, sir. May I help you?"

6/4/2008 #591

"Ah!" Ben's face perks up. "I'd like a room if you have one available, rum for me and if you don't mind a little juice for my buddy here?" Ben asks politely scratching the creature behind the ears.

6/4/2008 #592

Tarak blinked in surprise. "Uh...sure," he said, putting out a mug and wondering why people were bringing pets in here all of a sudden. First the guy with the fawn and now...whatever it was. "Does...uh,...it want pulp in the juice or a little piece of fruit on the side?"

6/5/2008 #593

As Ben took the mug, a small sugar glider crawled out of his jacket onto his shoulder. "Do you want fruit?" Ben asked his small companion. It chittered at him, but he understood. "She will take the fruit, if you don't mind." Ben replied smiling.

6/5/2008 #594

Pouring a saucer of cider--the only fruit product that kept long enough for an inn to bother having--Tarak placed a basket of assorted fruits before the guy, letting him choose from the selection.

6/7/2008 #595

"Thank you." Ben took an apple and pulled out a pocket knife slicing the apple. "So how long have you been working this Inn?" he asked casually trying to start up a conversation.

6/7/2008 #596

"I was born here," Tarak replied, surprised by the question. "My family runs the place. Um...sir, if I may, what is that thing?"

6/8/2008 #597

"Ah." Ben smiled again handing a piece of an apple to the animal. "It's a sugar glider." He grinned scratching it behind the ears. "Would you...like to see it in action?"

6/8/2008 #598

Tarak glanced at the door leading to the back, then back to Ben, "As long as it isn't likely to break anything."

6/9/2008 #599

Ben chuckled. "No, she's a good one. Go on, fly." He gently lifted his shoulder, and the sugar glider flew landing on a post and crawled up, nibbing on the piece of apple. "Pretty cool, huh?"

6/10/2008 #600
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