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This is for secondary and occasional characters only. Such characters maybe only be passing through or are temporarily on the forum as a matter of convenience. For instance, if you bring someone in with the sole purpose of killing them off, or if you make a shop or studio, the owner or craftsman might be one (the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker kind of characters). So if you’re going to have you characters mother-in-law of his second cousin twice removed or whatever drop in for a visit, this is where you would put her. This thread is essentially so the Characters thread doesn’t get cluttered. All characters entered here for shops and public places can be played by anyone unless otherwise stated by the original creator of said character. Format is the same as Characters. Name: Age: Appearance: Fairy Tale: Origin of Tale (if known): Attitude: Weapons (if applicable): Powers (if applicable): Past:
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Danielle Thamasa
Name: Sir Lancelot Age: 28 Appearance: average height, curly black hair, dark eyes, Fairy Tale: Arthurian Tales/Legends Origin of Tale (if known): Celtic Attitude: Doesn’t believe in the Roman Gods, wished to return home for the longest time but is now still traveling with Arthur, his close friend. Weapons (if applicable): Two swords (see image for reference) Powers (if applicable): None Past: Think of the movie King Arthur for this…with the wonderful exception that he doesn’t die in the movie’s last battle. (I’ll add more to this later)
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Scottish Princess
((Okay, I hope y'all don't mind a two for one deal here...)) Name: Sir Dagonet(DAG-o-nay) Age: 29 Appearance: About six feet tall, he's built big, like your typical viking type. He has very very short hair, like maybe an inch at most and brown eyes. He has a scar across his face from the corner of his eye to his chin. Fairy Tale: Arthurian Legend Origin of Tale (if known): Celtic Attitude: He looks rather intimidating, but he's really not all that dangerous, unless he's mad. He loves children and animals and is very good with both. He is one of the few Knights who actually understands Tristan's actions. Weapons (if applicable): two-handed long sword and a very big ax Powers (if applicable): none Past: Has been with the Knights serving under Arthur for fifteen years. He is the healer of the Knights. Name: Sir Galahad Age: 24 Appearance: He has shoulder-length brown-blond hair that always seems to get in his bright blue eyes. He's rather short for a man(only about 5'9") and is on the skinny side. Fairy Tale: Arthurian legend Origin of Tale (if known): Celtic Attitude: The youngest of the Knights, he is considered by Lancelot and Gawain to be much of a nuisance and just a little tag-along 'pup'. Galahad, of course, wants to be as great as all the others and hates being constantly put down. He is very grateful for the faith that both Dagonet and Tristan have put in him, but he'd never tell them that. Weapons (if applicable): small round shield and a short sword, as well as a bow and arrows Powers (if applicable): none Past: Has been with the Knights serving under Arthur for fifteen years. ((both of these guys are from the movie King Arthur and that's what they're based off of mostly, I change a few things.))
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