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so i sing to the stars
Friend make an unforgettable typo? Put it here! Laugh! Remember! Never Forget!
1/13/2008 #1
so i sing to the stars
"They're those hearts that Pixie calls the cool heart symbols that only cool people like Mel can be." ~ Mel (Jan 13th 2008, 05:04PM)
1/13/2008 #2
[q]Madame Morrible crackled.[/q] [q]"I wish you weren't glowing," said Glinda sadly.[/q] And of course, the infamous: [q]Yay for Defi's d*** drive! :D[/q]
1/13/2008 . Edited 1/13/2008 #3

"Sealing the entrance after running in the room, he slammed the door shut."

6/24/2008 #4
Riley Pickett

Unforgettable typos... I have quite a few. My most memorable wasn't caught in the final editing process, so it was up on FanFiction.net for quite some time until some poor reader took pity on me and pointed it out. Talk about embarrassment.

From Deception's Price (Twilight fanfic): "The low rumble of a car interrupted the quiet conversation in Bella's bedroom. Peeing out the window, Edward declared, 'Charlie's home.'"

I meant to say, "peering out the window." Tricky little "r's."

6/30/2008 #5

I have another one I just made the other day. Luckily I caught it:

"She had heard about his recent injuries and decided to find out who he was doing."

7/23/2008 #6
The Mighty Red Pen Of Wisdom

"The room was so big it would be easy to loose your c*** in it."

I think it was supposed to be "sock". Oops.

9/3/2008 #7
The Mighty Red Pen Of Wisdom

For some reason, the word was starred out. It was "sock" starting with a "c".

9/3/2008 #8
Link Broken


12/6/2008 . Edited 6/21/2010 #9
The Mighty Red Pen Of Wisdom

*snort* Yah... the sock-starting-with-a-"c" incident was pretty embarassing... *shakes head sadly* Edward peeing out the window is worse, though.

12/6/2008 #10
Link Broken


12/6/2008 . Edited 6/21/2010 #11
Kerrigan Sheehan

"Fallen Angle" - I tend to type and edit from pre-written manuscripts at 2 AM (it's actually after 3 now) when I can't sleep, and I make silly stupid typos.

I shouldn't legally be allowed to type at this hour. I end up adding horrible jokes completely by accident. I was going to name a character "Tiernan O'Shaughnessy." Innocent enough, right? Well, I wanted there to be a Tiernan Jr., but the traditional Irish versions of Sr. and Jr. are Mor and Og, respectively. Tiernan O'Shaughnessy Sr. just has no ring to it, neither does Tiernan O'Shaughnessy Jr. Tiernan Mor O'Shaughnessy sounds wonderful, but Tiernan Og O'Shaughnessy proved a bit of a problem. "Tiernan Og" sounds just like "Tir-na nOg," which is the mythical land of fairies. Immagine being called Mr. Faryland. How embarrassing! I changed the first name of both father and son to Niall.

This is why I never post a story anywhere at 3 AM immediately after having finished typing it.

3/24/2009 #12
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