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Kill the light, fight the Angels. Help me fight those who condemed me to the night.For Demons,Fallens,and all those creatures living in the night
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Welcome to the Midnight bar, a bar were anything can and will happen. Meet WereWolves, Vampires, Demons, and many more creatures of the night. Naki,over there will be the bartender tonight.
1/22/2008 #1
Cybele looked around the place, standing in the doorway. She had on a floor-length forest green gown and matching slippers with her vibrant hair simply out. It looked like the place was pretty quiet... perfect for her to lay low...

She practically floated over to the bar tender and smiled coldly,

"So... what can I get from here, Handsome?"

2/15/2008 #2
"For you, I have a range of blood wines." He replied, he had a russian acsent
2/15/2008 #3
She raised an eyebrow at him then nodded,

"Perfect." she purred, "A glass of your best then."

2/15/2008 #4
He pulled out a black bottle from a fridge at his feet. He put a glass in front of her, and set the now open bottlein front of her. "Sorry lady, I'm gay."
2/15/2008 #5
She raised her eyebrow again then smiled and shrugged,

"Doesn't hurt to try, does it?"

2/15/2008 #6
"Mabye not. But there are other necks to bite." He smiled then turned away.
2/15/2008 #7
She chuckled at him and shook her head,

"The sass of men these days." she murmured, looking around.

2/15/2008 #8
In a sudden burst of wind the door flew open. And the dull thud of boots echoed throughout the bar. Naki lookedup in surprise, then gasped. "Master Hanapu! We weren't expecting you!" H ewalked out from behind the bar and towards the door.

((I always have characters!))

2/15/2008 #9

Cybele looked up from sipping her wine and raised a coppery eyebrow at the newcomer... this 'Master Hanapu'... interesting.

2/15/2008 #10
At the door a man stood tall, towering above the panicing bartender. "You were not expecting me because I merely arrived, I did not intend to come here." His voice practically froze Naki where he stood. He was clad in an ankle lenght trench coat of midnight black. He wore a black sash over his eyes, and his long white hair was tied back with a black ribbon.
2/15/2008 #11
Cybele watched him closely, crossing one leg over the other and tipping her head slightly to the side.
2/16/2008 . Edited 2/16/2008 #12
"What are you waiting for Naki. You have costomers to attend to." His presance was enough to send Naki back behind the counter. Hanapu walked up to the counter and sat down two seats away from Cybele.
2/17/2008 #13
Dreams of death by Chocolat
Once again the door opened to reveal a short girl with two high pig tails and a deep blue dress that reached to just above the knee. She stepped inside and walked to one of the tables scattered about the bar.
2/17/2008 #14
Naki looked up from the sink, he smiled and walked over to her. "Greetings Ma'am. What can I get you?" He asked softly.
2/17/2008 #15
Dreams of death by Chocolat
"Just a water sir." She replied quietly.
2/17/2008 #16
Naki bowed and went to get her order. He came back a minute later with a glass of water. "Here you go. If there's anyhing else you need, just give us a shout."
2/17/2008 #17
Dreams of death by Chocolat
"Thanks I'll be sure to do that." She says.
2/17/2008 #18
Naki bowed and walked back to the bar. He returned his attention to the dirty dishes.
2/17/2008 #19
Dreams of death by Chocolat
The young girl pulled out a book from her bag and began to read silently.
2/17/2008 #20
Hanapu looked at her. He walked over to her, "A bar is not the place for an Angel killer."
2/17/2008 #21
Dreams of death by Chocolat
"I believe that is open to oppion. Besides I have nothing better to do." She tells him.
2/17/2008 #22
"Really." He pulled out his own gun. "You have nothing better to do. There are always Angels to kill."
2/17/2008 #23
Dreams of death by Chocolat
"Well then aren't you doing something that you think an angel killer shouldn't? Oh and you might wanna put that gun away before you hurt yourself." She says a little scared and slightly annoyed.
2/17/2008 #24
"That..... is imposible for me to do. Besides...." He shot a person in the back corner, "Angels will do anything to kill us." The body fell forward, revealing blond hair and green eyes, their wings were exposed, white featery wings.
2/17/2008 #25
Dreams of death by Chocolat
Looking up into his eyes she said, "Well I guess I should be thanking you." She quickly looked away then stood up and said, "I should probably get back to work sorry for what I said." She began walking towards the door and decided to have one last sweeping glance at the bar.

((Hey yeah my computer is acting up so I won't be around for a bit. Sorry.))

2/17/2008 #26
Cybele looked up at the shot and raised an eyebrow at the Angel... bastard...

She licked her lips and smiled wolfishly as the scent of death reached her nose before shaking her head briefly and returning to her wine.

2/17/2008 #27
Danielle Thamasa
Baylin walked into the bar and looked around for a moment before walking right up to the bar and taking a seat at one of the available bar stools.
2/17/2008 #28
Looking at the new girl, Cybele offered an almost non-frozen smile and a nod,

"Welcome." she said softly.

2/17/2008 . Edited 2/17/2008 #29
Danielle Thamasa
Baylin looked over at the woman and gave a small nod, acknowledging her presence, but saying nothing.
2/17/2008 #30
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