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Kill the light, fight the Angels. Help me fight those who condemed me to the night.For Demons,Fallens,and all those creatures living in the night
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1/22/2008 #1
Name: Cybele Age: Unknown- appears 20... Gender: Female Race: Vampire/Earth Elemental Physical Description: Cybele stands only 5'4" with curly, vibrant red hair reaching past her waist and porcelain skin. She has long, artistic fingers and hard green eyes. She wears dark green colours that set off her jade eyes and vibrant hair. Her lips are plump and naturall blood-red and she is slim and fit with hourglass curves. Personality: Cybele can come across as cruel and cold but she prefers to keep to herself and does not tollerate idiots well. She is almost always calm and it takes a real lot to anger or annoy her... though you know clearly when she is either. Past: Cybele lived in England growing up and was 'changed' by a travelling bard in the 1600's when she was only twenty years old. The bard came to stay at her fathers homestead and cornered her one night, changing her before leaving the next day. Cybele, unbeknownst to most people, went 'rogue' until she brought herself back under control... she now, as a result, keeps a tight rein on her emmotions and her actions. She appears very precises and, sometimes docile... though she silently harbours a great deal of power. Her family was reknowned in their time for being great healers and for being connected greatly with he earth. Cybele inherited those earthen elemental powers and they were increased tenfold by her 'change'. She left England some time in the early 1700's after moving around for many years, and began travelling all over the world. She no longer has a strong English accent but it can be noticed every once in a while when her anger is peaked. She is well-learned and has earned quite a fortune for herself over time. Other:.... she takes great pride in her appearance and she can appear, when she wishes, to seem etheral in her beauty. ((How's that DemonBunny? Good?))
2/14/2008 #2
"Welcome lady of the night." *Bows* ((Very good Rouge-writer-16))
2/15/2008 #3
((Glad you likey :D Do I just go to the next thread?))
2/15/2008 . Edited 2/15/2008 #4
Yeah. good luck!
2/15/2008 #5
((Thanks :D Are you going to post a character? I've been advertising btw :D))
2/15/2008 #6
Name: Hanapu Age: N/A looks around eighteen Race: Demon Description: He's albino. Shoulder lenght white hair, white skin, crimson eyes. He wears all black, and no skin is shown except for his face. His wingsare midnight black, and are leathery bat wings. Personality: Cold, emotionless. Brief Bio: Is an ex-lab experiment. He died emotionly at the age of four, and proceded to murder eight people because the broke intohis mothers house. Occupation: He is now an uncatchable killer of angels.
2/15/2008 #7
Dreams of death by Chocolat
Name: Adair Thornson Age: Appears to be 16. Race: Demon Description: She has grey eyes, fair skin, and long black hair that reaches her ankles. Personality: She's laid back and genuinly sweet. She is also easily over excited. for a demon she's really upbeat. Brief Bio: She was the daughter of an assassin and taught how to kill then when she became 8 she killed her mother. This brang her into the world of demons and created her as one herself. Occupation: Assassin, her targets are mostly angels, but every now and then it's a human.
2/17/2008 #8
((Cool name!)) Greetings, Ma'am. We need more assassins in this life.
2/17/2008 #9
Danielle Thamasa
((Hey, I heard you need more people over here I am!)) Name: Baylin (pronounced Bay-Lynne) Shea (Sha-uh) Age: 24 Race: Mutant Description: wavy dark brown hair that falls to mid back, piercing gray eyes, 5’5”, toned curvy body. Can be found wearing dark brown pants with dark tops, usually in browns and greens. Personality: fierce, determined, stubborn, loyal for the most part. Brief Bio: Mankind doesn’t really take kindly to those who are different. The Shea family was forced into hiding and lived in a secret mutant community. Baylin was trained in how to protect herself and survive in practically any situation. Then her community was attacked by an unknown assailant. Baylin wasn’t home during the attack and came home to find everything destroyed. Since that day she has traveled around on her own, looking for whomever destroyed her village, not willing to stop until that person has been eliminated. Occupation: warrior/gatherer of information/scout
2/17/2008 #10
awilla the hun
((Well, the fact is that I doubt that we take this as seriously as in many RP places. So here goes, with umpteen cliches. I hope he doesn't offend anyone. And there could be a Baylin connection...)) Name: Vladmir Menshel Age: 47 Race: Human Description: Tall, broken nose, greying black hair. Often wears a cheap grey suit, with a black tie and brown overcoat and fedora hat. Personality: Calculating, stoic, has a minor problem with alcohol i.e. drinks a lot. Skills: good marksman and detective. Brief Bio: A Transylvanian former KGB operative (I am reliably informed that it was in the Eastern bloc.) Menshel proved to be successful at his job, generally "removing" enemies of the state quite successfully. Outwardly, he was a good, rational communist, but being a transylvanian ((obviously)) he knew about creatures of the night that lurked and struck. So, when on one night in 1986, when a target was found with two familiar puncture marks in his nect, he began to commence investigations of his own into the strange world. When the communists collapsed, he became a private investigator into matters of the paranormal. Occupation: Private investigator of the paranormal/ general magic hunter.
2/26/2008 #11
*Bows* Welcome my lord. Please enjoy yourself.
2/26/2008 #12
awilla the hun
My lord?
2/26/2008 #13
It is coustomery to be polite. Is there a problem?
2/26/2008 #14
awilla the hun
None at all. It is just odd that you employ such a formal phrase. But no matter...
2/26/2008 #15
(Hope you don't mind my reusing my character.^^) Name:Lyrie Boggart Age:13 Race:Boggart/shapeshifter Gender:Male Appearence: His base form takes on the appearance of a small child with brown eyes. Weapons: Whatever he shapeshifts into. Personality: Happy-go-lucky(to his parents dismay), chatters incessantly(like a monkey), little cowardy, highly gulliable. Facts: In order to come into power he needs to find a 'binder' who will share their life force with him. In return he must offer his service. Powers:He shapeshifts into any form needed. Once a binder is found he can charge his body with the magic of his binder.(Done by either removing the shields covering the magic willingly and allowing another to touch the marks or wounding him badly enough so he is forced to drop the magic shield and then touching the marks.) Past:He as raised to scare the daylights out of people. However he was much too cowardly and too often or not his prey scares him. ^^;. He was ejected from his hometown becuse it was a disgrace to hold the name of his boggart hometown and remain unable to scare people. "Come back when you gain some guts!" He is trying to be more evil and thinks he needs a mentor, someone to personally train him instead of just seating him in some class.
3/17/2008 #16
Welcome, young master. Enjoy yourself. ((Not at all)
3/17/2008 #17
(lol! My chracters going to be calling your character master. ^^; Not the other way around! happy saint patricks day to you as well! Not sure what that is though. ^o^)
3/17/2008 #18
((St.Patricks day celebraes the patron saint of Ireland, St.Patrick.))
3/17/2008 #19
(Oh! I'm from singapore so they don't celebrate it here. ^^ closest holiday is easter.)
3/17/2008 #20
COOL!!!!! What's Singapore like?
3/17/2008 #21
Oops, we'd better go to the off-topic!! TO THE OFF-TOPIC!!!!!! ((Woooosh))
3/17/2008 #22
Zina Nevirone

Name: Darkness

Meaning: To be Dark

Nick Name: Nessie

Race: Yarlonian

Age: Died at 14 and so appears that age

Height: 5' 2,1/2"

Physical description: Platinum blonde curls (usually down), rosy cheeks, blue eyes, yellow halter-neck, white/blue jeans, yellow sandals, pale skin,

Personality: revengeful agaisnt those who have offended her, but kind and goodhearted to those she knows well

Occupation: Yarlonian school student/Leads the Yarlonian army when they are about to crumble, and her country would be destroyed

Fighting style: mage (the Dark Darkness takes over when Darkness gets scared), daggers occasionally

Abilities: quickminded, fast,

Other: Referred to by some as the devil's daughter (Satan) as when she died Satan created a soul which he put into her body

5/12/2008 #23

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time you'll be safe from the Sue-Hunters.

5/12/2008 #24
Zina Nevirone

Tiz good


5/12/2008 #25

Name: Reiquiem( Known as Rei)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Psychic

Physical Description: Tall with red wavy hair tied into ponytail. She has red symbols on the back of her palms that mark her as a psychic.

Personality: Rather outspoken she does anything and everything on her mind. Sometimes she comes across as uncaring but is actually very compassionate. She has a very playful demenor and often drags stranger into messy situations.

Past: She was raised by a group of scientists who forced her to see into other people's pasts and use that information to torture them. She feigned losing her 'powers' and after a few months of torment she was thrown into the sea but was able to escape.

Now she makes a living off stealing things(She is very stealthy when needed.) and is looking for a permanent job and home.

5/19/2008 . Edited 7/14/2008 #26

Name: Nwahs Diablo

Age: 336 (appears between 18-21)

Gender: Male

Race: Falah'Nomed (Nomeds are decendants from half demons. Falah'nomeds are only half nomed)

Appearance: 6'7". Pale skin, long black hair, with slight curls in it. Piercing blue eyes. When he has pushed his powers to the limit his hair and skin tinges a light blue color.

Personality: Nwahs is very light hearted and friendly. He's very good at acting, and sometimes intentionally appears mysterious. He's very loyal and hates when people betray him, he also has a very bad temper and has problems controling it. When Nwahs loves someone he will put their own needs before his own, even if it means hurting himself, or even both of them.

Past: Nwahs is the prince of the Eci'nomed lands in northern Dliw, he grew up there, but from a very young age ended up traveling around with his friend Taylo. He spent many years living with Taylo's twin brother and sister. He also spent a number of years in Scotland, and speaks many languages from around the world, including German, Japanese, Spanish, English, Gaelic, Ukrainian, Czech, Cree and numerous others. After Scotland, where Taylo slept with Nwahs' girlfriend, Nwahs became quieter and shared less with the people around him. Although he retained the same humorous and outgoing personality, he wasn't so forthcoming with stuff about himself.

Being a prince, Nwahs has pretty much all the funds that he'll ever need and therefore doesn't bother to get a job of any sorts

5/19/2008 #27

WELCOME AND JOIN THE CROWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

5/24/2008 #28

Name: Lady Amyn Lithrian

Age: 8724, maintains the appearance of a 25-year-old

Gender: Female

Race: Night Elf (A separate faction of elves that, thousands of years ago, allied themselves with the forces of evil to fight their good-natured brethren.)

Appearance: Tall and slender with coffee-colored skin and long, jet-black hair. She has cold, penetrating, pale gray eyes and carries herself gracefully.

Personality: At times vain and unpleasant with all the graces that elevated rank has instilled in her, she can condescending to those she considers "below" her. However, what she lacks in charm is made up for by her intelligence, and she is always well-mannered. She is not yet used to the customs of today, and is easily offended. All but a few of her kind have long since disappeared to their isolated kingdoms, but she prefers to remain in the open. She is slightly ashamed of her people's past, but is nonetheless proud of her family's stature.

Past: Was born to elfin parents of noble lineage in the House of Dir, right around the time that the night elves were beginning to break away and join the forces of evil. She grew up isolated from the war by her finery, and it was not for thousands of years after the war ended that she fully began to realize the wrongdoings of her people. As the civilization of man crept up around the Night Elves, they constructed elaborate, concealed kingdoms so that they could live without being corrupted by human influence. Lady Amyn refused to accompany those of her House, but has never fully adapted to the ways of the world of men.

6/26/2008 #29


6/29/2008 #30
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