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Cybele chuckled and ordered her human to get her a drink as well... before drawing another towards her, this one blonde.

((I'll be back in a half hour!))

2/19/2008 . Edited 2/19/2008 #31
Danielle Thamasa
The four humans returned one after the other with drinks for Baylin. She took them one at a time and downed them all. It was a shame that alcohol really had no affect for her. Such was the fate of one who was a non-human. The humans all gaped at her as she tipped back the last drink, hardly taking time between drinks.

Then Baylin continued to dance with the humans surrounding her.

2/19/2008 #32
Cybele laughed at Baylin's display and shook her head, rewarding the dark-haired human with a short kiss for her drink. It was entertaining to watch his face run through a multitude of emmotions... mostly due to her affect on the opposite sex... and the raging hormones she felt coming from him in waves.
2/19/2008 #33
Danielle Thamasa
'What?' Baylin asked. 'It's amusing to see exactly how many hoops they'll jump through just for the chance of getting lucky.'
2/19/2008 #34
'And they say I'm cold.' she chuckled as she danced with her humans. She sipped her drink, smiling seductively.
2/19/2008 #35
Danielle Thamasa
'It's not being cold. It's enjoying oneself.'
2/19/2008 #36
'At anothers expense?' she asked, laughing, passing her empty glass to the blonde and waving him off... sadly the alcohol did nothing to affect her... but they didn't know that.
2/19/2008 #37
Danielle Thamasa
'They're humans therefore I could care less about enjoying myself at their expense.'
2/19/2008 #38
'Hm... true true. Have fun.'
2/19/2008 #39
Danielle Thamasa
Weak pathetic examples of the life on Earth. And now, for one of her favorite tricks...

The four humans began dancing with each other, getting very, very intimate.

Baylin just laughed watching the scene before her.

2/19/2008 #40
Cybele looked over and laughed as she half-draped herself over her dark-haired human.

If they were anything but humans... she'd feel sorry for them.

2/19/2008 #41
Danielle Thamasa
'Any requests? They'll do anything.'
2/19/2008 #42
She grinned wickedly, 'I would like a little more skin'
2/19/2008 #43
Danielle Thamasa
'Lovely idea. I say they'll do it.'

With that the men began to lower their pants and roll up their shirts to make belly tops.

2/19/2008 #44
Cybele laughed loudly,

"Wonderful." she said aloud, watching them. She looked to her dark-haired human who grinned and slipped out of his shirt all together, grinning smugly.

2/19/2008 #45
Danielle Thamasa
The four humans were dancing around as if they had already gotten plastered and Baylin watched them, thoroughly amused. This was definitely more interesting than that bar.
2/19/2008 #46
'Maybe this lot could 'escort' us back to that bar... for a little excitement?' Cybele suggested, laughing at the humans. This was the most fun she'd had in a while... at least, the least messiest.
2/19/2008 #47
Danielle Thamasa
'They could...if you wanted to leave.'
2/19/2008 #48
'Hm... perhaps in a while' she said as the blonde came back... less his shirt.
2/19/2008 #49
Danielle Thamasa
Baylin nodded and watched the four humans for a little while longer before she turned and ignored them, dancing as she pleased to the music.
2/20/2008 #50
After a time, Cybele became bored of the club and the humans in it,

'Are you ready to leave?' she asked Baylin, looking over at the other woman.

2/20/2008 #51
Danielle Thamasa
'Ready when you are.'
2/20/2008 #52
'Let's go then... these creatures bore me now.'
2/20/2008 #53
Danielle Thamasa
'Of course they do. They're humans.'
2/20/2008 #54
She chuckled and made her way out of the crowd... making the dark-haired and blonde-haired humans start dancing with eachother... rather intimately as she left... sometimes she loved her powers. She grinned icily and laughed.
2/20/2008 #55
Danielle Thamasa
Baylin walked out as well. "Did you enjoy manipulating the puny human mind?"
2/20/2008 #56
"To some extent, it was entertaining... but it gets old rather fast." she admitted with a shrug.
2/20/2008 #57
Danielle Thamasa
"That it does...why'd you think I had four of them at once?"
2/20/2008 #58
Cyble shrugged, cracking her knuckles,

"Shall we return and see if anything exciting has happened to that bar?"

2/20/2008 #59
Danielle Thamasa
Baylin thought for a moment. "We could."
2/20/2008 #60
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