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It's the bunny *starts theme music*

3/4/2008 #61
Danielle Thamasa
Hello DB!!!!

How are you?

3/4/2008 #62
I'm Hyper again. To much sugar.

And you?

3/4/2008 #63
Danielle Thamasa
I'm's almost time for Spring Break.

That means two weeks of no classes...but a huge pile of homework. Yuck.

3/4/2008 #64
Hey Guy's.

Anyone want to check out my other forum?

3/14/2008 #65
Danielle Thamasa
What's your other forum about?
3/17/2008 #66
It's a fight game. You pit one of your characters against an opponents character and then knock seven kinds of crap out-of them or vise verse. There's also a bookies, where you can bet on the character you think will win.
3/17/2008 #67
Singapore's great! The air is cleaner than most countries and it has the lowest crime rate ever! Its smaller than most countries though but its education system is the best! Its gets a bit hot and humid sometimes because its tropical but we can always travel to other countries to experience winter. ^^
3/17/2008 #68
That sound cool. It's nearly always raining here in Ireland. It's wet, wind and dark. But there's lots todo, and nothing can beat a view of the Irish countryside.
3/17/2008 #69
That's awesome! I've been meaning to visit Ireland when I'm older. I've read about Ireland in Nora roberts books and other Irish authors. It seems to be filled with folklore and legends! Singapores only got stupid Pontiana...(Vampire ghost lady stuck in a banana tree that bleeds blood.)
3/17/2008 #70
But Singapore history is cool!!! I've read loads. Irish history is very boaring.
3/17/2008 #71
Danielle Thamasa
I'm planning a trip to Ireland when I graduate from uni.

Singapore does sound interesting.

It's the United States that is boring (but then again, I'm biased as I live in the U.S.A.))

3/17/2008 #72
Just a question, and I mean no offence, but why do most Americans think they're Irish. I know your part Irish

Danielle Thamasa. But I had an American pen pal who's great great great great great great great grandmother was Irish. Can you explain.

3/17/2008 #73
Danielle Thamasa
I really have no idea why most American's think they're Irish. I've gotten into my family history and started mapping my family tree so that's why I know I'm part Irish...on both sides of the family.

Maybe they all just think that Ireland is awesome so they want to be able to say they're Irish.

Or maybe it's an excuse for drinking a lot since the common stereotype is that Irish people are drunkards.

3/17/2008 #74
Mabye. So....... anyone want to join my other forum?
3/17/2008 #75
Danielle Thamasa
I'm on about 15 forums already...on which I have around 40 different characters. Add in the fact that I'm a uni student, with two jobs, and a lot of homework, plus that I also have a bunch of stories I need to work on so I can try to get published and...I wish I could but I am unable to at this time.
3/17/2008 #76
Most countries get boring after you live in them a while. And if you think america is boring restrict the places you can go by pricking a single dot on your country's map. Since a dot is the equivilant to the amount of land in singapore. Singapore is more leaning towards technology and education. We have some tourist attractions as well like sentosa but most all the sights can be see after just 2 or 3 days. ^^ Singapore is also famous for its international cusine and its non bias views on races. ^^
3/17/2008 #77
Love too! Is there going to be a plot?
3/17/2008 #78
It's okay Danielle Thamasa, I understand.

Rynx-too-genki. It's a fight game. It's where you fight other characters, to win the chance of fighting the Dragon (One of my characters, who's never been beaten, or so the story says.). If you beat him, your set free or youcan stay and continue tofight as the greatest fighter.

3/17/2008 #79
Danielle Thamasa
You can just call me Dani, if you want. Less to type that way.
3/17/2008 #80
3/17/2008 #81
>< i'm really terrible at fight games!Won't it last forever if the opponents are t the same level?
3/17/2008 #82
Not really, diffrent abilities have diffrent affects. And you don't have to good at them, I mean I'm really really terrible at them. Come join anyway, you'll be fighting one of mine first anyway.
3/17/2008 #83
Danielle Thamasa
Hey, what about continuing with the foruming here???
3/17/2008 #84
What doyou mean??
3/17/2008 #85
Danielle Thamasa
No one has posted anything in a while.
3/17/2008 #86
Ah...... where is that guy who owns the hunter and detective?
3/17/2008 #87
Danielle Thamasa
awilla the hun? No idea, haven't seen him on any of the forums for a while.
3/17/2008 #88
Aw well, lets do something while he's gone.
3/17/2008 #89
Danielle Thamasa
Hanapu could always have a conversation with Baylin so...shall we move over to the Midnight Bar?
3/17/2008 #90
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