This is a forum for writers who write freestyle poetry. Not haikus,ryming,or repetitiveunless the repetive is thrown in randomly.Also, you can come in here even if you aren't only a freestyle poet but, please keep to the subject.
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Midnight In Eden
This is not a cheap shot at anyone because well, I don't really read anyone regularly. Simply put: FP is boring. I haven't come across any decent or original poetry in at least two weeks. It's all the same pretty much. Cliched, teenager, amateur annoyance with horrendous structure and halfhearted punctuation So your challenge is to link me to some good new poetry (no not yours), if I like it, you get reviews, if I don't... well nothing will happen.
3/31/2007 #1
Well here goes nothing thought I'd throw a few up here. Not sure if they the best, no offense to the authors, but hopefully you'll like them. Bah. My poetry falls in the catagory you described, but it gets the job done I suppose. This ones a little old, but I thought it was pretty good. I tried to use the link buttons, but i'm not to good at this sort of thing.
5/18/2007 #2
Midnight In Eden
Tsunami was interesting. I'm looking for like... hmm *wow* poetry if you know what I mean? See They're awesome. ph 7 is one of my favorite pieces on this whole site. Same with Abstract but so original.
5/18/2007 #3
Loopdeloop very very prolific, very very good. very very abstract, very very anticon.
6/27/2007 #4
dollface and her cancer
looking through my review history, i liked these;; (summer seeds, the zombie jambouree) (haraya, haraya) this one's old, but off my favorites list nonetheless. most of my favorites have been on hiatus for a distressingly long time. (somethin fierce, faithless juliet)
2/15/2008 #5
A Perfect Sonnet
Alright, I don't know how similar our tastes are, but here goes. [b]straight from the horse's mouth[/b] ( by [b]no.peace.los.angeles[/b] is one of the best things I've read lately on FP. It's simple and innocent, but well thought out and beautifully edited. [b]window[/b] ( by [b]DOORphrame[/b] is an original spin on an unusual subject (and wonderfully subtle about it). [b]cap'n crunch[/b] ( by [b]Kicking Poe[/b] is an off-beat telling of a relationship. It has a decent sense of content progression and is charming in an somewhat unexpected way. [b]i wanna be your marilyn monroe[/b] ( by [b]breakdown in the waiting room[/b] could use a couple edits, but has some really impressive use of rhyme in it. And I agree with you: FP is generally quite boring. (Now contemporary poetry in the real world, that's something I could help you out with. But that's an entirely different matter.) So I hope you find at least one of these somewhat interesting.
3/1/2008 #6


Well i'm not a poet but i have a cousin on this site that is looking for opinions on her list of poems that she wants to enter into a contest to get in a book called "Celebrate Young Poets". And she wants to know which one she should enter into the contest. Her list of poems is called "Poems for Austin" and its four poems about her friend that commited suicide and are deicated to him.

her penname is horrorfan1

Thank you and my cousin will thank you as well and she'll also try to review yours.

4/6/2008 #7
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