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This is a list of the common places in the RP.

Casurak- A hidden elf clan's kingdom in the middle of a vast forest. This is where High Princess Vena Torali (Kicon) is from.

Devil's Lands- Barren, dangerous lands. Many have lost their liveshere. It is advised that you stay away--very far away.

Dothrien Forest- A massive forest. In the middle is where the Evergreen family secretly lives. The location is given to a select, trusted few.

Lasgalen- Another elf clan's kingdom in a forest. It is where Princess Amber Dorinian (Anarane Calafalas) is from.

Lespanden- Another elf clan's kingdom in a forest. It is where JJ (Anarane Calafalas) is from.

Salindur- Yet another hidden elf clan's kingdom in the middle of the same forest as Casurak Clan. The elves here are evil. High Prince Mahtinar Stroinar (NPC; Kicon) tried forcing an alliance between Casurak and Salindur by marrying Vena. This clan has seemingly disappeared.

If there are any more places, please tell me!

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Drashden Shyrick territory, its in the far north where a part of the Shyricks planet had crashed onto this world. They have used the remaining technology that they had to turn the place into a fortress and have been living in secret as they regrew their civilization. The reason they are in the devils land was after crashing they sent out scouts with gate builders. Their pride back in there glory days was to create gates that connected to one another for instant travel after several years of exploration two gates where constructed one in Drashden and one in the devils land underground. Since their time in the Devils land they had come in contact with bandits and other slave traders and did some bartering giving weapons for information and alliances.

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