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Here's the outline for you to create your charcter:











There is no character limit. But this comes with responsibility. If you start getting out of control with the the character creations, then a limit will be set on those who are out of control.

1/27/2008 . Edited 1/2/2010 #1

This is my character:

Name: High Princess Vena Torali

Age: 18 (16 when roleplay began)

Race: Elf (Casurak Clan)

Gender: Female

Appearence: Dirty blonde hair held up in a high ponytail. She has forest green colored eyes with gold flecks. She's tallfor a human, but on the short side for an elf. Her clothes are a a pair of leather boots, light green pants tucked into the boots, a dark green long sleeve shirt, a dark green cloak, a leather vest, and a pair of fingerless leather gloves. Vena also has her bow and quiver with her, along with two Releasers/gauntlets strapped to her wrists, which allows her to throw the daggers she has. Her tiara is a plain silver circlet with crescent moons carved into the band and one emerald set into it.

Weapons: Always has her oak longbow and quiver. Her arrows have blue feathers and the wood of her arrow has her initials carved just below the arrowhead. She also has throwing daggers, which are stored in the Releasers/gauntlets strapped to her wrists. Her tiara (which has Ancient Protective Magic) is tied around the top edge of her hard leather quiver.

Personality: Vena is a headstrong elf that hates being told what to do. She's caring but is usualy independant. She practically only does things her way. Although mostly very reckless (this being caused by need to break the rules as a child), Vena can be very responsible. Needs very much to learn how to laugh.

Facts: Vena is stronger than she looks. She has a birthmark of a white outline of a crescent moon on her right palm, as do all Casurak elves, with a slash from a sword through it. Vena likes to hide messages in the hollow shafts of her arrows.

Casurak's flag is emerald green. Its symbol is a crescent moon.

Sheltan is her black stallion. He was head of the Casurak herd. He's also Vena's best friend, since she didn't have any friends (except Donalar) during her childhood. If he isn't right next to Vena, he's usually somewhere near and will always respond to Vena's call (a two-tone whistle). Sheltan's dearest mate is Leira, Tyral's cream colored mare with a white mane and tail and white speckles and blue eyes.

Powers: She has only mediocre healing magic, and she needs a lot of time and concentration to pull anything off. She's a bit of a disgrace to her people in this field.

Past: She is the Heir to the Throne of the Casurak Elf Clan. All the time, she is pressured to do whatever was right for the Clan, no matter what it cost her. Emotionally scarred and friendless, was how it was for her throughout her whole life so far. Her mother Selni and her father Karu are King and Queen and her younger sister Tyral (12 when began, 14 now) is Princess.

Donalar Broyn was Vena's one and only friend in her childhood. He was one year older than her and she was six when they met. They were best friends for five years, until Donalar committed suicide at age 12. Vena blamed herself (And so did many others) for his death and was emotionally unstable since then.

When her parents tried to arrange a marriage between her and Prince Mahtinar Stroinar of Salindur Clan, she had had enough and ran away. Then she met many friends and enemies. The two friends she grew closest to - and who taught her how to trust and care again - were Amber Dorinion and Sanguine Blood.

After Salindur threatened to destroy Casurak, Vena agreed to marry Mahtinar. However, at the wedding, the protective magic in her tiara wouldn't let Mahtinar near him. He was exiled. The whole of the Salindur Clan has disappeared since, but Vena knows that Mahtinar and his clan are just lying low, waiting for their chance to strike.

After she and San got together, they decided it was time to go looking for their friends. But after a freak magic accident, they got separated. Vena hasn't seen him - or anyone - since. She decided to return to Casurak, where she learned how to rule. But now, two years later, Salindur is threatening Casurak again. So she has set out on a quest to find him and vanquish him.

1/27/2008 . Edited 11/24/2012 #2
Name: Hikari "Kari" Yamada Age: 13 Race: Angel Gender: Female Weapons: Ninja stars, and Rifiles. Personality: Friendly and Loyal. Always keeps her promise and will never shout at you even if you [i] have [/i] done something wrong. Facts: Her brother, Haruki, killed her Mother and Fether, and will do anything to stop herself and her newly made friends from being killed by Haruki Yamada. Powers: Psychic powers, and communicate with anyone telepathically Past: She has suffered all 13 years of her life, trying to escape from Haruki who is trying to kill her to become the heir to a Mystic Cave which will be only a quarter of the key to ruling the world. APPEARANCE Normal: Wings: Pink at the top, and fades into a lighter colour as it goes downwards Eyes: Brown Hair: URL for Normal and Formal Formal: (Hikari dyes her hair to a dark brown on Formal Occasions) Hope I'm able to make it into the Role-Play!
2/8/2008 . Edited 2/8/2008 #3
Approved Shadow!
2/8/2008 #4
Thank you so much, Kicon! Please forgive my late reply, but you know how my forum is just flooded with replies, so, yeah. Well, here's my second character! Name: Chi Age: 18 Race: Dragon Gender: Female Appearence: Red scales with gold scales every here and there. Weapons: Razor sharp claws and teeth Personality: Quite friendly, but an extremely bad temper when you get her mad. Facts: Lives in a cave under a huge Volcano Powers: Fire blast from mouth, wishing power, and can with stand any type of heat. Past: Used to be a spirit dragon, but found a physical body to live in. Hope she gets approved xD
2/12/2008 . Edited 2/17/2008 #5
2/18/2008 #6
Hi Kicon! Name: Hanapu Age: N/A Race: Albino Demon Gender: Male Appearence: White hair and skin, crimson eyes. Always wears black. Weapons: Guns and swords(Luna and Requiem) Personality: Cold and emotionless Facts: Is an ex-lab experiment. He lives to kill his master and creator. Powers: Has control over the darkness. Past: As said in facts. Have a ball.
3/2/2008 #7
Hi! Approved!
3/2/2008 #8
Name:Lyrie Boggart Age:13 Race:Boggart/shapeshifter Gender:Male Appearence: He often takes the appearance of a small child with brown eyes and black hair or a large man(depending on the situation). Weapons: Whatever he shapeshifts into. Personality: Happy-go-lucky(to his parents dismay), chatters incessantly(like a monkey), little cowardy, highly gulliable. Facts: In order to come into power he needs to find a 'binder' who will share their life force with him. In return he must offer his service. Powers:He shapeshifts into any form needed. Once a binder is found he can charge his body with the magic of his binder. Past:He as raised to scare the daylights out of people. However he was much too cowardly and too often or not his prey scares him. ^^;. He was ejected from his hometown becuse it was a disgrace to hold the name of his boggart hometown and remain unable to scare people. "Come back when you gain some guts!"
3/14/2008 #9
3/14/2008 #10
Anarane Calafalas
Name: Amber Dorinion Age: 16 Race: Elf Gender: Female Appearance: She has long, flowing dark brown hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, and pointed ears. She has a royal face. Weapons: Bow and arrow, sword, staff, magic, and fists. Personality: She's very loyal to her friends, likes to mock fight and mock argue, likes to use sarcasm. She's very protective of her friends, and if someone gets hurt or something goes wrong she takes the blame and places it on her shoulders, even though there was nothing she could do. If you're on her good side, she is kind, understanding, and willing to help. If you're on her bad side, run. She always tries to do what's right, and does not take kindly to those who are evil, rude, etc… She does not like to burden people. She doesn't like to show when she's hurt or scared because she thinks they are weaknesses. Facts: She is the baby of the family. When introducing herself, she either introduces herself as a lady of the court or the captain of the guard's daughter. After a fight with her father, she runs away, kind of like a quest to find out who she really is. Powers: She can control all the elements; earth, water, fire, and air. She is a healer. She can see and hear for many miles. Past: When she was younger her uncle, kidnapped and tortured her, so that her father would hand over his crown. She is very suspicious of new people, and has put up a wall around herself. It takes some time for her to trust people. One of the reasons she doesn't identify herself as a princess is because her father had rescued her from her uncle, but her uncle had escaped. Her fight with her father was because the king wanted to know why his daughter wasn't acting like a princess, and not wanting to show weakness or burden him she had put up her wall and thus a screaming match ensued.
3/19/2008 #11
3/22/2008 #12
Name: Golden Hour Age: 10 Race: Willwolf. It's like a werewolf, only the person can turn into it willingly, not just at the full moon. It is super strong, and every time it is wounded in battle it gains strength. Since it must coexist peacefully with werewolves, it cannot turn into the wolf at the full moon. Can change back into human at any time. (I won't get any more detailed than this, unless you want me to explain for an hour...I made this all up.) Gender: Male Personality: Very strong-willed. Cocky at times, thinks he is capable of endless power. Good fighter, but practically helpless in human morph. (The kid's ten!) Appearance: A plain-looking human. The wolf is very tall with a deep bronze color cresting his head. The rest of his body is the color of a lion, with a perfectly circular spot of silver on his left flank. Past: He was born Trest Oben. When he was five, he was taken into custody from an orphanage (his parents didn't want him) and into the hands of The Gordon. He trained the boy in fighting, and when he was seven, his powers came. he has fought ever since. Powers: Ability to change into a werewolf.
3/24/2008 #13
3/24/2008 #14
Name: Nero Age: looks 18 Race: Vampire Gender: Male Appearence: Tall, thin, and pale. Shoulder lenght black hair, tied back with a black ribbon and crimson eyes. He wears a white victorian shirt, black skin tight pants, and black boots. Weapons: His vampire abilities and a long sword. Personality: The strong silent type. Facts: He's a lot older than he looks. He was bitten by the head Vampire, but has now taken up the life of a loner. He hangs around palaces. Powers: Vampire abilities. He can also morf into diffrent animals. Past: Born around 500 years ago, he was an aristocat. He was bitten by a head vampire, whom he later killed. He was then announced leader of that group. But they were massiqured by angels, and now he works alone.
3/26/2008 #15
3/26/2008 #16
Master Gaurdian

Name: Sanguine Blood.

Age: 3000.

Race: Ancient.

Gender: Male.

Appearence: Tall strong always wearing a cloak mask and full body armour, turquoise eye color.

Weapons: Prefers to wield his two custom made blades that are designed to create echos wherever they cleave and can rip holes allowing access to other areas, whenever angered the blades change color from there evil blackness to blood red and can catch fire if anger is coursing through them, can also use any type of sword now matter size or weight.

Personality: Cares not for anyone but himself and will use any means neccesary to eliminate his enemies. Also has a very big temper and when angered resorts to uneccesary violence. Gentle music calms him. Very persuasive and a teacher. Will shield allies with his own body to protect them from enemies.

Facts: Carries an echo felt by those who are sensitive to the elements and other powers etc.

Powers: Fast learner, controls darkness, fire, electricity, and can create intense illusions to trick the mind, able to transform into a dark mist to travel swiftly and through barriers, can read minds. Able to fly without any known aid making him a very big threat while he is hunting. Able to heal own wounds during meditation or stepping into an echo enclave

Past: Unkown, mysterious person who arrived from nowere perhaps asking could shed some light. After the age wars Sanguine inheritated everything from his father when he died from mysterious circumstances. Since a time ago Sanguine hasnt shown any love for anyone and has most likely forgotten what it feels like(rumor). Cares for his friends now after being with them for awhile.

((btw my display pic is what Sanguine looks like))

3/27/2008 . Edited 5/13/2008 #17
3/27/2008 #18
Name:Tyria sharpshooter Age:14 Race: Huntress (some magically immunity.) Gender:Female Appearence: Small and fragile, she looks anything but tough but little Tyria packs a punch. She keeps her hair short like a boys and wears magically guarded armor beneath her peasent clothes. She often takes the appearance of a hapless child to snag her prey. Her hair is pure white as snow and her eyes a sullen grey. On her wrist lies a arm gauntlet like object that the council uses t keep track of its members. Weapons: She is skilled in the uses of all the weapons she carries and can make a makeshift weapon out of anything. She can use her eyes to hypnotize her prey but only one at a time. Personality:cold and calculating she hides her brains behind her child-like body and face, including her heart of gold and compassion. Facts:Her knowledge of the weaknesses of each and every species comes from the hunters great book accessable only to members. No others can works its magic. Her weakness is her love of dancing, the though often distracts her beyond reason and a simple gentle touch and kindness. She is currently pursuing a seat on the supreme hunters council. The council keeps close tabs on Tyria being one of their finest weapons. They make her quota the hardest to achieve, having to hunt exceedingly difficult creatures or a lot of lesser magical creatures. Failure to comply will result in her death(as she's told) but actually the bracelet will force her to become a killing machine(less useful than s she is now because she will move slightly slower). She has a younger brother who is not a hunter. The Hunter council uses that to 'encourage' her to bring more bodies of magical creatures in. Powers: Her hypnotic eyes that can put any creature in a trance, long enugh for her to capture them. Her hands are fast and deadly, snapping a neck in two easily. Past: She was raised to be a cold and ruthless hunteress. Never allowed to feel sorrow for those she hunts. She wanted to be a dancer when she was young but was not allowed to pursue that passion... When she was caught dancing she was punished severely. Her parents were the best hunters ever known and yet... As much as she wishes to be like then she also wants to go her own way. Her worst experience: [i]She stood with the dagger poised at the elven boys throat. His kind blue eyes stared up at her. "How can they send a child to do this?" "I am no child." Her voice was hollow and devoid of life. There were no children in the Hunters clan. Just killers. But a lone tear seeped from her eye earning her a slap. "Finish the job." the guard yelled. Her fingers gripped the blade tighter and more tears fell as the blade pushed against his skin. The weaken elf just smiled and put his arms around her, drawing her into a hug and pushing the dagger deeper into his body. Just let go!!! Don't pity me! she wanted to scream and push him away. "Shed no tears young one. Where I go there is no more pain." His body turned cold and fell to the floor. Move damn you! she mentally screamed. MOVE! "Well?" The guard asked. "It is done." she replied keeping her voice stony and her face hidden. Bury the memory... Bury it...[/i]
3/28/2008 . Edited 3/31/2008 #19
Name: Daiyu Age: Unknown Race: Black Unicorn Gender: Male Appearence: Sliky black fur, silver horn and crimson eyes, fully grown. In human form he has black hair with silver highlights, he's pale, and has one crimson eye, and one silver eye. He's tall and thin. Weapons: The ability to control darkness, and other elements. Personality: Normally gental and calm, but is easily angered. Facts: He can change into a human. Black unicorns are symbles of death and detruction Powers: The ability to control darkness, and other elements. Past: Unknown.
3/28/2008 #20
Name: Marque Smither Age:11 Race:Human Gender:Male Appearence: Short white hair and soft grey eyes. Weapons:None. Personality: He loves to play pranks on others and loves a good laugh. He's good at smithing and is a decent cook. Facts: He's lived as an only child throughout his life in a small village. Powers: None thus far. Past: Lived in a small village all his life, unbeknownst to him Tyria watched longing to make herelf known.
3/31/2008 #21
4/1/2008 #22
Master Gaurdian

Name: HK-47.

Age: Built by his master.

Race: Assination droid.

Gender: Unknown.

Appearence: stands as tall as his master and is a metalic color.

Weapons: Any type of blaster but prefers his Heavy Mandalorian blaster.

Personality: Has a blood lust for everything and refers to all organic life as "Meatbag" Except for his master or current master, his sense of humor is funny ask him about love when it seems relevant.

Facts: Speaking to him about anytihng could gain knowledge or disrespect so be careful.

Powers: Has a built in shield and His armour changes colors to blend in if he chooses it or can just stay in his regular color.

Past: Served His master since creation

4/1/2008 . Edited 4/5/2008 #23
4/2/2008 #24
Green Drago

Name: Drago

Age: 20

Race: Wizard (this is a human with magical powers)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Drago is tall with green eyes and brown Hair. He also has a round face with the startings of a brown beard and freckles. He wear long dark green cloak that covers the rest of his body; from shoulder to his feet, on his feet he wears leather boots

Weapons: Wand, Sword, Bow and Arrow

Personality: strong-willed, loyal to friends, very protective, strong hard fighter, can easily be push to his limits, but that rarely actually happens because he is so strong,a little mysterious and secretive.

Facts: Drago has practice magic and fencing for 15 whole years and is now very advanced.

Powers: Cloak act like shield to magical and non-magical attacks; the cloak is as hard as steel but still as light as a feather, it doubles as an invisablity cloak when inside-out, Thousand League Boots (the leather boots) that allow him to travel long distance in a short amount of time, advanced ancient magic that includes healing powers, can magically enhance any sword and/ or bow and Arrow.

Past:Drago comes from a long line of wizards that are will known for their friendship with the Elf. At the age of 10 Drago officially started his training in magic and fencing but unofficially has been practicing since about the age 5

4/9/2008 . Edited 5/8/2008 #25


4/10/2008 #26
Anarane Calafalas

Name: John

Age: 30

Race: Half-human and half-elf.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Red/brown hair, emerald green eyes, and a red/brown beard. Tall, intimidating, very strong, and physically and mentally fit for battle.

Weapons: Sword, bow and arrows, and his fists.

Personality: Is very protective of Amber. Is very trustworthy, understanding, and kind.

Facts: Owner of King's Castle Inn located in Bardale. Has great organizational skills. (Comes from running an inn and tavern.) Is a great cook and healer. (Again, comes from running an inn and tavern.) Has a beautiful singing voice. (Comes from being half-elf.) Calls Amber his precious jewel from the woods beyond the horizon. Was part of the rescue party that saved Amber from her uncle, Drakor.

Powers: Does charm count?

Past: After his parents died when he was ten, he felt like he didn't belong in Lasgalen, nor in the world of men. The former owner of King's Castle Inn, Huck, was half-human and half-dwarf. He took in John as his own son. Now John owns the inn and lets pretty much anyone of any race stay there. Unless, they're evil.

4/16/2008 #27

Accepted, and, sure, I guess it counts.

4/17/2008 #28

Name: Mirali Evergreen

Age: 17 (15 when roleplay began)

Race: Ranger/Mage

Gender: Female

Appearence: Long, dark brown cloak. Knee-high black leather boots. Light brown cloth pants. Short sleeve tan shirt under a hard leather vest. Black leather belt (the belt buckle is gold and has the symbol of a mage: an 8 pointed star inside a circle) that holds her sword and magic stuffs. Black leather, elbow-length gauntlets. Shoulder-length wavy brown hair, pale skin, and toffee colored eyes. Around her arm is a silver spiral that looks like a snake wrapped loosely around her upper right arm.

Weapons: Longbow and sword.

Personality: Incredibly shy and very independant. Acts almost servant-like and will most likely do anything you tell her to, unless she has a reason not to. Mirali speaks very bluntly and sounds almost rude since she's not used to socializing.

Now (after spending two years in the Devil's Lands) Mirali has a backbone. She's tough and won't let anybody get in her way. She has forgotten how to care about people, though. She doesn't hide the fact that she's a ranger-mage anymore.

Facts: Her mother was a mage and her father was a ranger. They lived basically in secret in the middle of Dothrien Forest. When she turned 15 Mirali decided to leave the cottage and explore around. Usually, when things get tough she runs. She used to wrap her cloak around her so people wouldn't know she's a ranger mage. She got engaged to Ranz when she was 15.

Powers: She has some magic powers, but most of the time is afraid to use them. Mirali is a really skilled ranger and is very much in tune with nature.

Past: Her family lived in the middle of Dothrien Forest and nobody (except for a select few) knew they were there. Mirali's mother taught her how to be a mage while her father (Talinar) taught her to be a ranger. One time, while using her mage powers, she injured her mother and several others very badly. She was horrified at what she'd done and scarcely used her powers after that. She's close to her cousin Neri.

At 15, Mirali decided to explore and see what else was in the world other than Dothrien Forest. She met Ranz and became engaged soon after that. However their happiness didn't last. One day she left in the middle of the night and disappeared for two years. But now she's back.

4/30/2008 . Edited 6/28/2012 #29

Name: Diamond


Race: were elf the animal is Wolf if it is not aloud just Elven

Gender: female

Appearence: red hair with blue tips

Weapons: long sord or bow and arrows

Personality: heroic

Facts: Green Eyes no Idea of past

Powers: fire, Transformation


5/1/2008 #30
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