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9/5/2008 #61
S.S. Orange

Name: Alexander Wine

Age: Looks 21, 150 chronologically

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Appearance: Longblack hair, silver eyes, pale skin almost white, 1.80

Weapons: a scythe and some poisoned darts

Personality: Faithful, Loyal to his friends and family, sometimes stubborn, patient and cunning, he cares about making peace with humans

Facts: He was born a vampire, has sometimes problems controlling his blood lust, he only weakens with sunlight. he is a hunter of werewolves

Powers: All of the vampire abilities

Past: Not much to tell

9/20/2008 #62


9/20/2008 #63

Name: Kuvageegai (Inuit for "one who loves his homeland")

Age: 7 (according to his story)

Race: Iphio (a made-up race of my own. In the wolves' language, it means "strange beast")

Gender: male

Appearence: His fur is goldenrod. His stomach and the underside of his tail are jade green. He has two royal blue stripes on his legs, a royal blue "K" on his stomach, and two blue rings on both his arms. The insides of his ears and his hind legs (starting from the hock down) are ivory. He has 2 royal blue stripes running horizontally on each side of his face as well as a diamond-shaped marking on his forehead; also the same color. His eyes are vermillion.

[To see a picture of him, go here: ]

Weapons: His electric purple claws are his only weapons.

Personality: Wise and brave and occasionally silent.

Facts: His parents, Swagger and Cloudberry, as well as his fourteen* siblings were wolves. He was thought of to be a mutated wolf until he was banished from his pack.

Powers: Nothing much, except that he's a fast runner and a cunning fighter.

Past: When Kuvageegai was kicked out of his birth pack by his father, he spent five years as a loner. When he was 6, he returned to his birth pack, where he reunited with one of his littermates, the new alpha of his pack.

*=Kuvageegai's parents had 3 litters, the second one including him. There were 3 in the first litter, 9 in the second litter, and 2 in the third litter.

9/21/2008 #64


9/22/2008 #65

Name: Seth

Age: Umm... he's immortal.

Race: Forbidden, half God, half mortal, which means he can't die of old age, but sword and poison can claim him... under certain conditions.

Title: Darke- The epitome of the Element of Darkness.

Gender: Male... could the name really apply otherewise?

Description: One of the ancient Forbidden of the planet Celestos, he stands six foot exactly, and sports crystal blue eyes. His hair is black, like his element, and he is somewhat of a medium build. He wears black in all forms of attire, normally with a black cloak over a shirt and trousers. He also has the Forbidden tattoo on the right side of his back, trailing up the torso (A dragon baring claws and flame) this is also done in black.

Bio: A Forbidden, who is the product of a God and a human. He is thus ageless like a God, but his powers are limited to the Darkness and it's uses as an element. He and his brother, Lyte, were banished from Celestos permanently due to the fact the Gods feared they much challenged them. When they gained to much power and caused too much devastation due to the two's constant state of war, they were banished to seperate dimensions, which is how he found himself here. He is calm and collected, and doesn't fall into emotions much.

Attitude: Calm, collected, not angry, but in a peaceful turmoil nonetheless.

Powers: Darkness

Weapons: Whatever he calls forth from the black.

(Whoops, lol, really has been a long time.)

11/19/2008 . Edited 11/20/2008 #66


11/20/2008 . Edited 1/14/2010 #67

Hi, Kicon! It's me Gypsy from the other forum

Name: Latias Volvela

Age: 12

Race: Celestial magician

Gender: Female

Appearance: Brown hair, Black boots, green long sleeve blouse, green short skirt and sapphire blue eyes

Weapons: A pair black boots with razors, her magic

Personality: never talks and is pretty curious on things loves people's shocked looks

Facts:Can I keep it a secret?

Powers: Mystic light, Mist, Unseen while in the sunlight (this is not invisible only blend with sunlight) and many others

Past: Dreadful and bloodshed I don't want to reveal it

2/28/2009 . Edited 1/23/2010 #68

Oh, hey!! You're accepted

3/1/2009 #69

Name: Jaelie

Age: 18

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Appearence: Dark brown wavy hair, average height, slender, dark brown eyes.

Weapons: Element - dreams , is able to read minds, enter dreams alter thought ect. Holds a magical staff.

Personality: Very bright and bubbly, but also gets very angry

Facts: Doesnt like water:)

Powers: Phycic/Dreams

Past: comes from a bad family background which is hte source of her anger.

Character limit is four, thanks

3/19/2009 #70

Name: Quincey Treell

Age: 13 or so

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black hair that sweeps around her waist. Green eyes that look insane. A black corset with white lace that is covered in splotches of blood. The skirt has an ornate pattern on it, and is hemmed with white lace. that lace is now red with blood.

Weapons:A knife if anything. A crossbow is pushing it. She does have a staff for walking that has magical abilities, but she doesn't know that. It is too plain for her to suspect... Yet.

Personality: Insane. She is hyper or deathly serious. she is very open and friendly, so she will tell stories of massacres without a second thought, and scare many people away.

Facts: She is homosexual, but will use her body to get her way if needed

Powers: She can withstand all pain, and her magical staff that she doesn't know about

Past: Her parents split wen she was very young. Now, because of her already having a few mental issues, this was disastrous for her. Quincey's memory starts at age eight, with only a few flashes from any earlier. She lived with her father, and here brother with her mother. She once tried to kill her brother, and that is the only reason they are separated.

Just a few months ago, maybe six, she told her father that she was a homosexual, since she didn't want to hide anything from him. This did not go well, him being homophobic and all. Quincey's last anchor of sanity was broken. In a rage, she killed her father and nine other people, and liked it. Now, at any chance, she will kill someone with knives, nails, and teeth. Her mark is that they always must die near a white wall, and she will right poem in their blood. She wants all the white lace on her bodice to be stained red. Her staff was discovered on the side of the road, and she uses it occasionally as a normal weapon.

1/1/2010 #71

Welcome, even though this place is dead. T-T

1/1/2010 #72

Name: Levis Atrum

Age: 15(at least he looks so)

Race: Fallen Angel

Gender: Male

Appearence: Jet black hair, that's mostly umcombed and goes nearly to his shoulders. His features are angled, similar to that of an elf's and his skin is as pale as snow. His touch is freezing, like a cold air with a bite to it, and his eyes are practically normal except where the regular coloring, such as blue or brown, is it's blood red. He is quite tall, standing at 6'3'', and has a lean build with a set of big black wings attached to his back.

He wears a soft attire, of a basic shirt and pants that are as black as his wings with a white undershirt. The material is somewhat like silk, yet the inside is rough and warm like a fur. It has patches here and there, showing it was poorly put together, and his shoes more like slippers then anything else yet seem to never wear out.

Though this is his real form, what he tends to prefure is a boy who is a bit shorter, has the regular short messy black hair, blue eyes and normal tanned skin that may hint he works in the fields or just gets around alot. His clothing is patchy wool and it's brown matching shirt and pants with sandals for shoes. The only sign you could recognise him with are the two black wings that are seemignly tatoo'd on hsi back.

Weapons: A long black whip witht he tip as sharp as a dagger. On his right thigh, hidden by his clothing, is a small curved blade that he keeps conceled.

Personality: He is always friendly, trying to be as calm as possibly, but his previous experiences make him seem rather cold and selfish at times, though his actions always have better reasons. He is loyal and wouldn't ever betray anyone in any case, and always keeps to his word...No matter what.

Facts: Using any form of Magic weakens his body greatly, though when he does it tends to be quite powerful and overwhelming. He is actually one of the most kind hearted people one could ever meet, though one mistake in helping a mortal to do a horrible deed (unknowing to him), had caused him to be casted down from his throne and be forced to wander the earth, as neither Angel or Demon. He is searching for a purpose but has yet to find one.

Powers: He can use Magic at will, though perfures not to, he can fly, obviously, and he can control his whip at will without hurting himself, the only magic he can use without risk. Also he has the ability to change his appearence, but it's not as successful as it used to be, with the evidence of two black wings tatoo'd on his back.

Past: When he died, he'd become a free spirit, with the purest sould. He loved to help people and instead of living in the great kingdom of the afterlife, he wandered the earth giving gifts. He used his shapeshifting to disguise himself as hermits, and blessed any who offered him helf, or offered help to those he felt most needed it. He grew to trusting and instead of sensing for their goodness, he just went with any story that was given to him, becoming his downfall. After the deed was done, he was stripped of his angelic appearence, his once pure as snow wings became darker then the night, and he was given the burden of magic by obtaining a proper human body.

He now wanders the world, still doing deeds that he deems good, but now without purpose. The warmth he once had left him and now he's searching for it again, without much luck.

(Sorry mind kinda hurts, I hate migrains, anyways tha's the best I got for now. I'll edit later to make it more sensible and detailed^^;)

1/2/2010 . Edited 1/3/2010 #73

Welcome! It's ok.

1/2/2010 #74

Name: Rai ("Ray") Kai

Age: 19

Race: Human.. as far as he knows. But he is part .. beast as well..

Gender: Male

Appearance: Messy black hair, tri-color eyes (half blue, half green, spiky yellow ring around pupil) and he often wears a simple jeans t-shirt or muscle shirt, and over-shirt/sweater combination.

Weapons: Two Short Swords, imbued with family blood. They enhance his sword-fighting with the skill of his shady family, and enhance is elemental abilities as well. They come with two intricately carved sheaths, on his back in a parallel fashion, rather then the usual perpendicular 'X' fashion. The follow the inset of his shoulder-blade, down to the upper tip of his pelvic bone, on either side of his back. The weapons have a faint tint of red to them, and are intricately made. With a slight curve (like a short katana almost) The sheaths are dark red and are made of wood mingled with Obsidian Stone. The obsidian makes a black flaming wolf design with the head at the lower end of the sheath, and the tail at the higher end. The higher end hides two short daggers, and the lower end, is the side the swords actually go into. (Yeah I reversed and got a bit creative with the sheaths xD) He can quickly unsheathe and ready for a fight in almost any circumstance.

Personality: Generally quiet, has morbid tendencies.. Is caring and helpful when he can.. he gets mad or frustrated easy, but usually doesn't stay mad long..

Facts: His glare (eye-to-eye staring contest style) unnerves people, and when intently focused, at best he can use it for extremely basic mind control (nudge them towards a certain idea or goal, not necessarily plant a thought..)

Powers: Power over and creation of Fire. He also has some control over earthly elements. Don't make him too mad, or he'll go bestial. (Literally) He can create fire out of thin air, and telekinetically move or alter wood, and other "obviously" earthy elements (rocks, he can control water to a slight extent) After studying witchcraft, pagan religious structures and other more shady topics which have thoroughly interested him over the years of his rather.. unorthodox upbringing. Spellcrafting and casting have become something he can do somewhat efficiently. He doesn't like using it for offensive spells, as he does believe in the karmic law. (also known as the threefold law, or to some pagan structs, the tenfold law, but he sticks to the threefold version.)

He can go berserk, fighting like an animal, clawing, biting, anything he can. Or, if using his swords, they allow him to almost barbarically ignore almost any non-life-threatening wounds and rampage with blood-lust. However this usually doesn't last long, but when he is berserk he is exponentially stronger then his usual meek-but-quick style. Berserking tires him out though, because it is an exponential increase in adrenaline, rage, and his past is flowing through his mind as he is tearing you apart. He is reckless when berserking, and all he sees are targets in his way, not necessarily people, his mind has one track: survival. He has had short term memory loss on occasion, forgetting who people he knew before he berserked were. This doesn't last longer then a day usually.

Past: His family has had a long, tough time in history, at the age of 4 they decided to cast him on the street, as they had done for generations, with their heirloom swords. If he returned, he was severely punished. He was told fate would test him, and if found worthy, he would do great things. And not to return, but to continue the tradition. The family has been doing this practically since sword-crafting was discovered. Every generation the swords get a bit stronger.

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1/10/2010 #76

Can I make two more characters? I know I can manage 2 more characters

Name: Lyna Rili

Age: 12

Race: Halloween princess

Gender: Female

Appearence: Sky-blue hair, emerald green eyes, Green short-sleeved blouse, blue skirt, green pants, Blue shoes

Weapons: A scythe

Personality:Loner, ridiculously emotionless, and a bit smart

Facts: Dunno

Powers: Magic and a chainsaw giant lollipop

Past:A Halloween princess who got lost in a jumble of realms and met Latias Volvela and her cousin Justin Walker. They became friends and Lyna decided to stay in their realm


Name: Justin Walker

Age: 15

Race: A Water magician

Gender: Male

Appearence: black hair but the back of his hair is spiky, Blue long sleeve polo, Black slacks, Black leather shoes

Weapons: His magic

Personality: Hyper active, ridiciously energetic, smart (not as smart as Lyna though)

Facts:Dunno either

Powers:Water magic

Past: His cousin, Latias Volvela met Lyna and introduced her to him. He is Lyna's best friend

1/23/2010 #77

*walks in as snow falls heavily* Hello I'm the Ice Princess Amirah

Name: Amirah

Age: 1,000

Race: Ice Princess

Description: Long semi-dark blue hair, ice blue eyes, pure white skin, wears a silver and Navy blue gown

Strengths: Has no blood only liquid nitrogen running though her cold veins, controls the snow element and has (despite her appearance) a warm loving heart

1/28/2010 #78


6/25/2010 #79

[about time i found my password! D: augh i looked over my old characters and i feel like a noob XD is it possible for me to make a new one and start over? i've missed RPing and i lost my password for like, ever!]

7/4/2010 #80

Yes, you can start over. ^^

7/4/2010 #81

Name: Samantha ('sam') Harvelle

Age: 18

Race: She believes she is human..(she is actually a demon..)

Gender: Female

Appearance: blue/purple colored hair that has a white under layer and ice blue eyes. White skinny jeans and a blue/white/grey plaid button up shirt. she has light blue high top converse and a ripped, cloth rainbow wristband. She is about 5'5 and 115 pounds.

Weapons: she doesn't carry many weapons with her, but she always has a switchblade.

Personality: Sam is very defensive. She has a sarcastic and witty way about her, but she is actually very kind at heart. Once you get past her personal barrier she is a great person and is easy to talk to.

Facts: She is extremely smart, and can manipulate almost anyone but doesn't do so unless it is necessary. She has spazzes that cause her to need to vent what she is feeling on paper, and most of these 'vents' are plastered over her walls. She is bisexual, which was one of the main reasons she was kicked out of her home at 14.

Powers: unrevealed as of right now. She believes she is just a human girl.

Past: Sams past was a bit of a harsh one. Her parents were very religous and she wasnt. There wasnt a day that went by where they didnt yell at her for not doing what was right in their eyes. Sam always disobeyed the rules of her household, she acted like a carefree child up until she turned 14. Her father gave her a few good cracks and her childplay stopped. They had her on lockdown until she smartened up but it never happened. soon enough, She was kicked out of her house when her father read her journal and found out about her 'sickening way'. Sam didnt care though, she was glad to be out of there. She made a living whatever way she could for eight years and is living a fairly normal life as of right now.

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #82


7/4/2010 #83

Name: Spencer(last name is unknown)

Age: looks 19 but is much older.

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Appeareance: brown messy hair that stops a little bit after his ears, green eyes. Wears light gray jeans with a white shirt and a long black jacket. about 6'3 and skinny.

Weapons: His demonic abilities. plus a large, curved dagger that is hidden behind his jacket.

Personality: very witty and manipulative. He is very charming towards most and is great with stealth. dispite being a demon, he is actually not what is consider evil.

Facts: Has a large German Shepard he calls Banshee.(His Hell hound)

Powers: the usual demon stuff, as well as control over his hell hound.

Past: His past is very unknown to him, but he isnt bothered by it. The last memory he can recall was when he was 12 and got his dog. He is what they call a 'crossroads demon'. Hes the one that makes deals with humans at the cost of their soul, ten years later banshee is set to find them and drag them to the underworld. Spencer isnt really fond of this but its his job and he is forced to do it.

7/5/2010 . Edited 7/6/2010 #84

Name: Ronin

Age: Unknown

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Appearence: His normal attire: Under the mask he has black hair and green eyes.

Weapons: A Katana and several other martial arts weapons.

Personality: A caring man to those he is close to but is a fearsome warrior.

Facts: He is known as Kanmuri Akuma, or Crowned Demon because of his armour

Powers: Normal demon powers including phase teleport, the ability to invert the laws of physics (ie: Standing on vertical walls) and the like.

Past: His parents were killed when he was still a very young demon, he was later trained by a human. He disgarded his original name when his master died and took on the name 'Ronin' which means 'Masterless Samurai'.

7/6/2010 #85

oh wow you have a deviantart? XD i watched you!


that makes me sound like a creeper. D:

7/6/2010 #86

You have an odd name.....

7/6/2010 #87

indeeeed i do.

7/6/2010 #88


7/6/2010 #89
I licka da penis

Name: Gray

Age: 14

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Appearence: Short night black, spiked hair. Midnight black eyes without white or colour. Clothing is mainly A pair of Jeans over Briefs without a shirt. Jeans are also black as well as his underwear. Gray's chest has chiseled muscles that look defined.

Weapons: Nothing, Magic.

Personality: Gray is a stubborn man who pretty much hates everything. The only thing that Gray loves is fighting and Gray also has an admirer who he does not know about.

Facts: Gray basically wonders around doing jobs for money like a mercanary and does not care about the targets gender or age. Gray is incredibly strong and can take down anyone or anything. Gray is not afraid to fight womon or children as well. Gray ran away when he was 12 and ever since has avoided major cities and his home town.

Powers: Gray has the power to control and create the element of ice and uses it as weapons such as ice blades.

Past: Gray had an abusive father that he ran away from. His mother never cared about anything alive and was only with his father for the money. Gray has an older sister who tried to track him down when he left but was killed by travelling thives.

7/25/2010 #90
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