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Anarane Calafalas

"Of course." Ophion replied.

"AMBER!!!" Leilani called. This message was urgent and meant for Amber. Amber came running into the room. "Mom, what is it?" Leilani handed her the note.

((What does the note say?))

5/3/2008 #2,971

You may have defeated your uncle,

But the darkness always wins. I took the liberty of taking my son back. You uncle is nothing compared to the demons I am about to unleash on the world. You stand no chance in winning. Oh tell you father, his brother was a weak man, and deserved to die. Hanapu on the other hand is stronger, and will destroy you.

Victor Salaam.

5/3/2008 #2,972
Anarane Calafalas

"SAN!!! V!!! DRAY!!! JOHN!!!" Amber screamed.

John heard Amber, and knew that something was wrong. He came skidding into the room. "Amy, what's wrong?" Amber handed him the note.

5/3/2008 #2,973

The dragon peeped and flew around the room before flying back out the window.

5/3/2008 #2,974
Anarane Calafalas

((I'll be gone from 12:00-4:00. 2:00-6:00, our time San and Dray.))

5/3/2008 #2,975
Master Gaurdian

((ok then stay out of trouble))

"You called Amber?" Asked sanguine as he strolled into the room, his silver robe billowing around him from his fast pace.

5/3/2008 . Edited 5/3/2008 #2,976
Green Drago

Drago had been look for Jonh, San, Amber, and Vena when he heared Amber yell. He arvived in the clearing just after San, and Jonh. "Thank goodness I found you I've been looking all over for you guys. I more bad news."

5/3/2008 #2,977
Master Gaurdian

"Drago, if you say any bad news right now it will be your funeral day and i wont be attending." Said Sanguine angerly from hearing bad news for the past several days instead of anything good.

5/3/2008 #2,978
Green Drago

"It is more than that... Its about Mathew"

((what do u mean no good news what u call serving that attact??)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

5/3/2008 . Edited 5/3/2008 #2,979
Master Gaurdian

"WE jsut got a letter that says hes been taken." Said Sanguine as his anger subsided.

((Still was unconcious for several days, and when i say good news i mean like wedding or lost person found or anything that doesnt involve us having to actually figt and let us relax for jsut a day or so sheesh))

5/3/2008 #2,980
Master Gaurdian

((is anyone on?))

5/3/2008 #2,981
Green Drago

"Realy what did it say?" Ask Drago.

5/3/2008 #2,982
Green Drago

((is any one on))

5/3/2008 . Edited 5/3/2008 #2,983

(Hello is any one there)

5/3/2008 #2,984

Vena stirred and woke up when she heard Amber's yell. she sat up with a gasp and Mirali sighed with relief.

"Amber!" She exclaimed, trying to get up but Mirali pulledf her back down.

"Let me go." Vena growled.

"No." Mirali replied with surprising confidence. "You're resting."

'So the snake does have a backbone.' Vena thought.

5/3/2008 #2,985
Master Gaurdian

It was through the bond, that was what caught him off gaurd as the thought "So the snake does have a backbone" swept through his mind. Maintaining a blank expression, Sanguine followed the bond back and looked through Venas eyes as she was confronted by the newcomer.

5/3/2008 . Edited 5/3/2008 #2,986

"No, I'm not." Vena said through gritted teeth.

"Yes, you are." Mirali and Vena had a bit of a glaring contest then.

"And who are you to tell me what to do?" Vena asked.

"I am someone who knows that when someone collapses and is unconcious for a long time they should rest!" Mirali snapped.

5/3/2008 #2,987
Master Gaurdian

"Then you have underestimated Vena." Spoke Sanguine through Vena for a moment and you could tell someone else was talking by the sound of her voice.

5/3/2008 #2,988

Mirali looked startled and jumped back.

5/3/2008 #2,989
Master Gaurdian

"Child careful about what you say because anyone could be listening" Muttered Sanguine through Vena again as he looked directly into Mirali's eyes.

5/3/2008 #2,990

"Wha-who...?" Mirali stuttered.

"San, you're scaring her." Vena told him, a bit happily.

5/3/2008 #2,991
Master Gaurdian

"Oh, alright fine, I'll do this." Said Sanguine as he left her mind for a moment then came back tkaing control of her body and making Vena jump up and walk out the door before Mirali could react. He gave control back to Vena.

5/3/2008 #2,992

Vena shrugged and started to run toward where amber was.

Mirali gaped when she got over her shock. She huffed, stood up, and ran after Vena.

5/3/2008 #2,993
Master Gaurdian

((Sorry it took so long to reply i think lol))

As hs focused he began to give energy through the bond to Venas legs to speed her up as she was being pursued down the hallway.

5/3/2008 #2,994
Master Gaurdian

((good ngiht everyone im out fo here for now))

5/3/2008 #2,995
Anarane Calafalas

"Well..." Amber stated with a demonic grin, "There may be a wedding between a certain John and a certain kitchen maid." She laughed at John's surprised expression.

"All I said was, I liked her scones." John explained. It was a pathetic excuse, he really did feel something for Katrina.

"Oh... right." Amber replied with a wink.

"That's it your highness! Now you suffer the punishment!" John exclaimed, as he grabbed Amber and started tickling her.

"John! Stop!" Amber managed to get out between laughs. "Or I'll sic San on you."

5/4/2008 #2,996
Master Gaurdian

"And why would I help you?" Asked Sanguine as he was laughing bcause it was funny and because he could partially feel it.

5/4/2008 . Edited 5/4/2008 #2,997
Anarane Calafalas

"San! I thought you were on my side!" Amber exclaimed indignantly.

(Going to chrurch now.))

5/4/2008 #2,998
Master Gaurdian

"Im always on your side although something as trivial as this doesnt warant my attention, but I guess Amber can't handle this so this will be all I'm doing." Said Sanguine as he froze john and lifted him a few feet away from Amber before releasing him.

((i might be there early or something depends on what everyone is doing here, and omg woot i got the 3000 post now im truly 3000 hahahahahaha.))

5/4/2008 . Edited 5/4/2008 #2,999

Vena ran up, panting and looking extremely flustered.

5/4/2008 #3,000
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