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((I'm possibly losing one of my friends, a guy-friend is being TOTALLY embarasing lately, one of my friends is crazy and I don't feel like dealing with her, I'm not looking forward to math, and I don't want to have to face another day of school! I just want to curl up in bed and be a lump for the rest of my life.))

4/20/2008 . Edited 4/20/2008 #2,671
Master Gaurdian

((thats a spot brighter then me,i have to worry bout doing something stupid everyday and losing friends, most of my friends embarres me 24/7, most of my friends at school are emo/young drug addicts that i normally dont hang around but now that i find im very persuasive and have been breaking barriers to get through to them and they are turning some faster then others, and ive heard this before and i think its true, The greatest victory is not achieved through using force, but to make them see the errors of there way and show them that what I say is true. And i fear to lose any of my friends anywere because then it severese any connection i have formed with them. And i wouldnt advise hiding away from the world because it will find you.))

4/20/2008 . Edited 4/20/2008 #2,672

((And there I go again, thinking my situation is bad.))

4/21/2008 #2,673
Master Gaurdian

((Dont worry about it its ok to think its bad because most of the time it seems bad but its quite simple to fix so hope your day goes good, and amber good luck on wensday with nationals.))

4/21/2008 #2,674

((I'm back!!!! Sorry...... I've been swamped with homework and guitar practice!!! Forgive me!!!!!))

4/21/2008 #2,675
Master Gaurdian

((ok can you reply soon so we can get out of the ground:) ))

4/21/2008 #2,676

((Okay..... sorry.))

Eshu looked at him. "We will help you."

4/21/2008 #2,677
Master Gaurdian

((ill be back in an hr since schools ending and im riding the bus home so be back soon))

Upon contact of touching his hand, Sanguine created a bond with the demon.

4/21/2008 #2,678


4/21/2008 #2,679
Master Gaurdian

((im back))

While holding the demons hand Sanguine raised his sword and concentrated on the one that was to die before he cut a hole.

4/21/2008 #2,680

((Hi again))

4/21/2008 #2,681
Master Gaurdian

((howd school go for you? and hi))

4/21/2008 #2,682

((All right, but I was incredibly cranky. My cats were being idiots and woke me up by knocking over stuff an hour before I usually wake up. So I was really sleepy. Almost fell asleep in science))

4/21/2008 #2,683
Master Gaurdian


4/21/2008 #2,684

((They honestly drive me crazy sometimes))

4/21/2008 #2,685
Master Gaurdian

((i love cats))

4/21/2008 #2,686

((Yeah, me too. I have five (don't ask) and four are fat, one (the kitten) is chubby, and the other is skinny.))

4/21/2008 . Edited 4/21/2008 #2,687
Master Gaurdian

((lol the most cats ive had at one time was seven))

4/21/2008 #2,688

((I think our record was six...but I forget))

4/21/2008 #2,689
Master Gaurdian

((lot of fur balls runnign around lol))

4/21/2008 #2,690

((Oh yeah, definitely. One time we had a girl cat the GUARDED the liter box from the rest of the cats (the remaining were boys) It was really bad. Her name was Cleo and I loved her (Altho I was 4) but we gave her away))

4/21/2008 #2,691
Master Gaurdian

((defient kitty lol))

4/21/2008 #2,692

((Ya, we've had bad luck with she-cats. Our only decent one so far is Lucy (one of the Fat Four mentioned earlier), even though she's insane.))

4/21/2008 #2,693
Master Gaurdian

((lol sounds like a handful, well im off to go redeem myself as a pilot so be back later and just so everyone knows i will be gone for the next three days))

4/21/2008 #2,694

((Aww, ByeByez!!!))

4/21/2008 #2,695
Master Gaurdian

((im back lol))

4/21/2008 #2,696

((I'm on!!!!!!!))

4/22/2008 #2,697
Anarane Calafalas

After Sanguine and Hanapu disappeared, Amber started to walk away from the campsite. John laid a hand on her shoulder, stopping her and asked, "Where are you going?"

Amber heaved a tired sigh and muttered, "To find a certain princess of Casurak."

John laughed and commanded, "No. You're going to get some more sleep." When Amber opened her mouth to protest, he held up a hand to stop her and pointing to the tent added, "I'll look for V."

Amber gave a grateful smile and walked back to the tent as John went into the forest to look for Vena.

4/22/2008 #2,698

Vena sniffed and took her arms down from around Sheltan's neck. She wiped her eyes and hastily looked behind her.

4/22/2008 #2,699


4/22/2008 #2,700
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