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Anarane Calafalas

At that moment the rescue party burst into the cave. John, Ophion, Ryan, and Abigail ran to Amber and untied her, while the others protected them. As they undid the bonds on her hands, she yelled in pain, her wrists were weak. Ophion hugged his daughter, "Oh Amber." Amber gasped in pain at his touch and he remembered what Drakor had done to her back. "Sorry." He apologized. Amber smiled and hugged her father.

Drakor threw the hound off of him. "NO!!!" He screamed, picking up his sword. "I WILL kill you brother."

Ophion looked at Amber and Amber shook her head "no." Ophion understood. "No, you will not because you won't fight me."

"COWARD!!!" Drakor exclaimed, his eyes wild.

John came to Amber and held out her sword. Amber took it, and stepping out of the protection of the others she snarled at Drakor, "You WILL fight me. For the pleasure of running you throught, will be mine."

Even though she felt weak, she could feel Ryan's and Abigail's power through her. Suddenly, she was glowing. Light was shining from every part of her body.

"It ends here." She growled, and rushed Drakor.

5/1/2008 #2,821

The hound also ran at Drakor his body turned into a black mist.

((I g2g now!! Night.!!))

5/1/2008 #2,822
Green Drago

Drago chose that monment to bring Gellir De Cheilem alive again. The Green Glow fill the room, "Amber, STOP" Every one and everthing froze, nothing move.

5/1/2008 #2,823
Anarane Calafalas

'Oh no Drago. No you don't.'

Amber angrily turned to face him. "His head, by rights, is mine." She growled.

5/1/2008 #2,824
Green Drago

Light continue to puls from Gellir De Cheilem, "No it dosen't, I have alrealy told you who is realy behide all this." while the others were still frozon in place Drago moved over to Drakor and pour a small vile of liquid into his mouth. "Do not Fear, it will only parazils him tepmaraly. Now we can go after Victor with out hurting your uncle." Said Drago and with that every one but Drakor were unfrozon.

5/1/2008 #2,825
Green Drago

((My sword is A well known Leged, your charactors would have nocie it be now, maybe a sence of aw?))

5/1/2008 #2,826
Master Gaurdian

((im back))

5/1/2008 #2,827
Green Drago

((Hi San, where did Amber go))

5/1/2008 #2,828
Master Gaurdian

((Amber will be back in a bit she went on a walk))

5/1/2008 #2,829
Anarane Calafalas

Ophion turned to Drago, "Drago? What are you doing here?"

Amber swayed a little on her feet as her vision blurred. Instantly John, Ryan, and Abigail were there. "You okay Amy?" They asked. Amber waved them off, she had some unfinished buisness to attend to.

Coming to stand beside Drago she asked, "Okay, almighty and powerful one, how do we defeat Victor?"

5/1/2008 #2,830
Master Gaurdian

"Amber listen to me, Victor has jumped bodies, and I wont let you destroy mine." Said Sanguine from the garden as he felt the evil presence in his misty body.

As everyone stood in the room, the mist formed into Sanguines body but the presence in his body was instatnly detected by Sanguine as he was still in Ambers mind.

5/1/2008 #2,831
Anarane Calafalas

"San... you... you're not making sense." Amber pointed out weakly. Her body was shutting down on her, from the torture is had just gone through... again. 'Not yet!' She commanded herself. She had to end it!

5/1/2008 #2,832
Master Gaurdian

"Hes taken my body through the mist Amber, Dont lose conciousness!!!" Screamed Sanguine as he felt his body move on its own.

As his body reformed it took on an evil face and within a moment it had pulled out a sword and was pointing it at Amber. "Amber you have a choice, either die or Sanguine will be imprisioned in your mind for eternity." Said Vicktor with evilness in his voice

5/1/2008 #2,833
Anarane Calafalas

"Who said I was going to lose consciousness?" Amber asked sweetly.

Amber bit down on her already bleeding lip. It'd be kind of... wierd, to say the least if Sanguine stayed in her mind forever, but if she died so did he and V. And... she'd be leaving her family behind.

"Um... is there a third option?" Amber asked hopefully, trying to buy time.

5/1/2008 #2,834
Master Gaurdian

"Amber, I'm sorry I was trying to help but I gave him an even more powerful body, forgive me." Said Sanguien as he felt the garden vanish around him replacing itself with a graveyard.

"Now now if your offering an exchange, say your father then thats it but otherwise goodbye Amber." Said Victor in Sanguine's body as he pointed a finger at amber and sent a powerful bolt of lightning at her.

5/1/2008 #2,835
Anarane Calafalas

"AHHH!!!" Amber screamed as the lightning hit her. She fell to the floor.

"NO!!!" Ophion screamed, running to her side. "Take me." He told Victor.

"No." Amber whispered. "Mom needs you, and so do Ryan and Abigail."

"San... I should be the one asking for your forgiveness. I'm going to let him kill me. I must save my father."

5/1/2008 #2,836
Master Gaurdian

"Very well then let it be over with." Said Sanguine defeatedly as he let his mind stretch around himself and begin to generate light recreating the garden. "Amber take a walk with me before we die that way at least its a peaceful ending." Said Sanguine as he waited for her to join him.

"What is your awnser niece" Said Victor through Sanguine as he grew impatient.

5/1/2008 #2,837
Anarane Calafalas

"My life." Amber answered. Everyone from the rescue party inhaled deeply. But knew why she was doing it.

"It may be a peaceful ending... but I will miss my family." Amber answered, appearing beside him.

5/1/2008 #2,838
Master Gaurdian

"My life is yours remember, I gave it to you when you formed the bond with me." Said Sanguine as they strolled to the fountain and sat down on the edge of the fountain staring into the water. "Remember this decision and me always Amber" Said Sanguine as a sad smile spread across his face.

"Very well then you foolish elf" Yelled Victor as he charged sliding his blade clean through Amber before pulling it out as she fell forward and lied still, not breathing or moving as blood pooled underneath her and spread across the floor.

The instant the blade pierced her heart Victor screamed in pain as he was blasted into a wall and several bones in Sanguines body cracked and a gash appeared on his forhead were a black mist rose out and Victor was released and in the open.

5/1/2008 . Edited 5/1/2008 #2,839
Anarane Calafalas

"Now you die!" Ophion shouted rushing Victor, along with the rest of the rescue party.

5/1/2008 #2,840
Master Gaurdian

"Please brother im to weak, would you kill me in cold blood" Pleaded Victor terrified as he was surrounded by everyone and with no were to go he begged and pleaded for his life.

5/1/2008 #2,841
Anarane Calafalas

"Not cold blood. You MURDERED my daughter, a princess of Lasgalen. I'm just saving everyone the stress of a trial." Ophion replied. Ryan kneeled next to Amber's body and stroked her hair. Noticing her sword, he picked it up and handed it to his father. "Use Amber's sword."

Ophion took it, and staring at his daughter's blood at his feet, yelled as he stabbed Victor's heart.

5/1/2008 #2,842
Master Gaurdian

Screaming the mist faded as Victor died and with him everything vanished that he destroyed everything, even the memories began to fade and as he finally vanished a wind began blow. With it a screaming echo and everything went dark, when the darkness lit up they were outside in a field with a small lake near covered with white lilies. Everyone was there as if nothing had happened except the change of scenery. Amber and Sanguines bodies had not changed at all except the outward wounds had healed themselves and all that was left were red scars.

5/1/2008 . Edited 5/1/2008 #2,843
Anarane Calafalas

Ophion walked over to Amber and hesitantly bent down to find a pulse... he found one. "She's alive!" He exclaimed happily. "So is this one sire!" One of the guards added.

"Back to the palace, and to the healers." Ophion ordered.


Ophion laid his daughter upon her bed. He heard someone entering the room. "Sanguine is going to be alright also my lord." John reported. At that moment Leilani came into the room and wept over her daughter. Ophion laid a hand upon her shoulder, and wiping her eyes she walked to the piano that was in Amber's room and began playing a lullaby. She started singing, then Ophion joined, and then John. After a couple of minutes ALL of Lasgalen was singing, hoping that they could awaken their princess.

5/1/2008 #2,844
Master Gaurdian

Several days had passed since the fight with Victor. Amber and Sanguine had remained in a coma and nothing had woken them up yet. As the days changed HK-47 had gaurded his masters door and refused to elt anyone in even the healers and against their protest had dumped half of the golden vial into Sanguines mouth and a small portion of it into ambers mouth when the gaurd werent looking.

Sanguines mind had become split between the two bodies and as his body healed more and more of him returned. His mind although split stayed with Amber as she rested in the garden and just watched over her mind as she slept.

5/1/2008 . Edited 5/1/2008 #2,845
Anarane Calafalas

Amber was in a protective cocoon. It was safe and warm. She smiled as she slept. No nightmares, the first in weeks.

"Amy?" A voice asked. Amber opened her eyes, but all she saw was a bright light. "Are you ready to go back?" A voice asked.

"How long have I been here?" Amber asked.

"Three days. Everyone in Lasgalen is worried about you." The voice answered.

Amber thought about it. Closing her eyes again she said, "Two weeks."

"Two more days." The voice offered.

"A week and a half." Amber replied sleepily.

"Three more days." The voice argued.

"A week." Amber said in a voice that told whoever it was that that was her final offer.

"Deal." The voice agreed. If Amber could have seen who it was, she would have seen him smiling. "She's DEFINITELY a Dorwinion." He muttered to himself. "See you in a week." He said to Amber, then the light disappeared and so did the voice. But Amber was already asleep.

5/1/2008 #2,846

Vena was depressed. She hadn't found any of her friends for several days and mirali was now her traveling companion. A bad one at that. All she did was keep quiet, and when she did speak it was only the shortest answers possible. Plus, the...shadow--thing--that she was sure was following her had been somehow growing stronger.

5/1/2008 #2,847
Master Gaurdian

"Remember what I've taught you Vena, if you ever want to find me follow the bond." Said Sanguines voice like an echo in Venas mind as he heard her thoughts as quietly as they were for his mind was still stretched.

5/1/2008 #2,848

Vena jumped at the sound of his voice and Mirali looked up.

"Is something wrong, highness?" She asked. Vena rolled her eyes.

"I thought I told you to drop the whole 'royalty' thing!" She snapped. Mirali shrank away and Vena sighed.

"Come on." She got up and mounted Sheltan. Vena helped Mirali up.

"I'm coming, San." She thought towards him and focused, urging Sheltan forward.

5/1/2008 #2,849
Anarane Calafalas

"V?" Amber asked weakly. Those wounds were still healing, and it was very uncomfortable.


Abigail walked into Amber's room and saw Ryan on the bed next to Amber, stroking her hair and humming. Looking at the overstuffed chair near the fireplace she saw a blanket and pillow.

"Waiting for her to wake up?" Abigail asked, coming to sit beside him. Ryan knew she had seen his pillow and blanket.

"Someone has to keep the fire going. Keep her warm, and keep her feeling safe." Ryan commented. Abigail laid a hand on his shoulder.

"I'll go and get us some supper. Then I'll bring in my pillow and blanket." She said. Ryan gave a grateful smile.

5/1/2008 #2,850
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