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"Amber? Amber! Oh my, where are you? Are you hurt? I've been so worried!" Vena complained as Sheltan went into a brisk trot and Mirali tightened her arms around Vena's waist.

5/1/2008 #2,851
Anarane Calafalas

"Not so loud V. And I'm in a cocoon in my mind. And I was captured by my uncle. He used the whip, the poison, and burned me also. The last thing I remember is a sword being stabbed into my heart." Amber answered.

5/1/2008 #2,852
Master Gaurdian

"Amber jsut relax and rest, let your body take its time instead of rushing it." Said Sanguine as sat next to her sleeping form on a bench by the fountain waiting.

5/1/2008 #2,853

"Stab-poison-burn-uncle-whip...WHAT?!" She explodded, and then realised she was being loud. "Sorry."

5/1/2008 #2,854
Anarane Calafalas

"I think I died, but, I don't know." Amber answered Vena.

Well... seeing as I'm worrying everyone... I think my body can handle it." Amber answered Sanguine, trying to wake up.

5/1/2008 . Edited 5/1/2008 #2,855
Master Gaurdian

"Dont worry V i'll keep her company and keep her safe." Spoke Sanguine softly in a reasuring voice.

5/1/2008 #2,856

Vena scoffed. "Just tell me where you are. And Amber, don't you dare wake up until you're all healed!"

5/1/2008 #2,857
Master Gaurdian

"Amber just rest, When V arrives you should be rested enough and awake." Said Sanguine soothingly.

5/1/2008 #2,858
Anarane Calafalas

"When did you two become mother hens?" Amber asked grumpily, before launching into a coughing attack. She rubbed her chest.

5/1/2008 #2,859

"Quiet, Amber. Now where are you two?" She asked, getting impatient.

5/1/2008 #2,860
Anarane Calafalas

"In Lasgalen V." Amber answered. She tried sitting up, and had another coughing attack. 'Stop it!' She commanded her body. This was getting tiring. "I'm fine. And I'll be awake as soon as you get to Lasgalen, but probably before."

5/1/2008 #2,861
Master Gaurdian

"Enough, you are going to rest for a few more days." Said Sanguine as he waved his hand over Amber making her tired.

5/1/2008 #2,862

"Whatever. See you soon." She opened her eyes and went into a fast gallop, earning a terrified squeak from Mirali.

5/1/2008 #2,863
Anarane Calafalas

"SAN! Stop it! I'm fine." Amber exclaimed with a yawn. This was so not fair! She didn't like being mothered. Well, these two were way past mothering and were bordering on being evil.

5/1/2008 #2,864
Master Gaurdian

"Good night Amber." Said Sanguine as he put her back to a dreamless sleep and sat down next to her.

5/1/2008 #2,865

"Quit your whimpering. Do you know the way to Lasgalen?" Vena asked Mirali.

"Yes." She mumbled.

"Then tell me where to go." Mirali nodded and started giving directions. Soon, they were approaching the borders.

5/1/2008 #2,866
Anarane Calafalas

"Halt! You are in the realm of Lasgalen, state your buisness." Conner called out, as he and Jason approached the two young ladies.

5/1/2008 #2,867
Master Gaurdian

"You will let them pass." Said Sanguines commanding voice in conners head.

5/1/2008 #2,868
Anarane Calafalas

"Sorry ancient, but I only listen to the royal family." Conner replied. It felt weird, having a conversation in his mind.

"You must answer, or you will not gain access to Lasgalen." He added.

5/1/2008 #2,869
Master Gaurdian

"Conner let her pass, she saved amber from a demon but we got seperated a little while ago so she can explain later when we cath her up with whats going on." Said Sanguine as he concentrated on the other lady with her.

5/1/2008 #2,870
Anarane Calafalas

"Tell me that Amber approves of this, and I will give her a personal escort." Conner replied.

5/1/2008 #2,871
Master Gaurdian

"Conner do you want to deal with Ambers anger if she were to find out you kept her friend away from her." Asked Sanguine as he began to delve into the unfalmiliar persons mind.

5/1/2008 #2,872

Sheltan reared slightly and Mirali squeaked again.

"I am Princess Vena Torali of Casurak, friend of Sanguine and Princess Amber Dorinion." She said. "This is Mirali Evergreen, a ranger mage."

5/1/2008 . Edited 5/1/2008 #2,873
Anarane Calafalas

"You must be a friend. Amber does not introduce herself as a princess unless she absolutely trusts that person." Conner replied.

"Follow me." He said to Vena, then he turned and went deeper into the forest.

5/1/2008 #2,874

(my name is Diamond i'm on the good side)

near by a wolf folows them

5/1/2008 #2,875

Mirali turned her head to see the wolf, but snapped her head forward again when Sheltan started moving again.

5/1/2008 #2,876

watching them she keeps up easly the diamond in her fore head glowed dark blur( thinking to self smells like friends)

5/1/2008 #2,877


5/1/2008 #2,878

Got to go:-(

5/1/2008 #2,879
Master Gaurdian

((lol bye bye))

5/1/2008 #2,880
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